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It was another sunny day on the ski slopes.
Jules and I found a quiet run that was long and empty, and we skied it a few times.

On one of our runs, I waited for Jules by the ski lift, but he did not show up, so I decided to ride the lift up and to see if I could spot him from above.
He was wearing a very distinctive ski hat that we’d bought in Nepal, and a spring blue ski outfit, so I was pretty sure that I would be able to see where he was.

The line at the ski lift was long…. It was a busy Friday after all… And it was also Saint Patrick’s Day, so the mountain had more visitors than usual.

By the time I spotted Jules coming to the ski lift, I already was at the top of the line, so we rode the lift on separate chairs.

On my ride up, I joined a ski instructor who was teaching two fifteen years old girls how to ski.
I quietly listened to their conversation.

The ski instructor was actually teaching the two teens how to race.
She spoke about the slalom racing course and what to pay attention to.
She was a slim woman with a beautiful face and radiant energies ….

She told the two teens that she herself had just won a gold medal in speed racing, which was very cool….since she’d just turned sixty.
She did not look a day over thirty.

She spoke about how her skiing got better with the years, as she learnt how to live more in harmony with her body….

I knew EXACTLY what she meant…

I too feel that with the seeming passing of the years, I grow to know my body better and I learn how to live in better harmony with it and with my personality, which used to be so restless and confused when I was young.

Cravings, thoughts and emotional energies which I once found so hard to control, seem to have softened their grip on me… And I feel so much more at ease with my body and spirit today.

When I last wrote about health, I felt that I only scratched the surface of this deep subject.
There is just so much to say about it…..
I plan to add a little bit more in this post.

I want to give more than just to warn people about the error of throwing themselves at the mercies of ‘modern medicine’…

You can do so much to educate yourself and to understand the nature of the body…… the nature of health and healing…. And how you can govern your body to become a healthy, serviceable and beautiful instrument for your spirit….

I will start by saying that your body is a collection of light energies, which communicate with your mind by circuitry of transformation of pulsating electronic information.

The body is held in your mind, and it is there you must look for correction, for healing and for wholeness.

Your mind has ideas about what the body is, what is illness… What is health……and those ideas are transferred by electric pulsation to your organs, blood and cells.

It has already been proven that the molecules of water respond positively and flourish when loving words or loving thoughts are directed towards them…and that they responded by becoming weak and frail, when they heard negative words spoken to them.

(If you did not read this book yet, it is an absolute MUST to understanding the nature of the body, which is composed of 90% water.
It is called “The Miracle Of Water” by Masaru Emoto and it has some amazing microscopic photos of the water molecules responding to love, and to anger.)

This means that what you THINK about your body is communicated to your body and will be manifested in it.

You must stop being angry at your body…. If you want to lose weight, to become healthy and full of light.

You must start directing only loving and kind thoughts towards your body.

Correct your mind, and remind it to be loving and kind EVERY MOMENT.

If you expect your body to fully heal, become flexible, light, energetic, beautiful and ever youthful, it will do just this and it will carry out your intention and love, as if they were orders.

To do so, you must first recognize that the body by itself, is nothing…. It is neutral and it will respond to your mind’s ideas and to your inner beliefs.

Allow me to share with you some of what I do to govern my own health.

I do not smoke nor take drugs. (no exceptions here)

I rarely drink alcohol or coffee.
I drink plenty of green tea, white tea and camomile tea, all with no sweeteners and no milk.
I drink absolutely NO sodas, sugar drinks, energy drinks, or even “health juice drinks”.

I drink only water or freshly squeezed juice (not bottled, which is pasteurized) when I do not drink tea.

If I do sweeten my fresh lemonade or desserts, I use Agave, which is extracted from a plant similar to the Aloe-Vera plant.
Agave is very low glycemic (easy to break down and transfer to the cells), and to my own taste buds, it tastes better than sugar or honey.

If Agave is not available, I use honey or maple syrup, and on some occasions brown or raw unbleached sugar.

I do not make my diet a religion any more…
I used to be strictly vegan, but I do eat fish now.

I used to avoid eating all flesh because I believed that it was bad to kill in order to eat, when the earth gives us so much abundance of delicious food.

I no longer believe that death is real, and so we do not really eat “dead flesh” nor incur any bad karma, since death is nothing but an illusion…. A transformation of energy and shape…
The body is nothing but dust anyway…. It is nothing but an illusion…

But within the grand illusion, I do occasionally “sin” with desserts, which are loaded with white sugar and white flour.

I believe that if I only consume those sweets on rare occasions, and not regularly…..
that if I do not overdo it… That my body will be able to process “bad” food, just as it knows how to process viruses and harmful bacterias.
If I do not allow my mind to become susceptible to sickness by lowering my energies with fears and worries, it will not manifest in my body.

I do not take ANY pills, drugs or medication.
(I recommend you read the book “Death by Modern Medicine.”)

Many drugs that are considered harmless and that are believed to be effective in treating small symptoms, have deadly long term side effects. (8 million deaths in the USA alone were directly related to taking commonly used prescription drugs in the past ten years.)

Doctors receive the data that they analyze from the drug companies, and they prescribe these drugs to their patients, knowing that if those drugs prove ineffective, they will just be taken off the market.

