You are NOT the mask/persona you wear – Kegon Falls, Ryuzu Falls and a Walk Along Chuzenji Lake, In Nikko, Japan

You are NOT the mask/persona you wear – Kegon Falls, Ryuzu Falls and a Walk Along Chuzenji Lake, In Nikko, Japan

The weather this morning was very cloudy with a high chance of rain, but we decided that we would do the walk along the scenic lake anyway.

We packed our raincoats and umbrellas in our small backpacks, and started walking along the lakeside.
We first made our way to Kegon Waterfalls, a beautiful and very tall falls that can be accessed by an elevator that descends a hundred meters down the cliffs.

We came here yesterday when it was very misty, and even though the elevator was operating, we decided not to pay for an admission ticket when we could barely see what was in front of us.

They have a live TV monitor that showed us how the falls looked from below, and it looked very misty yesterday.
But today the mist cleared and the monitor showed the stunning waterfalls.

There were other people around, not many but we were no longer the only travelers in Nikko.
A few couples and families were sitting around, having ice cream, or grilled Dango on a stick, or salted lake fish grilled on a stick.

We noticed that there was a setup for a very long queue to allow tourists to wait their turn to go down and up the elevator.
We were happy to be here without the thousands of tourists who normally would line up to see the waterfalls.

The elevator opened up onto a long white corridor that was very wet with splashes of water.
It was an amazing sight to stand on the platform and feel the energy and power of the strong falls falling over the rocks.

From the Kegon waterfalls, we walked north along the nature path towards Ryuzu Waterfalls.
The path was right by the lake, and meandered through the forest.
It was a very scenic walk and we saw the old villas, or the remains of old villas that were built along the lake.

It seemed like the area now attracted cyclists, hikers and lots of fly fishermen.
The fishermen were all dressed and geared up with everything they conceivably could need not just to catch the lake fish, but also to grill and eat them on the shore.
Some had small tents, chairs, grills, hot tea, pots, and some, perhaps those who had come really early in the morning, were sleeping on the shore.

We arrived at Ryuzu Falls after a very enjoyable walk.
The falls can be seen from an observation deck, or you can climb up the mountainside to see the very top of the falls.

The observation deck had a coffee stall, a small restaurant and a gift shop.
There were places to sit and enjoy an ice ream, hot noodles, Matcha tea with sweets or an Amazake sweet rice drink.

There were many people who had come to see the waterfalls.
Most of them came by car, but a few were cyclists.

It had started to drizzle by the time we finished visiting the falls, so instead of walking back, we decided to take the local bus back.
That way we would be able to arrive at the cafe with the soy lattes before they closed.

Before entering the bus, we put on our face masks.
We are only putting them on now when we enter a supermarket or public transportation like a bus or a train.
We take them off immediately after we get off.

Wearing a mask is a good lesson in spirituality.
It reminds me that we are NOT the masks or personalities we wear during each incarnation.

Nowadays, perhaps more than ever before, the times are ripe to understand that you are not the mask you wear, and not the personality you have developed through the years.

The word “personality” comes from the ancient Greek word, “persona.”
It means “a character,” “an actor” or “a mask.”

The mask or the persona that we take on and wear, has unfortunately become our reality.

The mask becomes the person, and the individual behind the mask is buried and unseen.

But you are NOT the personality that you have developed in order to help you deal with the world as you perceive it, nor the mask your wear so well, that you forgot who you truly are at your essence.

Your essence, or the core of your being, is pure unchanging divine light.
You are unlimited in potential, wholly lovable and an eternal godly creative being.

It isn’t enough to get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, finish our daily routine and tasks, eat dinner, relax and go to bed.
Anyone who lives a life like that is wasting his lifetime here.

Beyond the daily activities that are necessary in order to live comfortably, there must be a reaching, a desiring, a progress of the mind and a searching of the soul, in order to re-discover and realize your creative godly powers, and how you create and shape your reality and your perception of the world.

Every man has upon his shoulders this divine responsibility.
To realize how we create our realities and how to do it better.

People believe that the world is neither fair nor just, because some have more disadvantages than others.

But this is not true.
We bring upon ourselves blessings or misfortunes, based on our own ideas and beliefs.
This world owes nothing to any of us.

We have plundered our Mother Earth Gaia, robbed her, torn her jewels from her bosom, feasted upon the very life of her, flattened her glory and polluted her rivers and lakes.

No man has the right to live upon this earth who does not contribute something of value in return.
We must create beautiful art, write beautiful poetry, make buildings, bridges, highways, melodies or songs.

We must develop our spiritual understanding and grow our kindness of heart.

Every man and woman was created to be a messenger of LIGHT and to steer the ship of our lives to a higher destiny.

Remember this… you are NOT the mask you wear…. you are a sweet glorious being of endless potential….

With love and many smiles,
Tali and Jules

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