Re-Discovering Your Divine Personality

Over a week ago, I read in the blog of an artist that I truly enjoy, that she was told by many of her friends that she should not trust anybody nowadays.
Her friend even added: “Don’t trust even me!”

It made me sad to read this.

If I were sitting with a friend who told me this, I would ask them if this is really the kind of world that he wanted to live in?….
A world in which you cannot trust anybody?….
And if you do NOT want to live in this kind of world, then do not say that you yourself are not trustworthy.

I am not naive…. And being a wealthy person, I do have a lot to lose… But I trust MANY people almost all the time.

My neighbors have the keys to my houses.
My accountant has blank checks to my bank accounts.
When we renovated our houses in New Zealand, we trusted the builders, the painters, and all the sub contractors even though we were not there to verify their hourly charges.
I trust my husband and my friends and I trust my gardener to do his work every month, even though I am not there to verify that he does it.

I even trust people who I do not know… Complete strangers…
We once had one of our houses in New Zealand for sale, when I got an email from a couple from Auckland who wanted to visit our house in Kohukohu.

We were at that time in the USA, and so I suggested to them that they spend the night in our house in Kohukohu, look around the property, get a feel for the house and the area, and lock the house again when they leave.

They did just that and they bought the house.
Now they are our most trusted friends in Kohukohu.

As it turned out, they are very trustworthy and dignified people, but I did not know it at the time when I trusted them to sped the night at my house….
At that time they were just an email in my inbox….

I trust so many people…. And I would not have it any other way.
I trust because this is the kind of world I want to live in, and because I feel that I myself am very trustworthy.

When in the recent years situations in my life presented me with reasons not to trust certain people, I did not assume that you cannot trust ANYONE in the world….

I just assumed that the situations were faulty, or that those specific people were not yet very trustworthy and that I should be aware not to put myself in situations in which they could take advantage of me.

In many cases I simply discontinued those relationships, instead of being on guard all the time with them.

You see…. I believe that we all have a DIVINE Higher personality, that is our TRUE personality.
It exists beyond our lower ego based personality, and unlike our smaller ego based ideas about ourselves, our REAL personality is eternal and ever beautiful.

The challenge we all have in our sojourn on earth, is to understand that only when we manifest our true personality, will we be happy and content in this life.

Your ego personality, which many mistake to be whom they are, is composed of the ideas that you have about yourself.

You judge yourself based on how you reacted in the PAST to situations and to people, and you believe that these are what characterize YOU.

If you reacted often with bad temper or with lack of patience, you may conclude that you are temperamental and impatient.

If you found yourself to be easily offended and insecure in the past, you will tend to believe that you are fearful, too sensitive and insecure as a person…. Etc.

But you need to understand that how you reacted in the past was based on how you SAW things and UNDERSTOOD them in the PAST.

You are FREE to make different choices TODAY, based on a higher understanding about life, about situations and about who you are, that you are constantly cultivating all the time.

Your journey on earth is a journey into PEACE, and by experimenting, you constantly discover what promotes peace, and what kinds of thoughts and behaviors take it away…

You are moving into greater understanding that ONLY when you will finally fully embrace whom you truly are, and get comfortable with your TRUE identity, will you be able to find peace.

You were created in God’s image and likeness.
This means that your True Personality is similar to that of a loving, compassionate, kind God, if God were not a Divine Guiding Creative Principle, but a human being.

Your True personality is not weak, but all capable and strong.

Your True personality is reliable and stable, much like the day is sure to follow the night…

Your True personality is caring, loving, kind, generous, funny and ever intelligent.

Your True personality is brave, visionary, creative, inventive, full of love for adventure, knowledge, exploration and LOVE.

Be grateful that you cannot dim the light of your own perfection.

Be grateful that your True Personality is not affected by what you think about yourself…

Many years ago, my husband Jules was married to a young woman who suffered from the eating disorder bulimia.
What usually accompanies many emotional and mental disorders is a wrong self-image that establishes in the person an erratic ego based personality.

During our dating period and even into the first year of our marriage, Jules would often turn to me and ask: “What are you thinking of NOW?”

He did it SO OFTEN, that it felt as if he were expecting me to turn any moment from a consistent, loving and kind person, into a raging monster….

It was tiresome, to reassure him all the time that my mind was not chewing on self destructive or otherwise hateful plans….
But I knew that his insecurities would soon be a thing of the past, and so I took it with good spirit and much humor.

His insecurities did finally go away, and he soon settled into the peace that comes from living with a consistently loving person.

Your True Personality is consistent.
It is not flaky nor shifting like the stormy weather on the earth.

Your True Personality is reliable.
Your ARE trustworthy in your true nature.

Your True Personality is patient and respectful of others.
You are loving and very lovable.
You are capable, reliable, sweet, intuitive, brilliantly smart.

Do not accept any other judgments about your personality…..from anyone.
They may not have touched the core of truth in themselves, and so they judge others wrongly….

Stay centered in your True Identity.
And whenever a situation permits, REMIND OTHERS of their true divinity as well….

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