It PAYS to listen to your intuition

It is expensive to live and to own two houses in very remote parts of the earth.

Beside the normal cost of maintaining the homes, there is the added cost of flying to the other side of the world.

This is why most people own their second homes in the same country, or within a distance that could be covered in a few short hours’ flight.

Many people who live in New Zealand for six months out of the year, come only once per year and stay for the whole summer, thus only paying for the expensive flights once per year.

Because we love to ski in Colorado, we divide our summers in NZ, and we stay in NZ for two periods of three months per year instead.

We have always looked for ways to save money on flights.
One of our methods was to own Star Alliance credit cards, which allow us to accumulate miles which we redeem for free flights.

We also used to fly from Denver, thus saving the added cost of the flight from Vail to Denver.
And many times we flew for “free” (using air miles) to Los Angeles, and paid only for the ticket to NZ.

If there were any promotional air fares, we often took advantage of them and purchased our tickets months ahead, but they are not always offered.

A free ticket inside the USA costs only 25,000 miles (per person, and this is why we often redeemed the free ticket to Los Angeles, and paid only for the flights to NZ.)

It takes 80,000 miles to get a “free” ticket from the USA to NZ. (per person)
But often they only offer limited days and limited amount of these free tickets.
If you want to give them 160,000 miles per person, you can secure a seat on any flight.

The last time I looked, I had a little over 80,000 miles in my own account, while Jules had only 50,000 miles in his account.

The other day I woke up, and on an intuitive impulse, even before our morning meditation, I decided to log into my account and to try to book a free ticket to NZ using air miles, with the hope that I could pay for a companion ticket for Jules on the same set of flights.

Now…. I do need to mention that this is very uncharacteristic for me…

I NEVER do anything before my morning lessons, affirmations and meditation.
It is my policy to FIRST and always turn my heart to the infinite…. and to remind myself of the ultimate Truth,….. BEFORE I look at the affairs of the world……

What I mean by this is that I NEVER check my emails, answer phones, or read the news, before I do my morning spiritual rituals and meditation.

Another reason that logging into my air miles account was uncharacteristic for me, is because I usually leave these things to Jules, since he is so patient and so good at comparing prices, talking on the phone to machines and to agents….
While I only get involved when he wants to ask me about possible changes in our plans or things of this nature…

As I logged into my air miles account, I was delighted to find that I had in my account over 110,000 miles….. That is 30,000 miles MORE than I needed for a free flight to NZ.
I quickly logged into Jules’ account… To find he had over 80,000 miles.

Apparently, the long anticipated merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines had finally occurred…….and the two airlines have combined their mileage programs to deposit in our accounts more than we needed for TWO free tickets to NZ.

I needed to book our tickets from our two separate accounts, so it took over two hours to complete the long set of flights…
We will be flying from Vail- Denver- San Francisco- Auckland- Bay Of Islands.

The ordeal took us the whole morning, but it saved us thousands of dollars.

We finally settled into our meditation… Feeling grateful and blessed as we usually do…

This was just another example of how synchronicity works in our lives…

You get a hunch….. An intuitive impulse to look there…. To do that…. And it just happens to work well for you.

When I was on Facebook, people often asked me how we made our money.
I tried to explain the truth to them……. but they did not want to listen, nor believe it.

It was ALL through Divine guidance that spoke to us through our intuition….

Yes… People can earn their money through hard work and saving… Being reasonable and restrained…. But ultimately without a developed sense of intuition, they can lose it all to bad investment schemes, to bad advice…. Etc.

Jules often listens to his own intuition when it comes to investing, and when he was not so in tune…. I got the intuitive message instead….

I remember years ago, when we had a lot of money invested in a certain stock.
I remember telling Jules that I had a strong intuition that we should get out of this stock.

Jules told me this was crazy…. The stock was showing nothing but strength and all the analysts were expecting it to go much higher….

But I had a nagging sensation that we should get out of it…..
Just to explain, at that time we had ALL of our money in stocks, so it was very uncharacteristic of me to insist on selling a certain stock…..
After all I was just an artist with no knowledge of the financial market, while Jules had many years of DAILY analyzing the market successfully….

I insisted… And insisted… and Jules resisted me… At first.

In those times, he was a little less trusting of Divine Guidance than he is today…. And ALL the analysts were saying that it is the BEST investment in the Banking sector…

The stock kept going down in very small increments,… Nothing to make anyone worry… But still enough to convince Jules that maybe the voice I was hearing was right….

Finally when the financial markets collapsed, reducing this stock to pennies and leaving most of Jules’ co-workers with nothing…… Or with half of their life savings wiped out…. We were safe…. We had sold all of the stock ahead at good prices, and our loss was minimized to a few stock options that expired with absolutely no value…. (a small price to pay for not listening to intuition…)

This happened again and again during our lives.
It was all a matter of listening to our intuition and TIMING….

Yes…. Patience and timing is another way our intuition was guiding us….
We sold real estate right before the real estate bubble burst and prices collapsed…. And many more examples like this…

The skeptics among you may think that we were just lucky…. But I choose to believe that we have learned to listen to our intuition well….

How is it that people get scammed into all sorts of Ponzi schemes and lose all their wealth…. While others do not?….

Do not think that we were not approached with dozens of scheming ideas as well…. We simply developed a higher level of being in tune with our intuition which is the way the Divine speaks and guides us all.

