Practicing Yoga In Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Practicing Yoga In Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Now that we have started doing yoga again, I crave doing it daily.
I understand that frequent traveling from place to place might not always allow me to continue my commitment to yoga, but I can do my best when visiting places that have many yoga studios and where it is easy to join a class.

After our week in Ubud, we stayed a few days in Canggu.
Canggu is located just north of Seminyak, on the southwestern side of Bali.

It is a busy surfing town with lots of vegan restaurants and inexpensive surfing schools.
How clean the beach is depends on the day.
Some days the beach was littered with plastic trash, but on other days it was clean.

The yoga studio we chose offered mostly Hatha yoga and restorative yoga classes, focusing on gentle yoga techniques in coordination with breathing and breath control to enlarge our lung capacity and bring oxygen to stiff muscles.

It was very nice to have so many healthy restaurant options to chose from.
The days flew by and before we even started to enjoy the place, it was time to leave Bali.
Luckily, we are heading to the Maldives for more fun and diving.

Before we left Bali, we realized that we needed a bigger bag to fit all our gear and purchases.
Instead of buying a suitcase, we decided to commission a handmade canvas bag from a surf shop that specializes in making bags for surfboards.

We gave the owner of the shop our desired bag dimensions and talked about the specifics of making the bag.
In three days, he made us a strong and good looking bag that weighs very little and is the maximum size that the airlines allow.

We enjoyed our time in Canggu, doing yoga and lazying the rest of the day away in cafes, eating healthy food and thinking about life and illusions.

Life is so fascinating and dynamic.
The journey we make here can be a series of daring adventures and wholesome interactions, or a nightmare fraught with painful, fearful and sad moments.
So much of it depends on the vibrations and frequencies we learn to cultivate in our energy fields.

It is SO so important to learn to create a vibration of peace, happiness and harmony inside and around you.
It really does extend to everyone you meet who is in tune with these vibrations, and it helps protect you from negative experiences, by simply repulsing people with ill intentions or guiding you from within to make better choices.

It is now time to leave Bali, and I always feel a little sad to leave Bali and always excited about the opportunity to return.

The next chapter of our trip is diving in the Maldives, which is a big contrast to the abundance of hedonistic Bali.
In the Maldives everything but sea life is in short supply.
Even tropical fruit is not easy to buy in the small shops around the local islands.

But I am grateful and excited to meet a diving friend and dive together again.

From Bali with love,

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