The Clouds Of Illusion

We live in Mind-Clouds.
The world we seem to live in, is not the real world.
It is a world created by our thoughts, ideas, feelings, and projections, yet we fully believe it is real.

This is because we love what we create, and even if it is not wholesome, nor perfect, we hold on to it…

Many people argue, that what you BELIEVE to be true, is indeed REAL and true for YOU…. But this is only half of the truth.

A person suffering from severe paranoia, might fully believe that people are looking to harm him, and therefore will suffer fear and pain that will effect all areas of his thinking, feeling and actions, yet it does not make it the truth.
His unreal fears only debilitates and hurts him, but they are still not real nor true.

This person still have the option to turn his mind away from  fear based delusions and heal, to live a full life.

But let us not take extreme examples…
Let me tell you about something smaller that is very common…

I read a research saying, that a staggering 95% of women who DO NOT suffer from any form of eating disorders, OVERESTIMATE the dimension of their butts and hips.

This means that MOST women think that they are fatter and wider than they truly are.

The researchers also asked the same women to estimate the size of a few cardboard boxes, and more than 80% of these women were able to estimate them correctly.

This means that these women had no problem determining the size of objects, but that they had Mind-Clouds that made them OVER estimate the size of their OWN bodies.

We have ideas about many other things, and we do not see clearly BECAUSE we do not see the real world that exists beyond those mind-clouds.

Those mind clouds block our view of the REAL world, and so we live in our heads….. Living mental lives that are divorced from reality and we are unable to benefit from the many blessings, that reality can offer us.

Another way to understand how we do not see beyond our mind clouds, was shown in another research.

A group of people were shown pictures of a kitchen, a working area filled with tools, and other such familiar scenes.

Later they were asked to recall what objects they remembered seeing in the photos.

For example: They were given a list of objects for the kitchen photo, like a toaster, pots and pans, oven mitts, utensils, decorative dishes, etc, and they were asked to identify which ones of those they remembered seeing in the kitchen photo.

The majority of the people “remembered” seeing items that you could find in a normal kitchen, but that were not in the photo they were shown.

They simply “remembered” seeing those items, because in THEIR minds, those items could be found in an everyday normal kitchen.

We do not really see ourselves nor others objectively either.
We see the PAST, in everything we look upon…….. Even when we look at a landscape, we do not see it objectively, but through the filters of focus in our minds.

A romantic poet might notice the hour and how the day get softer at the edges as it draws to an end…..
Another may notice the way the sun plays with the ripples on the harbor…..
An artist may notice the colors…. The greens of the grassy hills, the shapes of the cows in the field… While another might feel cold, and notice the clouds and the weather front that is coming in from the west…

I once met a business man, who was delighted to hear I was an artist.
I asked him why he loved artists so much…. And he told me a story.

He told me that he did not realize how differently we each see the world around us, until one day he invited an artist to visit his corner office in the high-rise building he was working at.

There, among the shiny mahogany desks, rich decor and expensive wall panels, he finished a business call, as the artist looked over the skyline of downtown Miami.

The business man finished his call and turn his attention to his artist friend.
“What are you looking at?”  He asked the artist.
In his own mind, he always saw the names of the multibillion dollars corporations which owned those building…. The power… The money that went into those business ventures that made the city grow around him…. The fancy yachts in the marina…. The land of money, riches and possibilities…

“I am looking at this beautiful Azure BLUE of the bay…. And I am thinkings how can I blend green with blue to achieve this color…”
Answered the artist.

Mind Clouds, cannot prevent you from seeing and experiencing the Real World, if you are aware of them, and are fully determined to close your eyes to the world of illusions, and to see nothing but the Truth….

The Real world, exists beyond our illusory ego generated perceptions of reality.

It is the pure, eternal, all loving reality that God created.
It is the world of Spirit and love…. A world of perfect ideas that exist beyond the illusions of limited bodies and separation.

God did not create wars, nor are they His will….

God did not create sickness and does NOT use it to teach us lessons…

God did not create bodies that could get hurt, decay or die….

And what God did not create- simply does NOT exist.

You reside in Truth….
You exist in the Real world…
Yet you imagine yourself to be a body, in a war-torn world, with limited possibilities, that is filled with sickness and death.

It is NOT so…. But you would not know it… Nor see and experience it…. Until you will release your investment in the world of illusions…. Until you will be detached from everything (and everyone) you hold dear and real…. And finally be liberated from your illusions.

You already reside in the REAL world….
You just have to realize it….
This is what enlightenment does to you….
You recognize that the Loving Light, is your True identity….along with everyone else….
You experience the ONENESS…. And know without a single doubt, that nothing else is real….

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  1. God did not create wars, nor are they His will….Good did not creat religions . Good did not creat age . and more …………

  2. נכון ילדדתי , לאלוהים אין דת , ולא גיל, ולא עוד הרבה דברים רעים שבני האדם יצרו , אני גאה בך שאת רואה נכון
    אוהבת אותך מאוד

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