When form is no more…we call it death, but is it?


The body is a form,
Which formed itself out of formlessness.

All that exist in truth
Is essence and Formlessness…

Ice cubes in a glass of water,
Only seem to have separate forms,
Yet when they melt,
They become one,
They become the water in the glass.

Is it death?
Should we mourn the loss of the shape of the ice cubes?

Of course not….Nothing was lost,
Because they only APPEARED to have separate forms.

It was the illusion of form,
They only appeared to be separated.
Their “form” was only a temporary illusory state…

So it is with the human form
When it “dies” it dissolves back into formlessness,
Back into the Universal Light and Love
From which all forms seem to appear
And into which all forms finally dissolve…

Everything has the essence of spirit in it.
Everything is energy and light…

From spirit, from light, all forms seem to come into being…

There is nothing to mourn
Because all forms are illusory….

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