Affirming our abundance, instead of affirming financial hardships


Tomorrow we are leaving our house in New Zealand and are on our way to Japan.

During the course of living in New Zealand, I have learnt so many things… Maybe some are more applicable to living specifically in Kohukohu, on the remote rural coast of the Tasman Sea.

Many of the people living here would not be what you would call abundant people, and I attribute much of that to their frame of mind, not to the lack of opportunity, as they might believe.

Years ago, when I attended seminars and read much about understanding the principles of abundance, I was given an interesting visualization.

I was asked to view abundance as if it were an ocean of riches and goodness.
I was told that each person, based on their own frame of mind, comes to the shore of this ocean of abundance with their own receptacles, to claim their share of the riches of the world.

Some will come with a small child-size red plastic bucket, and will only collect a little, needing to come often and endure the hardship of the frequent journeys….
Others will come with a bathtub-size receptacle, filling it to the brim….
And some will come with a hose, and will connect it with a pump to the ocean of abundance…

Each person will have reasons and excuses, as to WHY they chose their own method of collecting abundance.
They did not know where to buy a hose… not have room to store a big bathtub…. Cannot afford to pay for the pump… Whatever….

Here in NZ, we have a very practical way to see this conceptual story, in a very visual manner.

The water supply in most of rural NZ is based on collecting rainwater.
Some people have tiny water tanks, and are only able to collect small amounts of water during the wet winters, and many people run out of water during the dry summers.

Anybody with a developed abundance consciousness, would wonder why would people living in a country where it rains SO frigging much, not make arrangements to collect as much rain water as they possibly can….

The excuses people give sound eerily similar to those in the conceptual story about the ocean of abundance above…
They do not have the money to install a new water tank…. They cannot afford the plumber to hook it up….they do not have room on their land…. Etc.

When I was new to the area, I did not know much about the many possibilities of storing water, so I spoke with many people about the subject.
I did meet people around rural NZ who had a few water tanks on their land (or buried under their yards), and they told me that they never run out of water.
They explained to me how you could install water tanks even on the edges of your property, far away from the roofs and gutters that collect the water, and always have a large supply of fresh sweet water.

Many times when I speak to people who do not share my point of view, that we create and live our own PERSONAL realities, I simply sit and listen to the “common belief,” that most people hold.
This common belief is that times are hard, (they are ALWAYS hard), the economy sucks and this is why we all have and earn less….

I do not know why I do not resist more strongly….. Maybe social interactions with some people are just too much for me, and I let many many things go, instead of trying to drive a point home….

But I am tired of listening to what is NOT actually true, but are just negative beliefs that are generated by mistaken perceptions and wrong and limited ideas.
The people who keep fanning the fires of belief in economic hardships and lack, are not only those who do not have much, but also those who have plenty, but still repeat those ideas and spread them around.

Times are and were ALWAYS hard, and probably will always be….

The world has been at war many many times over, depressions, recessions, and global changes have created very unfavorable economic conditions all the time, but yet….. Those people with visionary minds and a belief in abundance, still made money…. Still created new ventures and still prospered….

I do believe with all my heart and soul, that you can be exempted from all economic hardship if you live with GRATITUDE, counting your many blessings….

What you focus on, will increase in your life.
If you focus on lack, on limitations, and affirm hardships, they will take root in your consciousness.

If you focus on the abundance and on the riches that you DO HAVE, (however small you believe it is) and f you truly rejoice in it, and let go of the discontented part of your mind that always nags you to believe that what you have and who you are, is not enough….

If you let all this negativity go, and instead focus on the Truth and on your blessings, then you will ultimately align yourself with the flow of Truth…. with the abundant God……, with the Creator of all things, who wishes you to prosper, to live in harmony and peace, to know deep love and to fully express your talent, and to celebrate your life!

If you align yourself with Truth-
The infinite Mind will put big and light-filled thoughts in your mind.

It will give you the correct words to speak…

It will fill your mind with abundant ideas…

Divine Creativity will guide your hands with talent…

And you will meet with endless opportunities.

The everlasting Light of Love will light your way….

All that is required is that you keep yourself moving in the direction of your highest dreams… Do not get discouraged by contrary yet temporary signs… They ARE temporary and they will surely melt away… Keep on believing…. Keep on going!

Instead of buying into the nonsense of limited supply (the delusional pie idea, in which if one gets a big part of the pie, there is less left for others), instead of believing in harsh economic times, try to visualize abundance as if it were the AIR around you…. Visualize abundance as being Everywhere and all around you…

By breathing all you can, you do NOT take any air from other people.

You can breathe as much as you want, and still there is quite a bit left for all the billions of people who share the planet with you…

CLAIM your right to prosper and to live in an abundant Universe.

Stop talking about hard times, and instead count your blessings TODAY, and give thanks for what you have and for the magnificent being that you truly ARE….

2 Comments on “Affirming our abundance, instead of affirming financial hardships”

  1. Hello again Tali :)). The other day i got a photo message which said that humans are the only species who pay to live on this earth. This got me to thinking as to why. We are born on to this earth/planet and it seems weird that we have to pay to do so. I wish abundance was encouraged from the moment of birth. I am still working on mine. I am currently reading a book called a “spiritual guide to attracting prosperity”. It hasnt happened overnight but I am learning to listen for my truth :))

    In friendship

    • Dear Pam,
      I am very happy to hear that you are reading and reflecting on the subject… Only good can come out of it….
      It is never too late to start, amd some people never do….

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