Perfect Health and Eternal Youth From Prentice Mulford and Photos From My Last Day Of Diving On Pemba Island, Zanzibar

Perfect Health and Eternal Youth From Prentice Mulford and Photos From My Last Day Of Diving On Pemba Island, Zanzibar

In his books, “Laws of Health and Beauty” and “Your Forces and How to Use Them,” Prentice Mulford wrote enlightening thoughts about eternal youth and health.
Instead of copying exact paragraphs from Prentice’s books, I am going to paraphrase some of his ideas about the concept of perfect health and eternal youth, in my own words.

When you look in the mirror and dislike the wrinkles or sagging skin you see, or any other sign of aging, do you tell yourself that you are being vain and that you should just accept signs of aging as a “natural” part of life?

You are right to dislike wrinkles and decrepitude, or any other form or sign of the body’s decay.
It is similar to the reason you might dislike a soiled or torn piece of clothing.

Your body is the actual clothing, as well as the instrument used by your mind or spirit.
The commonly held belief is that our bodies MUST age, wither and decay within a period of about a hundred years.

But we must ask with all sincerity, how is it possible that we must lose the best that life has to offer and all that is worth living for, just when we reach a mature age and have gained the experience and wisdom that best outfits us to live a greater and more joyful life?

The answer is that most of us resign ourselves to decay, without conscious awareness.

It is a law of Nature that every human demand, silent or spoken, brings forth a supply of the thing wished for in proportion to the intensity of the wish.

Examine your limiting beliefs, challenge them and replace them with new ideas, and start wishing for what you REALLY want, then go on and focus ONLY on that.

There are two kinds of age, the age of your body, and
the age of your mind.

Your body is a community of cells and electrical impulses that is ever changing.
It is an energy field that is ever flowing and reshaping itself, based on your beliefs, daily habits, patterns of thinking, etc.

Your body was not designed to limit your Spirit or your eternal mind; it was designed as a temple, hosting your ideas, which you must refine to bring about the highest doctrine or set of beliefs, that reflect the Highest Truth.

The body you were born with, is by now all done and completely gone.
The cells of your body are renewed daily.
Your whole body is never more than seven years old.

Your mind is another story.
First of all, your mind is not your own.
We all share in the One Divine Mind.
This is why telephony, remote viewing, and mind communication are all possible.

Your own ego-mind, which consists of your obsessions, your worries, fixations, grievances, fascination and memories, is only a tiny part of your REAL Mind.
It is an infinitesimal ripple on the surface of the ocean.

Your real Mind is an ethereal construction that is eternal, but for the sake of this description, think of it as millions of years old.

Your mind has used many bodies in its growth process.
Your real Mind has grown and expanded from each of your incarnations to its present condition.
It has expanded its power and capacity in the use of these many bodies.

You have lived many forms of lives or expressions, very different from the form you are now using.
Each new body or young body that you have worn has been a new suit of clothes for your eternal mind.

What you call “death” has been but the wearing out of this suit through ignorance of the means of how to create an eternal body, to match your eternal mind.

Creating an eternal body is not so much about keeping a body in good repair, but about building it continually, removing blockages to allow it to be ever new and fresh and full of vitality.

The older your spirit, the better you can preserve the youth, vigor, and elasticity of your body.
This is because the older your mind is, the more power it has gathered from its many existences.
You can use that power for the preservation of beauty, of health and of vigor.

You can also unconsciously use the same power to make you unhealthy, weak, diseased, and unattractive.
The more you use this power in either of these directions, the more it will make you vital and healthy, or unhealthy, old and sad.

Ultimately, the power is in your thoughts.
Every thought of yours is a real thing.
Thoughts are substantial and real, even though you cannot see them with the physical, or outer eye.
But they are as real as a tree, a flower, or a fruit.

Your thoughts are continually moulding your skin and muscles into shapes and manners of movement in accordance with their character.

If your thoughts are always wholesome, reflective, deep and confident, your posture will be graceful and your steps while walking, will be erect and confident.

If your thoughts are permanently limiting and undecided, you will have a permanently undecided gesture.
Your posture will be hunched over, and the manner of using your body will be clumsy and bent.

If you allow this to continue for long, it will make your body grow decidedly misshapen, and you will think that it is the “hands of time,” not your own thoughts that are the cause

You are every day thinking yourself into some phase of character and facial expression, good or bad.
If your thoughts are permanently cheerful, your face will look cheerful.
If most of the time you are in a complaining, peevish, quarrelsome mood, this kind of thoughts will put ugly lines on your face.
They will poison your blood, make you dyspeptic, and ruin your complexion, because then you are in your own unseen laboratory of mind, generating unseen and poisonous elements.

Your thoughts attract the same kind of thought elements from others.
Thus what you think and believe will be reinforced by others around you, making you believe that this is how reality truly is, and oblivious to the fact that you are a magnet, attracting only similar vibrations to the ones you already hold.

