The Destiny Of America

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The Destiny Of America

Like the rest of the world, I have been watching the political climate in the USA with a mixture of shock and dismay.

Perhaps the divisiveness, rudeness and madness have been accentuated by the Coronavirus, the isolation, the collective fear, and the fact that many are without jobs and are struggling financially and socially.

I peruse the news, both domestic and international, for a glimpse of sanity and hope, but it is seldom there….
Perhaps the journalists are also observing events with shock and dismay…

Whenever I need perspective and guidance, I turn inwards and ask the Divine Mother and Heavenly Father WITHIN ME, to help me get clarity and a better perspective on what is happening.

Forget the idea of worshiping in churches and temples.
We each have a direct link, connecting us to the God within, through our Divine Higher Self.

Perhaps the belief in a monotheistic God is too confusing to human understanding.
Each and every one of us was created in God’s image and likeness.
This means that each and every one of us is a God or a Goddess, hidden behind the illusion of a separate body clad in flesh and blood.

These Gods and Goddesses are all united as the ONE Divine Spirit.
The belief in the ONE eternal God has not helped humanity to understand our unity. It has led humanity to believe hat God is a very busy old man in the sky, judging humanity by our actions, and sending us to the appropriate afterlife of heavenly bliss or hell.

The truth is that there are billions of gods and goddesses around the multiverses, most unaware of their divinely inherited creative powers.

I have searched for clarity about what is happening in the USA now and during the last four years.
Why have my fellow Americans voted for a power hungry, self-serving man, who acts like a dictator and cares so little about upholding the principles of democracy that made America an experimental model of freedom to the world?

You see…. America was spiritually designed to be a model to the world.
Since this land is a melting pot of cultures and people who came here from all over the world, everything that occurs in this great land is a reflection of the human hearts, fears and ideas dominating the human race.

Only through seeing what we are truly dealing with, and understanding what we need to heal and correct, can we evolve new laws and a better social structure that will be stronger and assist in the evolution of the whole human race.

While no doubt Scandinavia has made great strides in social welfare, healthcare and social evolution, these countries are very small, both in land mass and population, making the consensus of consciousness easier to share and achieve.

If the American people, who seem so divided along political and ethnic lines, could evolve beyond fear and recognize the powers within, great strides could be achieved one day in America, and the human race will be truly evolving en masse.

Below, I am paraphrasing from the book that I was instructed to read again by my inner Guides.
It is called “Unveiled Mysteries” by Godfré Ray King (also known as Guy Ballard).

Guy Ballard wrote this book describing his amazing mystical experiences with the Ascended Masters, whom he encountered on Mount Shasta and the Grand Tetons.

The book is a must read for those who are seeking spiritual progress and self realization, but here I am only including the thoughts that relate to the future of America.

The American Indians, whom the European pilgrims encountered when they arrived in America, were the descendants of an enlightened people who lived in great harmony on this land.

In our beloved America, in the not so distant future, will come again a recognition of the Real Divine Self, existing within each individual.

When this will occur, her people will again express high attainment and will advance unto their enlightenment rapidly.

She is a Land of Light, and Her Light shall blaze forth, brilliant as the sun at noonday.
She will be again a bright light among the nations of the earth.

You see…..Ages ago, (over 40,000 years ago), America was a Land of Great Light, and it will again come into her spiritual heritage, for nothing can stop it or prevent it.

She is strong!
Strong within her own mind and body.
Stronger than you think.

And that strength she will exert again to rise out of the seeming mud of ignorance, and throw off from border to border, all that weighs heavily upon her at the present time.

America has a destiny of great importance to the other nations of the earth.

Those who have watched over her for centuries, still watch over her.
Through Their protection and love, she shall fulfill her destiny.

America! We the Ascended Host of Light, love and guard you.
America! We love you!

A form of perfect government will come one day at a later period, when you have cast off certain activities within that hang like fungi and sap your strength as a vampire.

Beloved ones in America, be not discouraged when the seeming dark clouds hang low.
Every one of them shall show you its golden lining.

Back of the clouds that seem to threaten, is the Crystal Pure Light of God and His Messengers, the Ascended Masters of Love and Perfection, watching over America, her government, and her people.

Again I say, ‘America—we love you.’
One by one, great awakened souls are coming forth who will become clearly conscious of their own Mighty, Inherent God Power.
These powerful and humble individuals will one day be placed in all official positions of the government.

They will be more interested in the welfare of America, than in their own personal ambitions and private fortunes.

Thus another Golden Age will reign upon earth, and be maintained for an aeon.

Well… I do not know about you, but these words give me some hope and comfort for the future…

On a personal note, we are spending most of our days skiing, enjoying the clear mountain air and the warming winter sunshine.

We have also started taking smaller trips inside Colorado, a great land of tall mountains with over 30 well developed natural hot springs.

It is magical to sit in the hot springs at night, with the steam vapor rising up into the dark sky, hiding and revealing the people bathing around us.
It all feels like a dream…

We usually enjoy a lovely delicious dinner after the hot springs experience, feeling grateful to be able to celebrate life in the midst of a pandemic.

Sending you love and light,


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  1. Love you my sister , It is refreshing to see your words and works , Love it that you are in my home state while I am stuck in Florida LOL not really stuck, Florida has become my home,

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