Our Last Days In Bangkok

Our Last Days In Bangkok

Bangkok feels like home to me.

It is funny that I feel this way, because I do not live in a place where cultures and religions have mixed together harmoniously, where you can source every kind of produce or goods or fragrant flower for very little money, and where food and cafes are amazing and so so cheap.

Perhaps it feels like home because of the Thai people.

They smile at me all the time.

Old ladies as well as young, wave at me and say hello, nobody is pushy or aggressive, nobody raises their voices in anger and literally everyone wants to help, whether I have asked for help or not.

It is this gentleness of spirit that I absolutely adore.

I noticed that even the younger generation that is usually becoming more self absorbed and disinterested in this ever changing world, is gentle, kind and attentive.

When I tried to get the attention of a waitress in a cafe and she did not notice me, they raised their hands to get her attention, and then pointed to me to indicate that I needed something. They are really SO sweet….

Yes, the noise of the bustling city runs in high decibels, but cars almost never blow their horns in anger.

Each neighborhood in the city has its own life and rhythm.

There are bustling day markets in business areas, that become car parks on weekends and evenings, completely devoid of the beautiful fruit and foods that are cooked and sold there during the mornings and lunch hours.

And then there is the opposite.

When darkness falls every evening, night markets pop up all over the city, full of vendors cooking noodles and omelets, soups, grilled fish, dumplings and all sorts of sweets.

The river and its waterways run through the heart of the city.

There are water taxis, paid ferries and a free ferry to cross the river.

They are frequent enough to make them a good choice to avoid the traffic.

The rainy season this year has been extreme.

The river is seriously overflowing, and many of the streets by the river are flooded.

The flooding is way worse in other parts of Thailand.

There are lots of places to relax In Bangkok, including a fabulous Japanese day Onsen (hot springs baths) right in the middle of the city.

The Yunomori Onsen & Spa offers clean and varied hot springs pools, good Thai Massages and a Japanese food cafe in which you can have a light snack, a full meal, authentic Japanese shaved ice cream or tea, while wearing your Yukata.

Another day Onsen and Spa that we have enjoyed in Bangkok, is the PAÑPURI Wellness.

It is a slick looking day onsen and spa with a healthy cafe offering light meals that are under 600 calories.

There are five different hot springs inside with varying temperatures and mineral content.

The days we spent at the Onsens, were a highlight for me and made my stay in Bangkok very relaxing.

Leaving Bangkok feels a little sad.

I am excited to see new places, but we know that it will be hard to replace the joys and comforts of this interesting city.

With love and blessings,


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