The Subliminal Messages We Receive From Our Surroundings

The Subliminal Messages We Receive From Our Surroundings

Our family and friends exert a direct influence on us, unless we make a conscious choice not to be influenced by limited concepts.
But also the city, town, village, neighborhood, all kinds of media, and the country we live in, have a much greater subliminal influence on us than we realize.

Human beings share thoughts and feelings through unseen thought waves, and thus we are susceptible to subliminal messages from our surroundings, more than we know.

If, for example, you live in an area full of old people who use mobility scooters, walkers and wheelchairs, you are likely to develop the unconscious core (and mistaken) belief that with age comes reduced mobility.
Your logical mind might not argue or examine this fact, if every day that you go to the supermarket you see so many old people with walkers, and you will just accept it as a “fact of life.”

If you live in an area full of very obese people, you might look at the extra pounds that you have put on, and still think of yourself as “relatively skinny,” instead of starting a diet and fitness program.
This is because “almost everyone” around you is overweight.

In New Zealand, we lived in front of a beautiful and sheltered harbor that opened to the Tasman Sea.
We never saw anyone using stand-up paddle boards, jet-skis, windsurfers, or kite-surfers, and very rarely did people kayak on the beautiful clean waters.
I used to wonder why, and we bought two beautiful kayaks to enjoy the water.
But soon, like everyone else, we got the subliminal message that there was never enough time for leisure activities.
There was always so much to do to maintain the gardens and the house, and like everyone around us, we soon stopped enjoying the harbor.

Here in the high mountains of Colorado, everyone enjoys the outdoors all the time, and the range of activities that people do, is truly inspiring.
And like everyone else around us, we are physically active most of the time.

The other day it was a very cold day, but still we decided to go swimming.
On our way to the hot springs pool, I saw two men who had started hiking with a dog.
They carried rock climbing gear and a cooler with food and drinks, as they walked into the white snowy wilderness.
I felt inspired by their spirit, and felt good about deciding to brave the freezing day and go swimming, instead of staying home reading on the sofa covered with a blanket.

It is well known that physical activity is SO very important for our physical health, and mental and emotional well-being.
Recent scientific research has shown that exercise and physical training works its mental magic in bringing about Neurobiological changes.
Continuous exercise can help in growth, regeneration and maintenance of nerve cells and Improving memory and ability to learn new things.

Exercise and especially intense training or prolonged physical challenges (like walking a pilgrimage or training to run a marathon), can help develop life’s coping skills and enhanced regulation of cognitive and emotional responses.

By putting yourself through physical challenges, you learn to tolerate discomforts, become less whiny and less full of self pity.
Challenges help you develop a sense of mastery and

But it is much more than that.
Being physically strong and fit, can lead to reversal of the unconscious process of aging, and contribute to greater vitality.

If you live in an area where you rarely see people exercise, you might think you are doing great if you swim ten or twenty laps in the pool, or walk for half an hour.
But these activities are simply not strenuous enough to bring about great rewards.

If you live in an area where everyone stretches themselves all the time to new heights, you will be inspired to believe that you too, can be strong and capable.

For me, an hour walk is way too easy.
I do not even feel that I did anything, unless I have walked for six to eight hours.
When it comes to swimming, I would not even enter the pool with the intention of swimming for only 30 minutes.

I now swim freestyle for two and a half hours (approximately 3.5-4.5 kilometers) at each visit to the swimming pool.
I am not alone.
Most people in the lanes next to me are excellent and strong swimmers, too.

I once read an article in our local newspaper, written by a young man who had recently moved to our valley.
He said that he came from Boston, where he was a top-ranked cyclist.
After moving to our area, he was humbled to find out that he was not even ranked in the top 150 cyclists in the region.
He said that he has athletic friends from Miami, New York and Los Angeles, who also thought they were good skiers, runners, and rock climbers, and that all were humbled to discover that they could barely compete with the excellent standards in this area.

I once went to hear an inspirational lecture given by a blind man who had climbed Mount Everest.
(A major accomplishment by any standards.)
The hall was packed with people.
He started by asking the audience how many of the people in the hall had climbed Mount Everest.

When I heard the question, I chuckled to myself, “yah, as if…”
Then I turned my head and was astonished to see that nearly half of the people in the hall had raised their hands…
When it was time for questions and answers, instead of motivational questions about the power of determination and perseverance, most people asked about what brand crampons and ice picks to buy, where to hire sherpas, etc.

I am not suggesting that everyone seeking inspiration has to move to Colorado in oder to be surrounded by active, inspiring people.
Absolutely no! (Please, don’t!).

There are inspiring people all over the world.
I am simply suggesting that you can become aware of the subliminal messages that you are observing and receiving during the day wherever you live.
Than, you can make a conscious choice to either accept or reject them.

You can even say to yourself inwardly, a positive message to counteract the effects of a negative message you have just received.
For example, if you observed (received) many messages of lack and poverty, you can remind yourself inwardly: “There is an abundance for all. I am a Holy child of God and I cannot suffer lack of any kind!”

if you observed (received) many messages of aging and decrepitude that day, you can remind yourself inwardly:
“I am not a body, I am free and I am still as God created me! I am pure.
My body is an energy-filled light body, that is forever in a process of renewal.
Eternal youth is my birthright, and I will NOT fill my mind with thoughts of death and decay.
Life has no ending and I AM LIFE ITSELF!”

If the subliminal messages you received are empowering and positive, you can embrace them by also saying to yourself that this is how you want to think and those are the things you should aspire to manifest in your life.

This process of accepting or rejecting subliminal messages from your surroundings, becomes second nature after awhile, and it requires no effort.

Sending you thoughts of light and love,

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  1. YOU are amazing! Thank you for your life affirming spirit. I am so inspired. I brought myself to a place, not so desirable, after having conquered some health issues several years ago. It’s been interesting for me because I understand the mental aspect of this existence and have demonstrated that understanding in tangible ways. I recently got caught-up in some “silliness” concerning health and age. I’m in the process of reversing all that “garbage.” I came across your blog because I was looking something up about Prentiss Mulford.

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