The symbolic meaning of Easter and Passover and The Careers of the Light Workers

The beginning of April is both Passover and Easter time.

I am EXTREMELY busy in the studio trying to meet some deadlines, which leaves me very little time to write or to be online these days.

Ski season is over in Colorado, and most of the snow on top of the mountains has melted into the rivers.
The fish are spawning and the salmon and trout are jumping, their skins glistening in the glorious sun…

Today I feel inspired to write about Passover and Easter, since it is such an important and significant time of the year.

The Jewish tradition celebrates Passover, which symbolizes the fact that the Angel of the Lord passed over the houses of the Israelites, while the rest of the people were afflicted with ailments.

I am not a religious person, far from it, so I will explain the story as I understand it, as a story of Spiritual growth.

While mortal men live believing that they are bodies, they are susceptible to all sorts of ailments and environmental disasters.
Those who chose to believe in the Great Spirit were delivered from the earth-bound mentality, which attracts and leads to all sorts of disease and to death, and experienced no harm.

Jesus understood that his forefathers’ Jewish tradition, which called to eat Matzot (unleavened bread) to celebrate the liberation of the Jewish people from bondage, had much spiritual significance.

Yes, beyond the tradition of eating a hard boiled egg, a bitter root and Gefilte fish, to symbolize the successful fight for independence, there is the symbolic journey of the soul, rising from LOWER consciousness to HIGHER consciousness…..
A journey of passing-over to a higher realm….
A story of personal liberation and atonement….
An attune-ment… Or becoming attuned to higher vibrations and to the Truth.

Allow me to explain:

When I was on Facebook, I accepted many friendship invitations from people I did not know at all.
If that person commented something intelligent on a post, I was intrigued to know more about them.
I would then visit their info page and read some information about them, about what they believed in, where they worked, and read the statements they shared about themselves.

A very inspiring amount of people from New Zealand and from India, simply listed their workplace and job as “Light Workers.”

This always warmed my heart, because I am a very big believer in the idea that beyond the short chosen careers that we have here in earth, we are eternal Beings of Light, with universal careers that are grander and more magnificent than our imaginations can conjure up…

It made me feel wonderful to see that so many people were not insecure and simply stated that whom they believed themselves to be, were not “artists,” “writers,” “plumbers,” “accountants,” “doctors” and “lawyers,” working for themselves or for money, but larger Universal Beings who were working to spread love, to raise awareness of the Truth…. Of the Universal Nature of Love and Light….. and that they were working to raise consciousness, to uplift the evolutionary human race above limited fear-based beliefs.

What better career than this can anyone have?…..

I believe that many such Light Workers operate right now on this earth…… in fact, I believe that we are ALL Light Workers, but that some of us are so deeply enshrouded in sleep, that they imagine themselves to be mere mortals, struggling for a living and encased within a physical body.

Thankfully, a lot of us are awake and aware enough to state it out right….
They KNOW that they are Light Workers,

These Light Workers, are not a part of any conscious organization, which meets on a regular basis or has any written agenda or an itemized plan; it is a soul awareness that each individual just knows, that she or he is here to spread the Light, and to work diligently and wholeheartedly to heal the human race from past traumas, and to help it evolve beyond our collective dark past, into a finer, Light and Love filled human Spirit race.

What was wonderful, was that so many people who could not express their beliefs in articulate and inspiring writings, and instead posted only jokes, or mundane things about what they ate or did, were still secure enough within themselves to state to the world, that they were Light Workers.

The idea to share these thoughts about our Divine Universal Careers came to me when another artist wrote a comment on one of my posts, reminding me that we are not merely artists…….. That art is just something we do here on earth…….. Our disguise, if you will……

This idea percolated inside me, and I felt an urge to share this, after I saw a documentary about the sad residents in a home for the elderly in Los Angeles.

Put away and forgotten, these old people have forgotten that life does not end at their retirement, and that your REAL Divine work is never done, and always evolving….