Everybody has this connection to their intuition…. But so many have it so clouded with other ego based concepts and fears, that it becomes unreliable.

When I once expressed my fears of extended traveling alone with Jules in Morocco….. People told me that it was my intuition speaking to me and guiding me…. Trying to prevent me from going because I might encounter danger….
But I knew that this was not the case…

It takes practice to be able to discern if the inner voice is coming from your intuition, or is it the voice of the ego, trying to make you fearful and confused….

I knew that my intuition would not be warning me against going to Morocco.
It is a country full of children of Light… And danger is NOT real… Therefore I KNEW that the voice I was hearing was NOT coming from my intuition.

And as it turned out, we had a most wonderful time in Morocco… Exploring the beauty of the region, the people and its many gifts….

It was a journey of delights… And the voice that I had heard was nothing but jitters, and fears of the unknown.

I simply knew that intuition would not go against, nor present a message that is contradictory to Truth Principles…
And danger does NOT lurk in the world… But in our own thoughts…

It is your own thoughts alone that can cause you pain.
Nothing external to your mind can hurt or injure you in any way.

There is nothing beyond yourself that can reach down and bring misfortune or oppression.

No one but yourself affects you.

There is nothing in the world that has the power to make you sick or sad, or weak, hurt or confused.

But it is YOU who have the power to dominate ALL THINGS you see, by merely recognizing what and who you truly are…

As you perceive the harmlessness in the world, in everyone and in all things you see around you, they too will accept your holy Will as theirs… And what was once seen as fearful, now becomes a source of innocence, happiness and holiness….

Yes…. You change the world…
You change people… Merely by perceiving the good in them…. And allowing them to put aside the “shield of armors” that they seem to carry out of fear….

How does it work?
Do you step into a higher dimension of reality in which they are no longer operating on the lowest level of existence?…..

Since time does not exist, all things happen simultaneously anyway….
Are you able to raise your own vibrations and enter higher and finer dimensions of being, simply by seeing the good in everyone?…..

I will not attempt to explain any more…
It is up to YOU to find out…
By experimenting with the idea yourself…..

Good luck and good journey to you, my dears….

Meantime, I will end by telling you that it is springtime in the High Mountains.
The sun is shining and it is very warm.
Yesterday I got a bit of a sunburn on my face WHILE skiing….
How crazy is this?…
It was almost 60 degrees (16- 18 Celsius) on the mountains and people skied with shorts and t-shirts…..

Today I am resting my body from a week full of sports and activities and I am planning to spend the day in the studio painting.

Wishing you a miracles-filled day…. Please allow the Universe to show you how much it loves you….

4 Comments on “It PAYS to listen to your intuition”

  1. I love love love this post Tali – just the reminder I needed. I so wish I was as focused and divinely forward and in tune as you are. I am so damm undisciplined, its like I need to set myself some rules too :))

    Great to hear you are heading back to NZ, the weather seems to have settled a little, in having said that, we were in Paihia last weekend and it was raining, but only drizzly stuff.

    I was reading in one of the tourist mags/brouchures that there is a lady in Kohukohu who does like a weekend retreat kind of thing and you can do art while staying. I was thinking I might look in to that, I think I need to get away from the hussle and bussle – last time I was up your way, i painted like a trojan lol

    Have save travels home
    love and best wishes

    • Dear Pam,
      How wonderful it is to hear from you!
      Yes, we are heading back to NZ, but only by the end of April.
      We still  have a few more weeks of skiing left.

      Yes…. Developing a structure of daily practice is very helpful at first.
      Later it becomes such an important part of your day, that you would not want to start the day without it….

      It is wonderful to hear that the weather in NZ has settled a bit…
      We heard that it was a stormy summer in NZ.

      I wonder who is the lady in Kohukohu that is offering art workshops….
      I know that Louisa is an artist who also has a bed and breakfast….I wonder if it is her…

      If you do come to Kohukohu to rest and to do some art, you MUST contact me and come over.
      It would be so wonderful to share a meal and chat…

      with friendship and love,

  2. Hi Tali

    Yes NZ has had some shocking weather, hopefully things have settled this way, though the nights are getting colder, you will be back in NZ for winter and maybe some more skiing this end :))

    I have some fabulous news Tali, my dream of being an International artist has come true – I have been invited as part of the World Art Games to be the NZ representative artist for a ten day artist residency in Croatia in May this year. It is a very exciting opportunity and I am busy fundraising to get my airfare together. It is really testing my comfort zone, but it is a learning experience all round and preparing me for bigger and better things.

    I havent been able to find the brochure with the artist retreat, but i think maybe it is Louisa, and yes I would definitely love to catch up and share a meal and chat – that will be awesome.

    Hope you are having lots of fun skiing and getting great snow

    Love and friendship

    • Wow Pam, what an AWESOME AWESOME news!

      I just KNEW that things will turn out great for you!
      Look at how much good happened in the past year for you…. First the land that you bought and now this art residency in Croatia….

      You are going to LOVE Croatia.
      It is very Mediterranean with great food and lovely beaches.
      I have not been there yet, but I intend to visit it maybe next summer.

      What a great opportunity and a fabulous adventure you are going to have.
      Plus… It is a wonderful thing for your artist resume.

      I am so proud of you!

      Send me by email your bank account and I would love to add something small for your fundraising.
      My email is:
      Well done girl!
      With love,

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