Art In Bangkok Thailand

Art In Bangkok

There is so much art to see in Bangkok, if you just make an effort to go and see it.

I was told by a staff member in the SAC contemporary art gallery, that most tourists who come to Bangkok do not spend much time exploring the local art scene.
Instead, they spend the short time they have allotted to Bangkok visiting its major historical sites.

Because I live in the very quiet and rural Rocky Mountains, I love staying longer in big cities while traveling.
It gives me an opportunity to see the contemporary art being made by local artists, to learn about their struggles and beauty through contemporary craft and design, and it overall gives me a sense of the direction that the society is taking.
This is because the arts and the artists who create them, are the seismographic indicator of the evolution of every society.

I am adding photos of the art I have seen around Bangkok.
Sending you colors and light,

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