The Bangkok Biennale Art Show, Thailand

The Bangkok Biennale Art Show, Thailand

The Bangkok Biennale is an important art event that happens in various venues across the city over a period of 4 months.
During the Biennale, the city is transformed from a bustling metropolis into a lively hub that celebrates creativity and art.

We were delighted to find out that we would be in Bangkok during this time, and we allotted four days in order to be able to immerse ourselves in an array of artworks from a diverse range of artists, both local and international.

The biggest venues were the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center and the convention center, but there was also exciting art in other spaces, including iconic landmark temples and other public spaces.

In addition, we also attended a modern alternative classical music concert in which the musicians pulled metal wires strung with metal tubes, and walked around in circles, making pleasant harmonies.

It was a very fun experience to be immersed by ideas and art for four days.
Some of the art exhibited in temples was harder to find, but when we did, it was very worthwhile.

On our first day in Bangkok, before going to see the Biennale, we did make some long and sometimes futile journeys to try and find a diving light.
I had a long list of diving shops and I was hoping to find a good light for my upcoming diving trip, since I will not have my own diving gear.
Two dive shops were closed, another did not exist at the address Google was showing, and yet another did not answer the phone.
Finally we found an open shop with an English speaking, friendly woman who sold me a good light and even delivered to my hotel room an extra battery that same evening.

We did very little else beside exploring the Biennale.
We ate lunches and dinners in our favorite places, and had afternoon teas, but most of our days were centered around seeing the art.

Some of the art was very political, with strong opinions against the war, capitalism, corruption, religion, political oppression, gay rights and current affairs.

We were in Bangkok two months ago, but this time we noticed that the people seemed to be more worried about Covid than they were two months ago.
Almost everyone walking the streets, as well as indoors in the malls and art centers, was wearing a mask.

Although we saw no signs requiring masks, not even in public transportation, we also wore face masks to comply with the public fear.
The evening news was full of stories about the rise of Covid cases in China and India and how the medical crew in China is forced to continue working, even though all the doctors and nurses were diagnosed as having Covid.

But despite the fears of infection, the city is bustling and also full of tourists.
The markets, streets and malls are full of people and I wished them all happiness and well-being for the coming year.

From Bangkok with love,

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