Fake Synchronicity- you must learn to read the signs

Recently I noticed that some of the spam scam e-mails that I’ve gotten, start with the words:
“It is so amazing that I came upon you, it is such a synchronicity, because…..”
And it reminded me that for a long time, I’ve intended to write about this subject.

The scammers, along with many advertising campaigns to promote more product sales, have wised up to the tendency of people to believe in mysticism and the supernatural.

I believe that when you let the wiser side of you, your Higher Self, guide your life, that synchronicity just happens normally and very naturally…..
Synchronicity is only amazing to those who do not believe that a Higher, loving hand is helping us along the way.

There is something else that happens naturally, which many, many people mistake to be Divine synchronicity, when in fact it is nothing more than a normal occurrence that is called “A Confirmation Bias Filter.”

A confirmation bias filter is the normal way in which we filter the world.
We pay attention to what is on the surface of our minds… Or sometimes to what is in the back of our minds, buried in our subconscious.

Take this as an example:
A friend invited you to visit her in New Zealand.
That night you watched TV, and you saw a program about NZ.
The next day in a cafe, you met somebody who was born in NZ and he chatted with you about how much he loved the nature there and how he missed it.
The following day, you buy a newspaper, and it has an article covering the election in NZ…
And later that same day, you go to dinner in a restaurant, and on the menu they have wines from NZ, mussels from NZ, and for dessert…. Yes, you guessed it….an array of yummy NZ cheeses, drizzled with NZ Manuka honey…

You stop and think….. Is the universe trying to tell you something….. Are you supposed to move to NZ…. Or will your TRUE happiness ONLY be found in NZ…..perhaps your one and only,…….the love of your life is waiting for you in NZ…..

All of this is simply how the bias filter in your mind works.

During the past few days, a LOT of other information ALSO came to you and crossed your path…. But because your mind was biased towards the subject of NZ, you’ve ignored it and filtered it out.

Take for example other subjects that you chose to ignore, which also crossed your path in the past few days:
The restaurant you ate at was a FISH restaurant…
The newspaper you read also had a large article about the effect of the radiation in Japan on the FISH in the sea…..
One of the TV channels you skipped through the night before had an interesting program about new and innovative Perma-culture ways of FISH farming……
The man you met at the coffee shop who was born in NZ, was actually a fly FISHERMAN on a FISHING vacation…… Etc.

Was the Universe trying to tell you to quit your job and become a fisherman…. Or to eat more fish?…. Or to eat LESS fish?….. Of course not!

This is how your mind filters what you pay attention to….. And focuses on outside events BECAUSE of what resonates with what you have currently percolating in your mind….

It is just the normal way our minds work.

Of course none of this means that Divine Synchronicity is not real.

There are plenty of events that DO have real significance, and that are not simple casual events.

Synchronicity is real, but there is nothing magical about it…. (unless you want to view EVERY moment and every encounter as special and magical, and then indeed everything is….)

The Universe talks to you all the time and tries to guide and to help you in so many direct and indirect ways….. It is up to you to listen and be wise about how you interpret signs….

So….. how do you interpret the signs you perceive (or receive), and what do you do with this information….

Let us say that you did notice a sign…. Or that something keeps repeating itself in your life…. How do you interpret it?…

I believe that you have to engage other parts of your being, to examine what is the message for you there.

You might want to consult your logical mind…. And ask how does it sound to it….
And you might want to ask your emotional body, how does it FEELS to you…. And you might want to run it through your memory and see if you’ve ever encountered something similar….do you feel any other things and notice other patterns beside those “signs”….

Let us take an example of a dating situation.

You meet a man who happen to love the same music that you do….
He also loves art and enjoy nature….
He visited the same places that you’ve visited and loved, and he even stayed in the same small and remote hotels you’ve stayed at…
His dog has the same name as your dog which you loved and which just passed away….. His sister’s name is the same as yours…..
It all seem so right…. So magical…almost destined….. Is the Universe trying to tell you that you found your soulmate?…

Before you interpret the signs in a certain way, take a closer look and ask yourself:

Independently of the “signs,” do you like the guy?……
Do you think you WANT to get to know him better, even if you got NO signs?….
Would your logical mind suggest this to you, or are you overlooking many other things that tells you that this is a bad idea…..? (like he has no job, no money and is very eager to hear about how in your State, if you live with a woman for more than three years, you are entitled to palimony….)

Maybe the message for you has nothing to do with diving head first into a commitment, but to just proceed in the normal way of getting to know the guy more intimately…..

It is also wise to examine your core assumptions, before jumping into interpretation and understanding the signs in the wrong ways.

Take the first example I’ve mentioned in the beginning…

Do you really think that the world could be so limited as to believe that there is such a thing as the ONE and only soulmate…..
That there is ONLY one woman for you, who happens to live in NZ and that you will never meet her if you were not to go there?

This is just a silly assumption that is based on many wrong assumptions. (perhaps fueled by watching too many fantasy romantic comedies that only appear to mimic real life)

Those who know how to love, to give and to care, will find many willing and loving people eager to return their love….. And those who are unable to love, the selfish and those who have little to offer, simply will attract to themselves the same responses all over the world….

As a culture which is influenced by romantic novels, movies and TV, we tend to entertain many assumptions and ideas that hold little true….

I once heard that one of America’s most beloved and wholesome TV mother, who wrote and stared in her own TV show, depicting the harmonious loving American family living in a congenial neighborhood, admit that she wrote only her heart’s desires and her inner most wishes into those scripts…….but that in real life her own family life was very far from happy or ideal….. Her family knew much illness and hardship and she had a mother who was emotionally disturbed and who spent most of her life tacked away in a mental institution….

Divine intervention, divine synchronicity and even Miracles, only appear to us to be supernatural, because we believe in an assortment of limited ideas and hold them as real.

We believe the world to mostly be a cruel place and we are surprised and delighted by any signs to the contrary…….. We are surprised when we encounter real beauty, kindness and love….

When our dark path momentarily intersects with the beautiful path of Grace and Light, we tend to stop… Mouth and hearts agape with awe…. Could the Universe be this loving…. this graceful…. This kind……..

But we are only shocked and surprised BECAUSE we first assumed that the world is a limited, cruel and a dark place to begin with….

Notice the signs….. But be wise about how you interpret them….

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