You are then charging your magnet, your mind, with its electric thought‐current of destructive tendencies, and the law and property of thoughts connects all the other thought‐currents of despondency or irritability with your mental battery in your mind.

Your mind can make your body sick or well, strong or weak, according to the thoughts it produces.

If someone cries “Fire!” in a crowded theatre, scores of persons will feel tremulous, weak, and paralyzed by fear.
Perhaps it was just a false alarm.
It was only the thought of fire, a horror acting on your body, that took away its strength.

The thought or mood of fear is acting on the body all the time, and it can turn the hair white in a few hours.
Angry, peevish, worried, or irritable thoughts affect injuriously the digestion, the heart, the blood, the organs, as well as the skin and muscles.

The thoughts we think while we are eating affect the way we digest, and the way the body uses the food that it breaks down.

We may eat the healthiest food in the world, but if we eat it with a sour temper, we will put sourness in our blood, and sourness in our stomachs, and sourness on our faces.

Or if we eat in an anxious frame of mind, and are worrying all the time about how much we should eat or will it make us fat, or should we eat this, we are consuming anxious, worried, fretful thought‐elements with our food, and they will poison us.

If we are cheerful and lively and joyful while eating, we are putting liveliness and cheer into ourselves, and making such qualities more and more a part of ourselves.

If the habitual expression on your face is a frown or a scowl, it is because your thoughts behind your face are mostly scowls.

If the corners of a mouth are turned down, it is because most of the time the thoughts which govern and shape that mouth are gloomy and despondent.

This kind of a face does not invite people in, and make them desire to get acquainted with its wearer.
This is because facial expressions are a sign, advertising the kind of thoughts the wearer carries inside.

The continual mood of being in a hurry, will cause the shoulders to stoop forward, because in such mood you literally send your thought, your spirit, your real though invisible self, to the place toward which your power, your thought, is dragging your body headfirst.

A “realized” woman is never in a hurry and she choses and contains her thoughts, her spirit and her powers.
She is ever in the present moment, with her spirit, mind and body.

She will be graceful in every movement, because her spirit has complete possession and command of its tool, the body, and she is not a mile or ten miles away from that body in thought, fretting or hurrying or dwelling or worrying about something that might happen.

The laws for success are also the laws for misfortune, according to how they are used.
You are materializing into the physical or visible realm, all that you believe and fixate on.
When we dread a misfortune, or live in fear of sickness or bad luck, we are materializing it into our possible reality.

What we think we are building in the unseen substance, a construction which will draw to us forces or elements to aid us or hurt us, according to the character of thought we think or put out.

If you expect to grow old, and keep ever in your mind an image or construction of yourself as old and decrepit, you will assuredly be so.

You are then making yourself grow old, because you expect in the unseen realms that you might become helpless, old or decrepit, and such plan will draw to you the unseen thought‐elements which will make you weak, helpless, and decrepit.

If, on the contrary, you make for yourself a plan for being always healthy, active, and vigorous, and stick to that plan, and refuse to grow decrepit, and refuse to believe the legions of people who will tell you that you must grow old, you will NOT grow old.

It is because you think you must grow old that makes it so.
If your mind is ever building an ideal of yourself as strong, healthy, and vigorous, you are building onto yourself an invisible element which is ever drawing towards you more of health, strength, and vigor.

You can make your mind a magnet to attract health or weakness.

Be persistent in thinking about health, in imagining or idealizing yourself as healthy, vigorous, and beautiful.
It is the corner‐stone of your health and beauty.

Most bedridden patients are not thinking, “I am strong;” he or she is thinking, “I am so weak.”
And so they are, for that very reason.

We are apt to nurse our illnesses and maladies rather than nurse ourselves.
We want our maladies petted and sympathized with, more than we care for ourselves.

When we have a bad cold, our very cough sometimes says to others, unconsciously, “I am this morning an object for your sympathy. I am so afflicted!”
It is the cold, then, that is calling out for sympathy.
Were the body treated rightly, your own mind and all the minds about you would say to that weak element in you, “Get out of that body!” and the silent force of a few minds so directed would drive that weakness out.

Vigor and health are also contagious, just as contagious as diseases.

Many grown up people wish they had in them the spring and elasticity of a twelve year old child, who can climb trees, walk on rail fences, and run, because they would love the freedom to be so elastic, and no longer can do it.

Why is it that humanity resigns itself with scarcely a protest to the growing heaviness, sluggishness, and stiffness that comes with middle age?

This inertia might be called “dignity” because you do not expect a grown woman to do somersaults in the streets, or an aged “respectable” man in a suit to run and kick a stone like a boy.
But by the time they are middle-aged, they can no longer do it even if they wanted to.

