Your Subconscious Mind Can Bring You Miraculous Healing, The Teachings Of Joseph Murphy

Your Subconscious Mind Can Bring You Miraculous Healing, The Teachings Of Joseph Murphy

Another well known spiritual teacher that I only became familiar with this summer, is Joseph Murphy.

While painting in my studio daily, I listened to his books and lectures, many of them recorded with his real voice, and some read by others on YouTube.

In his lectures, Joseph discusses many stories of seemingly miraculous healing.

I am using the word, ‘seemingly,’ because there is nothing miraculous about healing.

The Divine or the God within us is LIFE itself, and pure and perfect health is our birthright and natural state.

But it takes a change of mind about who you truly are, and lots of faith until you see the results, in order to manifest perfect healing in your body and mind.

Dr. Joseph Murphy (May 20, 1898 – December 16, 1981) was an Irish born writer, metaphysics teacher and lecturer, who lived and taught in the USA.

Joseph Murphy talked about the nature of health and the reasons for disease, about the principles of faith healing and how to direct your subconscious mind to bring about a finer and higher life.

One of the famous quotes by Dr. Murphy is,

“The doctor dresses the wound, and God heals it.”

Dr. Murphy taught that the real you is an eternal, spiritual and perfect being.

You are made in God’s image and you are the living manifestation or expression of God, right here and now.

There is an infinite loving intelligence residing in all of us.

It heals anything from serious wounds and injuries to a simple cut, without our consciously controlling these healings.

This life source or force is responsible for every pump of our heart, for every breath we take. 

To think that you can “trick the body,” like many think possible, is ludicrous.

This intelligent life source is a loving force that is both personal and universal, meaning that it care for you, as well as having the capability of healing all ailments, diseases, and emotional traumas.

Dr. Murphy taught that our daily inner chatter, which consists of all our worries, fears projected into the future, pain, grievances and our anger and unloving thoughts, is responsible for everything that we experience in life. 

This inner chatter, in the form of thoughts, feelings, and day dreaming, is our inner program, influencing the direction of our lives, and running like an automatic self-programing application in the background of our minds.

This mostly negative self-talk consumes our mind on a daily basis, and is responsible for ALL of our dis-eases in mind and body.

Dr. Joseph Murphy explained that all disease is a lack of peace, no matter what the problem ostensibly is.

All dis-eases are a lack of inner harmony, caused by pain, fears, resentments, or unforgiving, unloving thoughts towards self or others, that are lodged in the recesses of the subconscious mind.

The quickest, surest, safest way to heal is through prayer or affirmations.

The Course In Miracles, which has been my own personal ‘Bible’ for over thirty years, is full of daily affirmations, intended to change your mind from a fear based reality, to a reality based on love.

Dr. Murphy taught that for effective results, sit quietly in a meditative state and with faith repeat the healing prescription morning and evening just before sleep in faith and belief.

Repetition is the key.

You will know your prayer is working, when you will feel a sense of deep peace as you repeat the prayer. 

Your health will improve each day as your belief increases.

Stop talking about your illness.

Talking about your illness keeps it real for you and alive.

Believe that you can be healed and you will be.

One of most difficult things for people to do is to overcome their senses.

A healing change might happen in their bodies, but they take the lingering sensation of pain, as an indication that the healing prayer is not working.

This is why I want to share this amazing faith story that I heard in one of Murphy’s lectures.

It is the story of a blind woman who had been totally blind for decades, when she heard about a faith healer who would be coming to her country.

Being a devout student of the power of the subconscious mind to access Divine healing, she fully believed that if she were able to go and participate, she would be healed.

She convinced her family to take her, so she could participate in the faith healing event.

When the preacher took his hand off her eyes, he asked her if she could see.

She said YES!

Her family had tears of gratitude, but soon it was evident that the woman was not healed.

She clearly could not see, even though she spent morning and evening giving thanks for her miraculous healing and perfect eyesight.

Her family started to think that she was losing her marbles, insisting that she could see even though it was obvious she could not.

After two months of repeated affirmations and gratitude for her perfect eyesight, she started seeing lights and shadows.

Soon she saw clear images, and finally her eyesight was fully and perfectly restored.

Her faith affirmations and insistence on a better reality despite contradictory appearances, had indeed given her a miraculous healing.

With love and unity for all,


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  1. Wow Tali – divine timing with your messages as always ❤
    I have been listening to him on you tube and also Dr Joe Dispenza
    With love Pam x

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