The little neurosis that rob us of our joy

One of the things that I’ve noticed while being away on a long trip, was that going on a major adventure, takes you out of your daily patterns of little obsessions on meaningless things that peppers your daily life.

We all have our beloved daily routines.
The cup of coffee you love to drink by the bird bath, while looking at how the wind plays with the trees….. The charming little Italian eatery on the end of the block that makes the best dessert….
The beautiful path between the trees that you take while you walk your dog…. Etc.

But unfortunately, we also have our patterns of preoccupations, and of obsessions with little things, that keep our minds too busy with too many minor concerns.

These “little concerns,” keep us from recognizing the VAST amount of peace that is available to us.

While being away, I recognized that I felt peaceful, not carrying these small concerns with me.

The days were busy and full of sites, people, places and adventures, and I had no time to remember all the little nonsense that usually creeps itself into my mind and rob me of my joy.

Every thought that is generated in our minds, creates a resonance in our body.
Since our mental circuits are linked to our emotional bodies, each thought generate and maintain a correlated feeling.

It is not unlike an electric switchboard.
A thought, carries an electrical impulse, and as it run through our minds, it ignite an associated emotion.

This means that if we obsess on what a neighbor said, or will a gallery like our art, will a collector change his mind… Did we make the “right” decision, the “right” investment….
We are generating inside of us, a lot of anxiety that these little neurotic thoughts and doubts evoke.

All these subtle, doubts, fears and negative emotions, creates a cloud of fog that obscures the joy that is available to us and which is the REALITY of endless peace and pure love that is ours to claim.

Now, upon my return home, I’ve noticed that my mind suggested picking up where we left before…. But I am resisting strongly.

While sitting this morning in my bed, prompting myself for my morning meditation, I felt waves of peace and happiness wash over me.

I notice that without all these subtle annoying little neurosis, life is simply GRAND.

What does any of it matter anyway?….and will worrying about things bring about a better result?

I know it does NOT.
But most of the time, I am not even aware of these little thoughts… They almost go unnoticed, because they are not as strong as a real sense of fear, or easy to notice like any other strong emotion, they are just little obsessions…. A bad, unrecognized pattern.

I ask myself, what does this nasty habit offer me, that can replace these waves of peace and joy that I feel right now?…….

In one word: Nothing!
These imperceptible subtle neurosis and concerns, offers me nothing… They are nothing but a bad habit.

I do recognize that they all stem from listening to the voice of my ego, which whispers to me constant lies about who I am and how vulnerable I am….

Sure, if you believe that you are a limited and finite body, if you believe that your days here are numbered and that one day you will vanish into oblivion, then neurosis is inevitable.

In fact, you got to be crazy NOT to worry…. If this is how you view reality and your place here.

It is our attachment to our personality, which is finite, egocentric, concerned with our own ideas, our own success, our own comfort and our own interest, that generate a lot of anxiety.

But you are NOT separated from LIFE.
You are ONE with life and one with all.

It is the belief that you are a body, alone and isolated, living in a random dangerous world, left to protect yourself with your own wit and strength, that generates fear and anxiety.

If you TRULY believe that illness is caused by the transfer of germs, how could you not be worried if somebody sneezes in the elevator next to you?

On the other hand, how can you live a happy and adventurous life, if you are worried about riding a frigging elevator?

How can you not worry, if you view yourself as vulnerable…….subject to ever changing random circumstances, to mad and deadly diseases, to the wrath of others, to being at the mercy of the weather, the earthquakes, the storms, political changes, or financial collapse…..

But for those of us who have seen the light, and woke up from the dark dream of ignorance of who we are and what the world is for….what worries are worthy of preoccupying our holy minds?……

You are a beloved child of Life, and you are safe, and all the forces of the Universe conspire to guide you and to HELP you and to LOVE you on your way Home….

I will leave you with a sincere and honest promise:
“There will come a day, in your life when you will feel engulfed with waves of joy and peace….
All your needs will be taken cared of.
You will worry no longer and you will live in the ocean of peace….
Enlightenment IS your destiny!

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