The similarities between Macro and Micro, or how you crucify the Christ in you

Everything that works on a micro level, can be applied on the macro level and the reverse.

This is true in economics, sociology, science, physiology, and more.
But above all, it applies to your interior world.

In order to understand the similarities between macro and micro, you need to reflect on the fact that both operate under the application of principles, that are either true or false.

If a principal is true, it is true across the board, no matter what you apply it to.
If it is false, then no matter how you use it, it is bound to fail.

In order to simplify these concepts, let us look at basic economical principles, that can be applied to a budget of a country, (macro), or to a budget of a household. (micro)

In order to HAVE money, you need to sell a product or to provide a service. (work at something you are skilled at or can do)
You need to exchange your services for money, (be employed, or sell your book, your art, your advice, teach, etc)
And you need to save some of this money, above your monthly expenses.

You need to invest this extra money and preserve it.
This stash will become your financial independence and will work for you, by being wisely put to work for you.

If you fail, you may ask for money in the form of a loan from a bank, or from Mom and Dad, to help you through a tight spot.

It is the same with the budget of a country.
In order to have a healthy economy, you need to spend less than you earn, sell, and collect in taxes.
You need to invest wisely and promote growth.
If you run out of money, through making bad decisions, like going to costly wars, etc, you ask for loans, in the form of issuing Government Bonds and Treasury Bills, to raise more funds.

Of course you can print more money, but it will devalue your currency, and will create a huge inflation, and eventually lead to financial collapse, if you do not have the natural resources to back it up.

The body, is another environment that on the subatomic level, (micro), holds similarities to the Cosmos (macro).

The moons orbiting around the planets, are built in similar concept to the subatomic Electrons, spinning on their own axis, and orbiting around the Protons and Neutrons in the Atom.

Instead of spending much time in offering more examples, I would like to narrow down into why I felt inspired to bring this subject up.

Our global history, has similarities to our own personal development.

The collective history of the human race happened outside of us, BECAUSE it exist inside of us…

Nazi Germany, could not have happens, if not for some amounts of hatred and anger that we all have inside.
If not for these varied amounts of anger, hatred and judgements, we would not be capable of condemning any group of people to be inferior.

These forces of anger, hatred and rage inside us, are operating mostly without our conscious decision, but rise as automatic reactions that most of us instilled in our behavior.
We simply get upset when we are hurt, and we bleed when we are cut….

These same emotions, are what allowed wrong concepts to rise into power.
They came out of a false desire for well-being and a desire to find happiness, through feeling that we are better than them….
Or out of a false desire for “Specialness.” (we feel good when we feel special.)

You can draw the same parallels to the crucifixion of Jesus.

You crucify the Christ in you…the child of God, of Light in you… Simply by saying to her: “Who the fuck do you think you are?
Claiming to be a child of God?
Claiming to be holy?
Claiming to be all powerful…a god?…
Get ya behind me you arrogant thought…..this is pure blaspheme!
Who are you to think that you are one with the Father?
One with the Mother?
One with the Creator of All things?…..”

The Child of God IS INDEED YOU.
Yet you look upon the world you have created, and you crucify the Child of God within…

How do you do this?
By choosing to listen to the voice of your ego, that speaks of death, of lack, of illness, of unhappiness, of the ugliness of your brothers and sisters and how they sinned against you.

By doing this, you do not listen to the voice of this wise, pure, lovely, and loving child within…

And with the passing years, as He is never listened to….. Not ever recognized,……. Always ignored…….. Her voice grows weaker… His glorious powers…and all that He can do FOR YOU…….. Simply go unnoticed…

And instead, you walk the world of broken dreams, like a homeless child, powerless before circumstances, that seems beyond your powers…. That seems to be controlled by luck….. You walk in pain…..Doomed to death and vulnerable to illness….

Most people believe that the world that they perceive with their senses, is real, and not an interpretation of beliefs, experiences and ideas they hold inside.

But in truth, all of our judgements, beliefs and concepts, are showing us the world we see.
Therefore, it is inevitable that one will be CONVINCED that what he perceives, IS INDEED the truth and the ultimate reality, since it all stems from his inner convictions to begin with….

The world of Spirit is the only world that is real.
What God did not create, simply does not exist.

God did not create a world that is finite, filled with accidents, illness, decay, sufferings, limitations and death- what kind of Father would place His beloved children in such a world?

The world you seem to live in, is NOT REAL.

What God created, is a world that is beautiful, heavenly, eternal, peaceful, filled with love unity and light…and I am NOT talking about the “afterlife”, but about the HERE and NOW.

You are REAL, and you ARE part of a wonderful eternal Creation.
You are NOT a body.
You are Free and you are Love.

You are NOT a body- you are Spirit…. You are eternal… And everlasting… And you are beautiful…

You have walked too long the world of darkness, filled with broken dreams….
Isn’t it time to come home?

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