More Art In Bangkok Thailand

More Art In Bangkok, Thailand

While traveling, it is so exciting to see contemporary art made by local artists.
Unfortunately, it is often not so easy to find.

Fortunately, here in Thailand, we have seen mostly local artists.
We also saw local artists during our visits to Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Indonesia.
But when traveling in Europe, we were often disappointed to see “museum-trendy” artwork that had nothing to do with the local culture, its beauty or its struggles.

In the biggest museum in Barcelona, we saw the artwork of a Brooklyn artist displaying work about growing up Black in the USA.
While the work was great, we were hoping to see more local artwork, or at least even a little local art.

Here In Bangkok, most of the artwork we have seen was done by local artists dealing with spirituality, religion, myths, power, poverty, beauty, freedom, the ways of the world and the beauty, charms and struggles of daily living.

The Buddha said that the condition of being born a mortal is inextricably laced with suffering.
Buddhists believe that being a good, kind, generous and peaceful person leads to luckier and more blessed reincarnations in future lives.

The Buddha taught that each of us must strive toward Enlightenment, a full realization of our true Self and spiritual nature.

Surely, if God is Love and She created us and everything according to Her own nature, by being a kind and loving person, we are aligning ourselves with Truth.

How can an artist convey spiritual truths and power through art?
By using symbols like dragons for mystical spiritual power, tigers for physical power, eagles for flight and soaring imaginations, elephants for strength and earthly balance, and flowers and butterflies for gentle beauty.
Fish symbolize abundance as they are born in groups of hundreds and mermaids symbolize idealized beauty and the mysteries to be found in the depths of the ocean.

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