Thoughts about health, and other ideas

Some people are afraid of leaving home.
They feel safe in their home and familiar surroundings, and feel that if they venture out of their immediate environment, harm can befall them.
Those who feel this way, often feel an unexplained anxiety of the unknown, and fear loss of control and unpredictable outcomes.

I jokingly think sometimes, that I suffer from the opposite condition…
I LOVE to travel and to enjoy new and unpredictable experiences….
And often when we have a few months of no travel planned, I find it a bit hard to get adjusted to the familiarity of home life.

This was the case when we got back from our last trip.
It took me a few days just to get adjusted to being home…
My studio and my art, always help to ground me back into home life.

Now that we are home, I am enjoying the beauty and the blessings of this place.

I look outside my bedroom window this morning, while I am still sitting in bed…. The mountains are covered with some evergreen trees and dusted with white snow.
The room temperature is warm and pleasant… I am dressed only with a t-shirt.

We went skiing a few times already in the past days, and I remembered again how much I love living here….

It is totally silent outside….
Just us and Nature…
Maybe also a herd of deer… A few elks… Some horses…. But all I can see this morning, is their tracks in the snow…. And the vast mountain ranges, birds and trees…

I think about how peaceful the Nature of the universe really is….
All our misery and sufferings are ALL self generated….
The human drama… Is NOT natural nor God given….

Even earthquakes, tornados and hurricane storms, or volcanos and tectonic shifts… Are only destructive in relation to us humans,…… to human habitation and to what we created….
There is no misery in a storm… Nor in a volcano erupting…. It ONLY produces misery and pain in relation to how it effects humans, our well being and our habitation……

We forgot that we are one with nature….. And believe that we are one with the cities and houses that we built….
We are fully invested in our dreams….

Outside my window, I can see, and FEEL in my heart, how peaceful the world truly is…..
If people only stepped out of their dramas and were able to feel this peace….

I ache for my brothers and sisters around the world who dream such small dreams, that are bound to disillusion them,…..and they feel content to make such small achievements ‘real’….

It is the circle of the human life… Or should I say a human incarnation…

The young take their health for granted.
They want to make money and to gain power…… To move and to shift things…to fix what they do not like…they want to leave their mark… Start a band… Invent a new technology…..Become successful.

The young do not think about their health… In fact, they often do thing to ruin it….
They smoke, drink copious amount of alcohol, use drugs and never rest…..
The health of their bodies is taken for granted…
But….. On the good side…..They are full of hope and their world is full of possibilities….

Later after they have made their money and created what they believed will enhance their lives, they are surprised to still feel unfulfilled… And just as nervous as before….

Now they KNOW that earthly dreams are limited…. And they start asking and searching for more…..
Many often get angrier and more disillusioned with what life has to offer….
Their minds are no longer young and hopeful…. They become set in their ways of thinking:
People will betray you… Everybody is hungry for money…. (more frightfully for YOUR money…) You cannot trust anybody any more….

They also start being concerned for their bodies…
They think that if they do not care for their bodies, nobody will be there to enjoy their sailboat, their beautiful house….their money and the life they worked so hard to create…… They want to be there to enjoy their lives, their accomplishments and their children…

But alas, the health of their bodies seem to be beyond their control….and accidents and sickness seem to come out of nowhere and strike unexpectedly….

How sad is this world view…..

Is this really what the existence of life on earth has to offer for the Children of God…. To the children Of LIFE ITSELF……..

Allow me to take you to the ski slopes with me…

We are sitting on chair 4 in Vail ski resort.
This ski lift is also called “Mountain Top.”
It is a sunny and beautiful day, and the ski lift takes you to one the highest peaks, where you can see the vast bowls and stunning views of the Rockies…. And of course to some of the best skiing on our beautiful earth..

“I would HIGHLY recommend a titanium artificial knee.”

The words were spoken by an elderly man sitting to my right on the ski lift.
He is wearing a red ski jacket, a helmet and a ski mask, so I could only tell that he was elderly, by the coarseness of his voice and the wrinkles on his face…

Of course he also told me his age, even though I did not ask for it…
The very elderly often acts like young children… Who are so proud to tell you that they are four and a half… and that they ski since they were three…

He was a retired physician who obviously put his faith in the field of medicine.

I wanted to say that I highly recommend to learn and to find the TRUE Nature of the universe, the nature of a mind and what a body TRULY is…

But I was polite, friendly and social, and I held back… Asking the usual questions about his new knee, and admiring the fact that in his mid nineties, it took him only three months after the operation before he was back on the ski slopes….
He said that he skis EVERY DAY….

He also told me that as a physician, he hopes that Barak Obama will not get reelected, because he fears free medicine would ruin his business….

“Socialism…” he said, spitting the words as if they were dirty curses…
“If Obama gets reelected, I might have to move like you, to beautiful New Zealand…”

I wanted to ask what so wrong about being social…. And about being concern for your fellow human beings….

I wanted to ask since when “being social,” friendly, and to consider the greater good, got to be a bad thing….
What is so wrong with enjoying your own wealth, AND still being social… Friendly… And considerate of others?….

But I decided to be ‘social’ and to consider his feelings, and I said that NZ is a social country…. And that I am grateful for that…and in fact,……. it is one of the reasons that we chose to live there half of our time….

I also did not tell him that Jules and I, have stopped paying for health insurance.

