It starts early in the morning….when you wake up.

It starts when you wake up in the morning….
You start filling your energy field with messages.

You may sense a heaviness in your chest, and you may think: “I must be getting a cold, there is a flu going around…..”

You follow it up with thoughts about your diet… And how it is not going so well… And you start to fill your day with dissatisfaction.

It all settles into your energy field, which is a collection of your ideas, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and inner notions.

You go into the city, and people and events mirror to you, the same energy that you already know and feels… Surprise… Surprise…

But you do not want your first thoughts in the morning to be about illness, nor dissatisfaction with your body, nor about any kind of limiting situation…
You WANT to be happy and positive….all these thoughts and feeling, they seem to come to you without your control…seemingly automatically…

Changing your feelings, beliefs and daily operating habits, takes vigilance, but it CAN be done!

You have to start with examining your beliefs…
We believe that it is “Normal” to feel ups and downs…

We tell ourselves that nobody can be happy all the time…
I even heard people say that being happy all the time, can be so boring…

This is very untrue…
We make ourselves sad, by choosing to listen and following certain thoughts and emotions that are broadcasted in our energy field.

Thoughts may come, feelings may follow, but we are the ones who choose which one we hold on to.

We can choose instead to filter them out, to negate them as “wrong feeling and thinking” and to choose other thoughts and emotions instead.

Many people have no understanding, that we SELECT our emotions, and DIRECT our thoughts.

Many think that we are a small boat at the mercy of the open sea…
But it is really up to us to make better choices as to what it is we WANT to experience, and then follow and CHOOSE to experience it.

We have been doing it so long without awareness, that it may sound untrue to you, that it start with your choice…but with awareness and practice, you will see that it is so.

So why would anyone choose to be unhappy?

First I mentioned that there is the belief that it is impossible to be happy all the time, or that it is boring, and may result in a overly “peppy” personality, that is too bubbly….too exhausting.

Being happy inwardly, does NOT have to translate into overly talkative, overly cheery, overly jumpy, peppy behavior.

Happiness is a peace of mind..
Happiness is an ocean of joy that overflow into your heart….
Happiness fills your vision and floods your eyes with beauty…it will show you how lovable others as well as yourself, truly are….. and you will see their beauty and light, beyond their skin, and hair, speech and physical features…

Happiness is an inner knowing that all IS WELL….and that you are at the right place at the right time…..
Happiness is trusting, relaxing, seeing into things….

There is a saying in the Course In Miracles, which says:
“Whenever you are not FULLY joyous, know that this need NOT BE!”

It means that somewhere, somehow, you have invested your belief in illusions…
Or that you are believing in a lie….. Or a limited idea that you told yourself….

If you are not fully joyous, you have accepted some form of limited thinking to be the absolute unchangeable truth…

Maybe you are holding some unloving thoughts about another?….. Forgetting that you are one with everyone and everything….. Or have you compromised the truth about yourself…?

So allow me to remind you, what IS the truth abut yourself…..

The Truth is….
That you are holy, all powerful Child of Life…
That you are a Creator, and that by your birthright, you are endowed with………………
Would you believe me if I’ll dare to say it?………………
With…. UNLIMITED POWERS to change everything.

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