Please, allow me to annoy you

Do you want to know why your poetry does not get published or your book is not getting snatched by agents and publishers?

It is likely to be because you are trying to be clever, witty, wise, poetic, edgy or what have you, and not actually being true to your authentic self.

Each one of us has a special story to tell.
From a mother who just gave birth to a baby, to a factory worker walking routinely to work with his lunch box.

The story and the poetry, is in HOW you observe things, in your own unique way.

But the reason it is not getting sought after, is because many people write,……. but they do not touch the core of their being, nor find their authentic selves…

So without it, what are you trying to say?……

What is it that the world NEEDS to hear from you, that is worthy of people putting a financial fortune behind you to publish your book?

That you bleed when you cut?…….everyone does.

That you are unhappy when you experience misfortune?…… Daah…

That you are full of hopes and wants and cravings?…..

If you give to the world something NEW to look at, to fall in love with, to think about…..then you are contributing something that may have interest to others in society.

OK…….Now that I sufficiently annoyed most of the writers and poets among you,
I want to add something else.

Beyond the paramount need to touch your own authentic self, there is the importance of VALUING your own voice,
Your own life,
Your own experiences.

It is important that you write…
Just do it….
Observe, feel, mindfully go through your day and WRITE your experiences, humor and observations.

Write to narrate your life, and find meaning and joy in what you do…

I see books published all the time.
Many are about mundane subjects and events in people’s lives, that other people, might not find very “book worthy” or even interesting…

But through the MINDFULNESS, meaning, authentic voice and insights that YOU bring into your own experiences, you make it interesting to others to read.

You say you want an example?

I just bought a book about a subject that many people in New Zealand know about.
It is about a woman who found a small already built cabin and moved it to a place of her choice, and about her process of making it a home and integrating into her chosen place.

People in rural NZ, move and haul houses often… Yet rarely anyone reads about their story…because they do not value their experience as unique enough to write and to find meaning in what they do….

But it could be FULL OF SOUL and interest to others, if you are honest, open, sensitive, and if you write from your heart.

Yes, people will LOVE to read about owning your first home, about the dreams you had while pregnant….your childhood…. Your addiction…. or your dealing with Bi-polar disorder…anything if it comes from your soul and deep within your heart….

Narrating your life may NOT leave you with a literary award worthy book, or actually bring publishers knocking at your door, but it WILL teach you to see meaning in your life and in what you do.

Writing your story down may bring joy and laughter to events in your life, that you will be seeing and observing through the fresh eyes of a writer…

I read books about people who took on running, walked across China, Hiked around Japan, people dieting, or going on trips, retiring and going to see places they always dreamt about, about people who love gardening… Really ANYTHING….as long as you reach deep inside and find and discover your own beautiful Authentic Voice….

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