Redefining your purpose and do not play it small

Life is dynamic.
It keeps changing, and regardless of how you may feel from week to week, you undergo transformation as well.

With the changes in life, comes the necessity to update your personal goals, examine your dreams and ambitions.

Goals and dreams do get dated… And what seemed so important to you, may not be so suited any more…

It is a good idea, to dig deeper inside yourself, to find new depths and heights of what would really suite you, and who you are becoming.

For example, there was a time in my life, in which becoming an artist and being able to make a good living at it, was a major goal for me.

Sure, I had many other goals, like growing as a person, healing my life, developing deeper understanding of the Truth and of Life…
I also wanted to be fit, healthy and athletic.
I wanted to travel, find a good partner… Enjoy financial security… And more…

Later in life, I wanted a home that will feel like a sanctuary, and will fit my ideas of healthy living… I wanted it in the quiet countryside, with clean air, surrounded by nature…. And not too many people around…

I also must admit that as a spiritual seeker, I wanted enlightenment above EVERYTHING I ever wanted in my life.

Recently I asked myself, what were my UPDATED goals?…
What do I REALLY want to see happen in my life?

I have to admit to myself, that marketing my art, by putting a lot of efforts to place my art in galleries around the world, sounded like something I SHOULD do,……
It is something my mind TELLS me would be a good idea…., and I have to admit that it is something that I will be happy to see if it happens,…… but it is NOT something that truly excites me….
To put all this effort, feels like too much hard joyless work…. Maybe if it happened more miraculously…. Effortlessly…….

For now,….. Vagabonding, or roaming the world with a backpack, meeting people, seeing the beauty of the earth, writing about it…. Sounds so much more alluring to me….than just producing art in the studio, and putting much effort to market it.

I only bring my own examples here, so you can search your own soul and ask yourself what it is that delights you, and what is it that you TRULLY want to see manifest in your life…

One of the Truth Principles is that in order to succeed and to prosper at what you do, you have to look at the bigger picture.

Companies recognize the truth in it, and they call it developing their “Mission Statements”.

You have to have a larger expanded view of yourself, and to develop a bigger mission…. A form of a bigger vision than just your own benefit.

This means that in order to make money, you have to provide a product, or a service that will benefit others in some ways.

I once told my husband, that instead of seeing himself as a stock broker, (or as it is called in NZ, a “Shares Trader”,) he should see himself as providing services to his clients, helping them reach their financial goals and ultimately stirring them into financial security.

I even added, that being in this business of daily talking to people, he has a GOLDEN opportunity to influence change…. And so he should see himself in the role of a friendly therapist, or a truth teller, offering a sane advice, to those who needed or asked for it, with care and compassion…

The shift he made in his perspective, truly brought about a new set of priorities for him in the way he saw his role, and consequently, it improved his relationships with his clients.

This means that in order to raise your perception of your work, you have to redefine your role in life, to look at the bigger picture and what it is you are here to provide… And to do…

For example, instead of thinking of yourself as a telephone operator in a hospital, think of your job as the first point of contact for people who seek healing….
You are the one they encounter first, when they call frightened and in need of healing…
Speaking to them kindly, may come easier for you, than if you just see yourself as a phone operator….

Instead of thinking of yourself as a nurse, think of yourself as a healer!
Embracing a larger view of your role, may lead you to read about alternative healing methods or psychology, and you may find yourself relating better to people and offering them better advice and service…

Instead of thinking of yourself as a poet or an artist, struggling to make money at your craft, think of yourself as a visionary, bringing new ideas to society, or helping people to bring more soul, poetry and beauty into their lives….

No matter what career choice you’ve made, try to find a higher purpose in it, so you can see beyond the daily grind.

The daily grind is an illusion of your little ego, who wants you to believe that what you do, does NOT matter…

What you tell yourself, determines your inner environment.
This includes your fears, your ideas, your ambitions, your choices, your job, your friends, really……….what you tell yourself determines EVERYTHING in your life.

Now before you tell me that it does not matter what you tell yourself… That even if you believe that you are in charge of the tender souls of sweet school children, but that the bottom line is that you are JUST a bus driver, driving kids to school…
I wish to remind you that WHAT you TELL YOURSELF, and HOW you SEE YOURSELF, makes ALL the difference.

Here is a famous story that illustrates just this:

In a rural town, a cathedral was being built.

Many masons and stone workers from the local villages were employed.
All of them worked with hand chisels, cutting stones.

When visitors came to the town, they often asked the workers what was it they were doing?

One man said: “Oh, I am just cutting stones.
Right now, I shape stone into square blocks.”

Another worker answered: “Oh, I am just working… You know…another honest day of labor….. Trying to make a good honest living… To put food on the table for my family…”

The third man said: “Oh, I am building a GREAT NEW AND AMAZING CATHEDRAL!”

Notice the differences between the perceptions of these three men.

One man was just a working bee…

The other believed that he was doing it just to feed his family, and provide an honest simple job for himself.

While the last man felt he was doing a great thing……
He was working daily to build something great!
Something to be proud of!

WHAT you tell yourself and HOW you see yourself, makes all the difference in the world….

Now, before I go, I wish to mention that many people, define their purpose here on earth, far beyond their careers and jobs.

I have often seen people who refer to themselves as “Light Workers,” who believes that it is their role to spread more light, love and greater understanding among people.

Some people call themselves “Peace Advocates”, or “Good Samaritans” or “Good Listeners,” all of which refer to people who work to promote good will, help and charity among all people.

The important thing is not to let your job define who you are, but instead to REDEFINE your job, and not to play it so small…

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