You have an exciting and energizing Universal career as a Light Worker, which is soul fulfilling and most rewarding…. Your part is absolutely essential to the Universe.

As I am writing this, I am aware that some people who are not yet in an evolutionary stage in which they are willing to believe in the realities of things unseen, would read this and would not believe it.
They might feel as if they were reading a science fiction story…
And I notice that I feel a little apprehensive even to share all this….

But I also know that some of the people who read my posts are indeed ready to hear this…
So to combat my feelings, I will simply say it as I believe it to be, and leave it at that….
It is up to you to accept or to reject as you see fit.

Ok… I take a deep breath……….. And here it is:

As you sojourn here on earth, you are assigned a specific divine role, which you simply cannot fail at.
All Beings here on earth complete their journeys successfully.
We are only assigned a task that we are capable of completing, and nobody ever fails.

It can be something like healing a hurtful relationship with someone from a past life, or making big steps in our own developmental journey, or aiding in the evolution of the human race, or in assisting a major planetary evolution.

All our journeys into the dense earthly plane of materiality and of physical bodies, are consequently done for our own evolution, and are preparing us for greater responsibilities and tasks ahead.

Aside from a specific task that we came here to do, we also have the responsibility to evolve in each lifetime, and to grow in awareness, in developing our Divine Personality and to become more reliable and more efficient Light Workers.

As you imagine yourself to be a mere mortal being, it is your primary responsibility to first achieve a fusion with your own spirit and soul.

Another way to look at this, is that when you first journeyed out of your celestial home, you were given HELP, to assure that you would not lose your way and definitely succeed in your mission on earth and find your way back to your celestial home.

You were given a “Thought Adjuster” which is always within your mind, and has the sole responsibility to help you adjust your thoughts and beliefs, from fear based ideas that are born of the idea that you are a mortal and vulnerable body, to recognizing that you are Spirit, eternal and an all powerful being of Love and Light and all that this entails.

You are NOT alone on your earthly journey and you cannot hurt yourself with your lack of awareness…. You can only hurt the body, which does not exist in reality.

Your ‘Thought Adjuster’ is the silent inner Voice that tells you not to think like this, but offers a better way to view things…
It works through your intuition and it guides you to read this, to go there… To find that… Which all leads to your highest good.
It is the inner Voice that reminds you to be loving, kind, graceful, when your ego wants to do just the opposite….

For ages, people were fascinated to know what happens after we die…
Is there a Heavenly Paradise….
What does the “after life” look like….

The Tibetan book of the Dead aims to explain the stage in which the soul leaves the mortal body, and is then faced with the bright Light of Love, but it does not venture far beyond this stage, which was meant to help eliminate the fear of death and to ease the departure of a person, and to assure to his loved ones that Life is ever continuing…. Which it is.

You do not merely step away from the decaying and dead body into the all encompassing white Light, and dissolve into the Universal.

The best parts of your delightful personality are all kept for you, and they will always be a part of your Divine and unique Personality, and an essential part of the Universe at large.

When I use the expression that you are a Divine Child of God, I do not do it to boost your ego, nor does that imply any self importance.
It is a statement of fact.

Jesus said that of himself, that he can do nothing, and that it is the Spirit of God within him, which does the healing and the work.
It is only in true humility that you will get to know your True Identity as a Divine, Co-Creator, the child of an all loving God.

The Bible spoke of seven Celestial Realms, but there are numerous Universes and many levels of existence beyond our seemingly mortal existence on earth.
These realms are more beautiful, full of Joy, free and magnificent beyond anything on earth.
They are full of Grace, Love and Light that does not end…

There is absolutely NO hell and no harm can ever befall you!!!!!!!!!

The only judgement you will ever face, or anything even resembling a judgement, is when you review your own life, and draw conclusions as to when you could have done things better, or when you failed to recognize divine help and love, which was extended to you.

