What We Can Learn From The Starfish And Axolotl About The Human Potential To Regenerate, Menjangan Island, Indonesia

What We Can Learn From The Starfish And Axolotl About The Human Potential To Regenerate, Menjangan Island, Indonesia

The human body was not destined to fluctuate between perfect health and frequent disease.
It was never meant to develop chronic conditions and to age and die.

It was designed to have “Radical Resilience!”
It was designed to last forever!
Yes, you read it right, the human body was designed to last FOREVER!

So how do we take such a divine and lofty destiny and design, and run it so as to become shriveled and sickly in just a few decades…

Pre-mature aging, and the entire array of chronic diseases that plague people nowadays, seem to be beyond the control of the individual.
Many blame the deteriorating environmental conditions, the lack of nutrients in the soil, the polluted air, and the lack of research into developing better medicine.
But aging and death cannot be prevented by taking pills, no matter how much modern medicine advances.

Some scientists are hoping to extend the human lifespan by researching the possibility of upgrading our genes.
They are looking for ways to coax our general cells to take on multiple functions, by learning to regenerate and remember the code of growth that is embedded in our cells at the embryonic stage.

But the truth is that WE, and not our genes, are in control of our health and wellness destiny right now.

Encoded within every cell and tissue of our bodies is the ability to regenerate.

This is not an idle statement.
Anthropologists who researched indigenous people living in isolated communities on earth more than a hundred years ago, witnessed first hand how an injured person healed within an hour from a serious spinal injury and severe cuts.
The community gathered around the injured person, who had fallen down a canyon, put their gentle hands on his body, extending their love, forgiveness and healing, and the injuries disappeared.

Currently, most human beings can regenerate parts of their bodies at any age.
Broken bones can knit, wounds can heal, heart arteries can become unblocked with better diet and weight loss, blood pressure can improve, seemingly deadly diseases can heal and large parts of the liver can regenerate.

Nature is full of creatures that are capable of regenerating their bodies.
Many snakes regrow their skins seasonally or yearly, some lizards can regrow their tails, and octopuses can regenerate their tentacles, if damaged or eaten by a predator.

But a master in ultimate regeneration is the Axolotl, a cute salamander walking fish, that resides mostly in Mexico.
It can reach 20 centimeters in length and it can replace any missing limb and its tail, which means regrowing its spinal cord, backbone, and muscles.

About 30 research teams worldwide are probing how the Axolotl can do this.
They cut the limbs of an Axolotl from its shoulder to its toes, and it regenerated again, each and every time.
In some cases, they cut the limbs of the same Axolotl a hundred times, concluding that it is capable of regenerating INFINITE TIMES.

They found that various tissues work together to detect a limb loss, and then proceed to coordinate the regrowth.
In the process, the animals reactivate the same genetic circuits that guided the formation of those structures during their embryonic development, causing generalist stem cells to specialize.

Axolotls are only one of several known regenerators in the animal kingdom.

Flatworms (also called Planarians) are even more resilient.
They have adapted to live in both fresh and salt water environments, and they are able to regenerate fully even after losing 90% of their bodies.

One small fragment of those 2-centimeter-long aquatic worms can rejuvenate its brain, skin, gut, and all the other functional organs.

The stem cells are key, and are genetically coded to activate growth, and stimulate the specialization genes, in the right cells at the right time.

So the Planarian can rebuild itself almost from scratch, whereas the Axolotl can rebuild itself only if its main body axis is intact.

Similar to the Planarian, the Starfish is also able to regenerate its limbs.
Not only that, but a small fraction of a cut limb of the starfish can generate a whole new body.

This is the theoretical equivalent of a severed human arm being able to generate a whole body from scratch.

I am adding to this post a few photos of Starfish limbs which generated a new body, and examples of Starfish that grew extra limbs.

The ultimate hope of the scientists is that one day, we will be able to coax injured humans to execute the same repairs.

This means that as human beings evolve to fit the divine design and genetic patterns that already exist in Nature, an injured person who damaged his spinal cord, lost a leg, two legs, an arm, a hand, a breast, teeth or a toe, will be able to regrow the severed limbs, or heal any body part.

What has all this got to do with aging?
The goal should not be to just stop premature aging and delay untimely death.
The goal should be to reverse aging in those who already display signs of advanced age, and to prevent death.

Instead of seeing ourselves as just another evolutionary animal, we have to see and believe in our Divine origin.
We are NOT creatures with animalistic needs and urges.
We can become refined, elevated, Divine.

In reality, what has been given life, has been given immortality.
So why do we live in realities that demonstrate anything but perfect health and immortality?….

The answer is complex.
We were given free choice to believe, see and manifest all that we hold as truth.

We live in the illusion of pain and suffering, believing that we are destined for decay and death, and so we become cynical, aggressive, sad, desperate, sickly and finally die.

We believe this is a cruel world with limited resources, and so we become pushy, and feel lonely, opportunistic, grabby, territorial, unkind.

The journey starts with redefining who we are and remembering our divine origin.
we experience limitations because we divorce ourselves from joy and the unlimited powers we have.
First we have to remember our unlimited nature, and then proceed to live ONLY in the vibrations that match these unlimited beliefs.

We must become kind, loving, trusting, inspirational, wise, intelligent, happy, joyful, graceful, lighthearted and light filled in our thinking, movements, behaviors and beliefs.

At first, we might experience challenges and contradictions.
The old ways of living and interacting with others will pull us back with many setbacks.
But if we persist in believing we are gods, on a journey to enlightenment, to remembering our True Nature and reclaiming our godly powers, we will see miracles unfold all around us.

We also have to develop a new, kind and loving relationship with our bodies and souls.
We must stop punishing ourselves and being harsh, unkind and critical.

We must stop feeling sad, bitter and fearful, and affirm our trust in our Divine heritage and guidance.
We stop worrying, place the future in the hands of God, and start living in joy.

We must learn to listen and to trust the innate intelligence of our bodies, and we must start to make shifts in our habits and daily routines, in order to prevent and to heal chronic diseases and enjoy vibrant health.

The knowledge of healing is already in our cells.
If we develop our minds to become natural and divine, we will have a whole different human experience…

Heaven is not reached in the afterlife.
Heaven is HERE and Heaven is your HOME!

I am adding photos from my dives around Menjangan island and some photos of regenerating starfish that I took.
The cutest photos of the Axolotl are not mine, but are taken from the internet.
With love and light,

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