Yes… The millionaires who have no health insurance….
Sound like insanity if you live in the USA… And I bet you that we are in the minority of people who chose to do so…

But we do not live in the USA…
We live in the REAL world…
A world devoid of superstitions and constant fear…

Yes… We do not believe that there are any “accidents,” and we DO believe that “modern medicine,” is light years behind understanding the power of the Mind, the Grace of the Universe, and the spiritual nature of the body…

So when Jules retired and the premiums of our health insurance went over $700 per month, we canceled our health insurance. (should really be called ‘sickness insurance’ because you cannot insure your health.)
No more throwing our money away on the possibility of injury that never comes….

Now… What I am about to say, will not be agreeable to many people living in this world of illusions… But I will say it anyway…

I do not believe that death is real, but I’d rather die than subject myself to radiation treatments and to chop parts of my body if I were diagnosed with cancer.

I’d rather die than live with a pig valve heart, and I’d rather die than get many of the procedures that ‘Modern medicine” offer as “healing” today.

You may not believe this, but I read this week in the newspapers, that ninety precent of people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest, do NOT make it to the hospital alive, despite having fully equipped ambulances that operate as an ER on wheels.

Ninety precent of people who choose to leave their bodies through a heart attack, do not make it to the hospital… That is a high percentage…

So why should I send so much money to the insurance companies, for drugs I would not take, and for medical procedures I do not want done…..

I believe that I should put my money where my beliefs are…
And I do not believe sickness is real….
And I believe that death is NOT a catastrophic end…

Sickness in whatever form it takes, is a crystallization of anger, taken out upon the body, which our ego both believe to be the container of life, and hates, for its limitation, and for its littleness.

So instead of throwing money down the toilet by sending it to money hungry insurance companies, we decided to invest the same $700 per month in our own “Wellness Fund.”

We will use the accumulated money to go to hot springs in Switzerland, to get herbal oil massages, to go to meditation retreats… To do yoga on beautiful islands…. And to live with confidence… Instead of planning for sick eventualities.

Beside, as your body gets older, the insurance companies raise their premiums until they finally ask for so much money, that it makes no sense to pay for it, even for the most skeptic among you.

I know that some people will strongly disagree with what I shared above.
I just wanted to add a bit of perspective, about the availability of “modern medicine” to the general public.

Drugs, and medical procedures were not available to the general public until the early 1900’s.
Only the elite and the very rich, were able to afford a doctor’s visit.

There were no big drug companies that produced colorful pills and medicine was not available in every clinic in every corner of the cities.

As the practice of medicine became more main stream, medicine consisted of treating patients with mid-evil procedures.
They would bleed people with incisions or with leeches to treat fever, do shock treatments or remove the frontal lobe of the brain to heal emotional disturbance and had many more such vicious and ineffective methods…

Drugs included some metals that we now know to be poisonous, pills were often nothing more than a placebo.

The poor and lower class people, resorted to alternative healing methods.
They concocted healing and wholesome soups, salt baths, rest, essential oils, herbal remedies and others.

It is funny how today the places are reverse….
The poor opt for the mercy of “modern medicine” while the rich and insightful (in contradiction to the rich and fearful) opts for the alternative healing methods…

Because the indigenous native people around the world and the poor, were unable to pay for medicine, they learned how to govern the body themselves.
They often did not even trust the efficiency and effectiveness of the modem treatments.

Yet they lived…and some would argue that they lived well…
Maybe even better than the lives that ‘modern medicine’ extends for those who are too feeble to enjoy it….

Native American Indians had only spirit shamanic doctors, who believe that sickness resulted from a restless spirit, and they performed sweat lodges and ceremonies to heal the restless spirit of the patients….

Maybe this is why I thought about this subject this morning…

We live on a creek in an area that was populated once by the White River Ute Indians.

They chose to live here because of the abundance of fish, the proximity to the Colorado river, the sweet drinking water, the abundance of game life and wildlife for food, and the hot springs of Glendwood Springs, which has such healing properties…

These mountains were home to wiser people… Who knew how to govern their health and to live in harmony with Nature and with the earth…
They had a strong core of truth in their soul….and they were not beings of contradictions and fears, as “modern” city people often are….

If you do care to listen…. Hear this:

Cast the fear away from your heart!

Your body can heal INSTANTANEOUSLY…
If you only understood that your body is NOT solid and dense… But that it is a collection of vibration and energies that constantly shift and change, based on the ideas that you hold!

Remember who you TRULY are!

You are NOT a body…
You are eternal!
Your body could last forever… Or at least for several hundred years…
Not as an aged body, that is growing weak and frail, but as a spiritual flexible, energetic body that can carry you as long as you desire…

2 Comments on “Thoughts about health, and other ideas”

  1. How many times did you claim on your health insurance? If none I bet you wished you had been paying into your Wellness Fund all the time instead of giving your money to the Insurance sharks!

    • Dear Diana,
      It is SO GOOD to hear from you!

      We have not  made a claim in over 13 years… Not once.

      13 Years ago, Jules cut his finger opening a glass bottle, and despite my suggestion (we were newly married and he did not listen to me at those days….)
      He went for an operation to connect the tendon in his finger and claimed for that and for the rehabilitation. (about $10,000)

      He went to the BEST surgeon in Miami.
      The operation was NOT a success, and his finger’s tendon still does not work.
      The doctor recommended to do it again… With no guarenteed that it will work… So Jules refused.

      He now uses his finger perfectly, without the tendon of that finger. 

      Our health insurance never covered dental, or anything that mattered…. And I do indeed regret not putting this money into our own wellness account.

      Only over the last 13 years, we would have in our own wellness account $140,000 (if invested at 4% interest) versus Jules’ only claim of $10,000

      If any of us will require any visit to the ER, because of a broken leg or something like this. we would pay from our own wellness account…

      Hope all is well with you and please send our love to David as well…

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