Unfortunately only after many deaths and much damage, do class action lawsuits finally take effect, and the drug is finally taken off the shelves (only to be changed a little bit and put back on the market, to be sold and marketed under another name.)

I believe that under Divine Guidance, my body knows how to balance itself ALL BY ITSELF….

If a symptom manifests in your body, LISTEN TO IT…. And take the time to REST and to reflect on what is the message for you there….
What is worrying you?…..
What is ‘eating’ you to cause you this pain… To manifest this symptom?….
What do you feel remorse over?
What do you beat yourself up over?
What concerns you?
What is missing in your life?

Learn to listen to your symptoms and please take the time to sit with them….

Years ago, I used to take vitamins and minerals.
I no longer do so.
I believe that I should not interfere with the chemistry of my body AT ALL….
Modern medicine only guesses as to what the normal and recommended levels of a certain vitamin or mineral in your body should be.

I believe that there is no “normal” or “recommended” levels of anything…
At times, based on changes in your life, on rising anxiety levels, increased exercise, travel or recovery, the chemistry of your body changes as well.

With those changes, the levels of required vitamins and minerals in the body also fluctuates and changes.

I just go with the flow…. And let my body find its own balance….. and it always does…..

I try to do a juice fast or a herbal tea and water fast, once a week.

I believe in eating small amounts of food so you can digest it well and not gain too much weight, which burdens the heart.

I believe in eating mostly fruit and vegetables, (organic if you can get it, but I do not obsess with fear if I eat non-organic, knowing that my body can process toxins out, just as it does any other toxin and harmful bacteria that I breath or touch, simply by constantly seeking to return itself to balance.)

I eat very small amounts of bread, cheese, fish and eggs.
I do not eat chicken, beef, or pork AT ALL.

Unless unavailable, I always choose soy milk over regular milk.

I minimize ice cream, even soy ice cream, because of the high sugar content and milk.

I eat and love whole grains (like brown rice) and all beans.

I do not eat candy, cakes, or almost any cookies.

I REST just as often as I PLAY.

Yes, I love to work, and I love to do all sorts of sports, but I am also as lazy as a cat on a sunny porch… And I LOVE to rest my mind, meditate, and rest my body.

I make sure to allow myself to sleep well, and as long as my body needs it, based again on the seasons, my travels, and changes in life.

You might be wondering, how do I KNOW that I am not sick, if I do not get myself checked by modern medicine?

First of all, I believe that your body will let YOU know, when something is amiss.

That is why you go to a doctor… Because you have this or that pain…
You have a strange discharge, an abnormal pressure, a dizziness… Whatever it is, your body lets YOU know that something is wrong, and you yourself KNOW that something is wrong…. And your common reaction is usually to seek medical help.

I do have my own method of checking my health.
Beside being attentive to my body, I also check my blood pressure regularly. (not too often. At times if I am in the USA, maybe every month, but if I am not in the USA, I do it once in three or five months.)
It is my one and only medical exam.
I do NOT go to a clinic for this.

Blood pressure machines are available in every Walmart, in every Walgreens or big pharmacy in the USA, and in many big supermarkets as well.

You just sit and insert your arm into the ring which closes on your bicep, and measures your heart rate, and the two kinds of your blood pressure.

The “systolic pressure” measures the blood pressure in your blood vessels at the moment when your heart beats.
And….. the “diastolic pressure” measures the pressure in your blood vessels between heartbeats, when your heart is resting.

Your blood pressure is the very first indication that something is wrong in your system (body) and needs attention.

Years ago, I went for a modern medicine “physical exam.”
The doctor took my blood sample and my blood pressure and after a lovely chat he sent me home.

I was surprised that there was no EKG…. No MRI…… nothing involving probing and pushing….

The lovely doctor told me that those were the old days…. And that these days, ONLY if my vital signals indicates that something was wrong, do they go deeper to find what was wrong….
If everything comes out perfect… Then it is perfect!

He then guided me to a chair facing his many medical credentials and speciality licenses…..and proceeded to share with me some information about his art collection, his new shining Porsche and asked me if I have any available girlfriends who are as gorgeous and as intuitive and wise as I am….because he was just getting a divorce…..

Anyway… From this experience I learnt that measuring my own blood pressure was a very good replacement for a physical….
At least there is never a line for the machine at Walmart, and nobody ever asks to be fixed up with my girlfriends….

And…. The best thing is my vital signals are always so good….

I remember years ago in a hospital where the nurse took our blood pressures (mine and Jules’) for a physical that we needed to do for our NZ residency papers.
She read our vital signals and blood pressure and said:
“You two MUST be vegans…. Only vegans have this abnormally GOOD blood pressure…”

Left over from my Macrobiotic days, I still love to eat all sorts of seaweeds, and I always add a thick spoon of miso to all of the soups and stews that I make.

There is so much more to say…. But it all depends on where you live and what you have available to eat…. There is really no one formula to healthy eating…

Before I go, allow me to say that the BEST thing I ever did for my health, was to stop worrying, to live in the present moment, to trust the Divine Plan and my place in the Universe…. and to STOP believing that the physical is dense, heavy and that sickness is hard to reverse.

Everything in the universe including matter, is pure energy….

Aristotle said it over 1600 years ago…. And Quantum physics is now affirming it as true….
It is the observer who determines what she/ he will see by translating it in her mind….

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