You will not be allowed to dwell in self judgement, nor in remorse.
You will view situations in your past life with a smile and from a point of power, not from a victimized point of view, nor from that of a martyr.

You do NOT have to pass there through physical death, to release yourself from the imaginary bondage to the physical body.
The death of the body is nothing more than the shedding of a crust…
Death is leaving behind a dense dream, and awakening to a lighter and finer state of being.

Some people are destined to leave this dense earth plane through the death of the physical body.
There is no “failure” in this.
Your time here on earth is TOTALLY at your own disposal.
You will stay for as long as you wish, and you WILL accomplish what you came here to do.

ALL Things and all Beings work together for GOOD.
ONLY Love is REAL and everything else does not exist, but is only a part of the imaginary nightmares which people dream here on earth, while they imagine themselves to be mortal physical beings.

The Universal Paradise is real, not in the sense of being a place that is devoid of evil or harm, but as a restful place of beauty and joy, into which tired souls come to rest and to rejuvenate, after long missions in which they forgot who they really are.

Most artists and creative beings on this earth are in reality Celestial Artisans, who came here to promote evolution through their devotion to art, culture, music, poetry and tender feelings.
You do not have to be successful on this earth, or work as a full time artist or a writer, to be a Celestial Artisan.
It is enough that you find this form of expression to be soulful, and part of what brings you joy.

I will quickly list some of the Light Workers’ Careers that I am aware of:

The Celestial Artisans (which includes celestial musicians).
The Universal Explorer Spirits.
The Biological Uplifters (often evolved souls who give birth on this earth to help uplift the biological development of the human genes.)

The Universal Orders of Reflective Spirits.
The Universal Perfecters of Wisdom.
The Universal Divine Counselors.
The Universal Censors.
The Universal Inspired Architects.

The Paradise Citizens (assigned to help new comers and visitors).
The Universal Keepers of records.
The Universal Custodians of knowledge.
The Universal Spirits of Attainment.
The Universal Spirits of Perfection.
The Universal Master Physical Controllers.

The Descending Angels.
The Co-Creator Sons.
The Universal Bright and Morning Stars.
The Universal Brilliant Evening Stars.
The Archangels.
The Universal Life Carriers.
The Universe Aids.
The Universal Eternals of Days.
The Universal Ancients of Days.
The Universal Faithfuls of Days.
The Universal Mastering Spirits.
The Universal Supreme Executives.

The Adjuster-fused Mortals.
The Son-fused Mortals.
The Spirit-fused Mortals.
The Translated Midwayers.
The Helpers to Ascenders.
The Supreme Gravity Messengers.
The Universe Mother Spirits.
The Sevenfold Adjusters to Mind-Spirits.

The Ascending Personalized Adjusters.
The Ascending Evolutionary Seraphim.
The Evolutionary Cherubim.

The Celestial Solitary Messengers.
The Universal Circuit Supervisors.
Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit.
The Universal Associate Inspectors.
The Universal Assigned Sentinels.
The Graduate Guides.
The Universal Conciliators.

The Master Physical Controllers.
The Power Supervisors.
The Consummator of Universe Destiny.

This is only a partial list of some of the Divine careers of the Light Workers.
Most mortal creatures during the life in the flesh are unaware of their specific Divine careers.

My understanding is a Divine career is chosen based on what brings you the most joy, and fits your natural tendencies the best.

There is no hardship or obligatory sacrifice; all Light Workers are absolutely DELIGHTED at their chosen careers.

Easter is not just about chocolate bunnies and chocolate cream eggs.
Passover is not about Matzot (which I LOVE) and family gatherings, while honoring old traditions that do not extend far….
It is the season to expand……
To rise above old ideas and to embrace the Truth…

You are NOT a mortal body.
You are FREE….
You are a Strong Divine Spiritual Being….
You are LOVED, and all is well.

May you all realize that God is ALWAYS with you.
You are never alone…. And we are all ONE!

Happy Easter and happy Passover to you all.

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