Diving In Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

Diving In Pemuteran, Bali

From Tulamben, we took a three hour taxi ride to Pemuteran.
Pemuteran is located on the northwestern coast of Bali.
It feels like it’s a million miles away from the crowded beaches of Kuta, Sanur and Seminyak in southern Bali.

It is a quiet town with natural volcanic hot springs, volcanic rocky beaches and a great coral reef.

In addition to the natural coral reef, a project called “the Biorock reef regeneration project” was created to rejuvenate the reef closer to shore.
This reef was demolished decades ago by fishermen who used dynamite as their fishing method of choice.
Today, the local community understands the importance of rejuvenating the reef and protecting their aquatic environment.

The Biorock includes big metal structures that were sunk just in front of our hotel and dive center.
A special team looks after these structures, monitoring them daily.
The Biorock structures are stimulated by low voltage electricity produced by a few solar panels.
The electric pulse stimulates the coral to grow much faster.

The Bio artificial coral reef creates a habitat in which different kinds of fish species and corals thrive, and where juvenile fish can survive to breeding age.

Pemuteran is probably my favorite place to dive in Bali.
In general, many dive resorts around the world are not as comfortable to stay in, offering only basic accommodations that usually attract hard core divers, who do not care about comfort and luxuries, as long as the diving is good.

Here in Pemuteran, we found a great combination of good diving and great Balinese design villa accommodations.
The food choices around the village are also great and very inexpensive.
The resort offers very good Balinese massages, which we took daily before dinner time.

The world renowned Menjangan Island’s dive sites in Bali Barat National Park are within a 30 minute boat ride from our hotel.
There is a lively colorful soft coral reef and excellent diving around Menjangan island.

Every day, I dived either from shore or I took a two dive boat trip to Menjangan island.
The dive center was super accommodating of my wishes, and took everyone to the dive sites that I had not dived yet.

It was awesome to put on a bathing suit and reef shoes, and simply walk out of our resort and swim, snorkel or dive in the warm waters.

The Pemuteran region has about 15 dive sites, suitable for all levels of divers.
On the days I dived, the currents were not too strong.
I loved diving slowly, taking the time to look at the live coral and spot tiny macro creatures inside the coral walls.

Pemuteran and Menjangan National Park are not a hidden secret for divers who come to Bali.
They are famous diving and snorkeling destinations.
The beautiful corals of the area attract dive operators from all over Bali.
But despite their fame, the dive sites were never crowded and the water was fairly clear and mostly calm.
It felt like such a pleasure to dive here.

From Pemuteran with love,

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