London bridge is burning down, AGAIN!

One of my wise and witty Facebook friend, posted: “Sometimes I feel that we are living in the middle ages… Only with suites and IPhones.”

I have to agree with her, with a grin on my face.
We are.
We do live in the dark ages, and only are slowly awakening to see the light.

As a society, we are still locked into dark, unenlightened thinking, where those who contemplate the true nature of reality, are considered “fringe” while those who pursue business, political and consumer oriented activities and goals, are considered level-headed and down to earth.

We got it all backwards.

It takes no genius to look at our societies and to see why people are rioting, looting and rebelling.
People are unhappy…
They live lives of quiet desperation, until given an opportunity NOT to be so quiet…and then they make their discontent heard.

We live in societies where those who are happy, keep it to themselves, because they do not with to be bragging….

I do not wish to get into the many, many reasons that people are unhappy and discontent.
It is not any different in England, than it is in any other parts of the world…..

Although….. There is an additional element in England to divide people even farther.

It is the class system.
The class system of servants and lords, royalty and the titles bestowed on those close to the royal family, is indeed a feudal social hierarchy, that stands agains basic human equality principles.

No matter how hard you will work, how fine of a person you will become, and how high you will rise in your service to society, you will never be on par with the “elite” of England, that has done nothing but be born into the “right” family.

How foolish and unenlightened it is to continue to support a monarchy in our day and age?…

How foolish it is to keep supporting this inhuman concept, as if it is a “charming harmless tradition”, and not to understand that it is harming indeed… dividing people by classes and degrading to the human spirit.

In places where the class system does not have a long history (that continues into today,) as it is in the UK, a system that condemned people to life long servitude… Of maids, butlers, etc….
People are discontent because they live lives that are devoid of meaning and soul.

Every one of us, has a strong inner notion that we are worthy of more… and just do not get our due recognition, ease, love and blessings in our lives…

It is true that we must bring it into our own lives, and not to hope to get it granted by the government or society, but it is also essential to have equal opportunity to do so.

A life lived here on earth, MUST include a search for meaning, for our true identity, for our connection to one another and to LIFE as a whole.

Without it, the spirit of men will always be restless and lead to discontent.

We have a birthright to equality within all of our societies.

We have a birthright to understand who we truly are and awaken to realize our Divine Powers.

We have a birthright to live happy lives, filled with activities of our own liking.
To educate our kids to grow to be independent thinkers and NOT just to fit into the rotten system so they can advance in their unfulfilling careers…

Titles, social hierarchy, lucrative careers, social status and fame, are all hindrances to your progress to enlightenment.
Seek them not…
And do not honor, envy or crave anything or anyone based on their fame, money or statues.
It will lead you nowhere in a hurry.

Learn to understand that the GREATEST treasure here on earth….is YOU!

4 Comments on “London bridge is burning down, AGAIN!”

  1. it’s “insurrection” not “riot”.

    Yes the masses are making a statement in history. but the masses are not generally (85%) concerned with ‘the meaning of life’… they’ll take religion before making the effort to search or discover. That task is left to the other 15% who are capable of the self examination & examination of our interpersonal relationships… why else does art take a second place to sport & politics where ever you go?!?

    Education is our social downfall… at ‘school’ we are taught the question & answer so that we can get jobs that expect us to answer in a manner that is acceptable to the masses… we need to learn that true education teaches us to search & research the questions in the first place – to see if they are the questions we should be asking…

    Great article Tali. But we do need to be aware that the masses need leadership… the Monarchy is a dated method of providing that.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comment Artivist.

      I fully agree with you about it being an insurrection…

      And I agree even more with your reflection that the 85% of the masses are not concerned with the meaning of life… And gladly adopt old and unenlightened religion concepts without thinking and self contemplation. 

      Education is a MAJOR problem in all of our societies.
      Limited science are being tough as ABSOLUTE truths….. Or memorizing prior cases in trails and law, is what passes for education…

      While those who are concerned with self exploration, art, environmental issues and our interconnectivity, are considered self indulgent at best, “wacko” or “fringe” at the worst….

      Our teachers are paid as babysitters, not as educators…
      And you are right that our societies are making heroes out of footballers, popular singers and movie stars….how sad is that?

      As to your last comment, I am not sure that the masses needs leadership. 
      Lao Tse said: “if you do not trust the people, you make them not trust- worthy… Trust the people…Leave them alone…”

      While another California artist that I like, has a saying: “The masses- are asses!”

      Thank you for reading this and sharing your ideas.

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