Nature never really grows old as we understand that term.
She is ever casting off her worn‐out physical envelopes, or forms of expression.
We say the tree decays.
But do we not see the new tree springing from the rotten stump of the old one?
That is the same tree.
In other words, it is the spirit, or force, of the tree we called old that is materializing a new form of expression.

That process has been going on through countless ages.
In Nature we find periods of repair and recuperation preparatory to a certain newness of life, and renewal, as when an octopus is regrowing an arm that has been eaten by a shark, when a crab or a lobster casts off its old shell, when a snake sheds its skin, when a bird in its molting season casts off its old plumage, when an animal is shedding its fur.

During these periods, the bird, the animal, and the octopus are weak and inactive.
Nature demands rest during this reconstruction.

Such reconstruction is going on internally in the organization as well as without.
All natural law, as seen in the lower forms of organization, extends to the higher.

This same law extends to mankind.
There come temporary periods in every person’s life, when all the activities, forces, organs, and functions are more sluggish.
We are then undergoing our molting process.
Nature is laying us up for repairs.
If we obeyed her demands, we should come forth in a few weeks or months with a renewed life and a renewed body.

All that Nature asks of us, is that we give mind and body the rest they call for while in the repair shop.
We speak of people of “middle age” as having reached their greatest amount of power and activity.
After this period, “it is inferred as the law of Nature,” that we decline gradually.

This unexamined faith in “old age” and weakness, actually leads to old age and weakness, by the same spiritual law.

What actually should happen at middle age, or after that, is that the physical body you have been using, should give birth to a new one.

In other words, the old is being re‐formed, and giving rise to the new.
During such a process of re‐formation, a great deal of rest is required.
Your real, invisible, spiritual self is busy at work in the process of reconstruction.
You should be no more overtaxed at this period than you were when you were an infant, or during childhood.

We do not give ourselves this rest.
We force and exhaust ourselves to work or work out, even when we are unfit for work.
We mistake our season of molting, and consequent temporary weakness, for some form of disease.

We then fix in our minds the idea of diseases, and we construct a disease for ourselves.

While Nature, which is the “infinite doctor” within us, is trying to give us a new birth, rejuvenate us, and make us stronger, we
defeat her purpose, and make ourselves weaker.

In the vast majority of cases, people cannot give themselves the rest Nature calls for.
They believe they must work on and on, from day to day, from year to year, in order to “make a living.”

Nature’s laws have no regard for man’s systems.
So out of ignorant disobedience to the laws of Nature, people tire themselves out in the process of “making a living,” and toil and suffer and wear out, and finally die in misery on beds of sickness.

People MUST understand that there are no “terminal incurable illnesses.”
ALL illnesses are temporary sickness of mind AND body, brought about because of lack of alignment with a higher law.
Your natural state is PERFECT HEALTH.

People might for a time become sluggish, inert, fatigued and lacking in energy.
This is because of the strains that wrong living and wrong thinking put on the mind and body.
Their innate spiritual power is using its force to recuperate and build anew.

If this occurs, you should take a rest from working in the outer physical world. While the inner process of renewal is taking place, the outer must stop.

Nature’s great source of recuperation is rest.
The broken bone requires rest while being knit together.
By rest we mean rest of mind as well as body.
Mental rest is as necessary as physical rest.

Most of our human race has no concept of mental rest, or a mind at ease. They do not learn how to guide their minds and choose their emotions, and instead they worry, fret, feel uneasiness, and entertain anxieties.

These patterns become a fixed habit, and unfortunately people go to doctors in order to medicate themselves to deal with their daily anxieties, or to fall asleep at night.

What we now call “death,” is only the result of a falling away from the spirit of the old body, before it has the power to put on the new one.

Through ignorance and violation of spiritual law, our race has not yet learned how to allow the Spirit the opportunity to renew our bodies without passing through death.

You simply cannot die.
It is only your body, that could not yet learn how to renew and energize, that dies.
You had a body in an existence previous to this.
That body died as many others died before it.

Your real life is the life of your mind, or spirit.
You are not always going to suffer the death of the body as you did in the past.
A period will come when your spirit will have so far matured its powers, that it can clothe itself gradually with a new physical body as the old wears away.

When this law of eternal youth and eternal life will be known by you, practiced and followed, you will see the results which would now be called a miracle.

Spirits will have bodies for use on these levels of life for as long as they desire to use them.
These bodies will be more perfect and beautiful, and will be more perfect instruments.
Your new body will be better suited and adapted to express your spirit’s ever‐growing higher powers.

Your real self never loses any of its powers.
It is only because of the ignorance of how to animate perfectly light-filled bodies, that the body is broken down and needs replacement.

A body that has been trained to be rigid, heavy, broken or ill, is an unfit instrument for your beautiful Spirit.
Your glorious spirit is unable to express its powers through a limited vessel, just like the most skilful carpenter can do very little with a dull or broken saw.

But it is never too late to start fixing things from today, and no effort in changing your mind is ever wasted.

With an eternal light,

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