A New Journey Starts In Bangkok Thailand

A New Journey Starts In Bangkok Thailand

There is a famous Australian Aboriginal proverb that says:

“We are all visitors to this time, to this place.
We are just passing through.
Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love…and then we return home.”

This saying implies that our “Real Home” is not a place on earth, existing in the dimensions of space and time continuums, but a spiritual energetic home in which we are whole, perfect and full of love and possibilities.

In Buddhism, our spiritual awakening and enlightenment is drawn as a mandala, representing Life’s journey in a pattern of perfection.
Everything that seems arbitrary or accidental is part of a perfect higher design.
Nothing occurs by accident.

Jules and I have started a new 3 month journey to Asia.
I wanted to breathe places in, to taste them, to observe what’s going on around me, to pay attention to what is unfolding inside me, to engage with people, to open up my heart and mind, and best of all, to offer and accept miracles daily.

Our journey has started in Bangkok Thailand.
It took me no time after landing here, to wonder why we ever left.
If you searched the earth looking for a place of endless delights, Thailand would be at the top of the list.

Let me start with the art.
Decades after our first trip to Bangkok, we found the city full of fabulous art.
We visited the Museum of Contemporary Art, The River City building with its multi levels of changing contemporary exhibitions, a cool cafe and adjacent galleries, plus many other small galleries spread across this every evolving city.

There are too many images to post in one post, so I will share more in future posts.

There are the historic Buddhist Wats which are jaw dropping Buddhist complexes that are spread across the city, and will require months to visit them all.

Then there is of course the food, a collection of fabulous international food choices at great prices.

Thai massages are legendary.
Most massage therapists do not attend massage schools, but they have intimate knowledge of the muscular structure of the human body.
On my first day in Thailand, I got a fabulous hour long Thai massage from a young Lady Boy that cost me only $5 and made me cry from pain and laugh with delight at the same time.

From the moans coming from Jules, who was getting a massage beside me, I could tell he was experiencing the same pain and joy that I was.

It is so easy to enjoy Bangkok.
Five star hotels cost very little in this competitive city, but we opted for an apartment hotel, which gives us daily cleaning and much more room.
We have a spacious apartment with a full living room, daily breakfast and best of all, our own laundry machine.

Since we continue to run 5 kilometers daily, we need to wash our clothes twice per day, because I might have not mentioned it……but Bangkok is one big outdoor sauna…
The heat is simply relentless.

Talk to you real soon,

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  1. Tali- I am leaving for Japan in a few days and researching the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage. I followed an interesting story with relevant information to this website and immediately recognized your name. I have worked with you and Jules in the past in Glenwood Springs- my name is Lori Chappell. I looked at your lovely post today. Thank for your time, valuable comments and images. Enjoy Thailand and tell Jules “Kon’nichiwa”.

    • Dear Lori,
      So good to hear from you!!!!!
      I hope you will enjoy your journey to Japan and in particularly the Saigoku pilgrimage.
      It is an amazing route so worth doing.
      Some of the temples are true masterpieces.
      Thanks for reaching out and for your kind words.

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