Yunoko Lake, Yumoto Onsen, Yudaki Falls and the Senjogahara Flatlands in Nikko Japan, and Thoughts About the Future

Yunoko Lake, Yumoto Onsen, Yudaki Falls and the Senjogahara Flatlands in Nikko Japan, and Thoughts About the Future

This morning the sun was shining brightly, perfect for our longer hiking day.

We planned to take the local bus to Yumoto Onsen, and then to walk back south along the many hiking paths that pass by the smaller lakes located north of Lake Chuzenji, and through the forest and flatlands along the way.

It was the weekend, and we saw lots of people who were out to enjoy the lovely day.
After a long lockdown, many people were out hiking, cycling, fishing or taking nature photos with their huge cameras.

It was nice to see so many people enjoying the outdoors, but it was also a reminder of how it could have been had we walked the Saigoku pilgrimage, that we have just finished, during normal times.
It would have been very crowded in places, instead of allowing us to walk in solitude in nature.

The forest trails and wooden paths along the flatlands were full of people walking, running and hiking.
Some came for a shorter nature walk, while others were out for the whole day.
Some carried specialized hiking gear, which included camp cook stoves to make grilled sandwiches, or brought thermoses to heat and rehydrate hiking food.

Everyone we saw today was wearing a full kit of hiking gear, including shoes, jackets and hiking clothes, often color coordinated.
For us, it was a very easy and most enjoyable hike.
We are so used to walking by now that it seemed like a very easy hike.

We brought with us hot tea and two slices of a cake that we’d bought in town.
There were many beautiful spots to enjoy a picnic in nature today.
The hike was very scenic.

The mountains in the Yumoto Onsen area are volcanic and the sulphuric springs feed into the lake, making the water warmer for the ducks and fishing birds who stay here even during the winter, because the lake does not fully freeze.

The beautiful Yudaki waterfalls are quite tall, and you start the hike from the level of the lake, and walk down to the bottom of the waterfalls along many sets of stairs.

From there, our hiking path continued along the river, on a series of wooden boardwalks.
It was so beautiful, and full of birds.

We had to take two major detours, because the boardwalks were closed in two places.
We were a bit disappointed, because the detours had cut out some of the longer paths that we had wanted to walk, so we had to take a shorter path.
But it was so beautiful that we felt very grateful to be here, enjoying this beautiful day in nature.

The mountains towered around us, the lakes looked so beautiful, the birds sang all day and many of the trees were blooming.
We saw for the first time Alpine cherry trees, which are unique to this high area.
They had white and golden peeling bark that was very beautiful.

Some of the hiking areas were fenced, to prevent the wild deer population from entering and eating the flowers.
The flatlands have some beautiful flowers blooming twice yearly, but the deer had started to eat the flowers and damage the small trees, so they have installed miles of fencing, with gates that hikers must close after entering.

In one area outside the gates, we saw a group of wild monkeys.
They scattered as soon as they saw us, and we could hear many more wild monkeys call, fight and play in the distance.

When we reached Ryuzu Falls from the north, we saw dozens of people who had come to enjoy the beautiful falls.
We decided to have lunch in the rest area by the waterfalls.

We had a bowl of soba noodles with mountain vegetables, which included green ferns, wild mushrooms and other wild edibles.
This mix of mountain vegetables is also sold in a package to take home.
It is already cooked and salted, and all you need to do is make the rice and add it, or add it to noodles in a hot broth.

When we returned to our hotel on Chuzenji Lake, the local cafe was very busy.
We saw a few more swan boats on the lake and many fishermen in small power boats.
We saw more people hiking today, than we had seen during the whole pilgrimage we had just finished.

I have to admit that when we prayed in temples during our walk, we finally prayed for this virus scare to end, even if it would end with a vaccine, and not with a permanent understanding of the origin and nature of all sickness.

In my heart, I know that one day a time will come, when sickness will prove to be only the result of wrong ideas that take root in the mind.

All of the ideas that many believe are “natural” and a “normal part of life,” like sickness, poverty, sorrow, and even death, are all just a result of beliefs that we have planted in our minds.

When we all learn about Divine Law and how to work with it, we will be growing daily to become more like God.
We were born in God’s image and likeness, which means that we are gods, learning of our creative powers and of the Law of Love and renewal.

One day each of us will live in harmony with our own souls.
Poverty, sorrow and sickness will be no more.

One day, when each of us will have lived to be the age of an ancient tree (thousands of years old or more), the great perfection will come upon us in all of its renewing glory.

We will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, from mortal beings who are unaware of our godliness, to immortal beings, ever perfect, shining and glowing in the light.

One day the destiny of humans will be that we will be able to master all our thoughts, and that we will become great magnets for attracting only those things which will bring us prosperity, perfect health and enhance our happiness.

We will be able to keep our bodies in perfect harmony by harboring only health enhancing thoughts, and knowing how to exclude sickly thoughts of disempowerment, anger and lack.

The future enlightened human will always be cheerful, because she will only entertain thoughts which produce happiness and joy.

She will not allow the clouds of useless worry or anxiety, or the darkness of moody feelings and melancholy to occupy her mind.
He will not allow the blackness of jealousy and envy to enter his mind.

Our minds are perfect receptors for listening to higher knowledge beyond the boundaries of time and space, which are only illusions.
It is possible for you to access the Akashic Records of all human history and knowledge, via your own immense mind, when you free this mind from worry, planning, gossip, envy, and other thoughts of limitations that it currently entertains.

Please believe in yourself and in your potential.
Feel it inside yourself and know that it can truly be….

With love and warmth,
Tali and Jules

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