The world is full of possibilities….

Imagine this…..

A not so known artist by the name of David Choe, is invited to an office to paint a mural on the wall.
He is a young artist and his work is a mixture of graffiti with fun and contemporary elements…. His work is playful… Very cool and hip.

He is asked to paint a large mural, but the company’s budget is fairly tight…

But he is going anyway….
Any job these days for artists, is a GOOD job… And an opportunity to expose his work as well…

So he is making his way to the company’s “headquarters”… (An ambition word for a company that is nothing more than a small start up…)

He is met by a bunch of hormonal kids, most of them barely graduated from college.
They show him the wall on which they want him to unleash his creativity, and they tell him that one day…… they will be…. BIG…
And they urge him to take stock options in the company, worth a few thousands of dollars, in lieu of payment for his work….

David Choe thinks about it….
He thinks that the idea that the company is hoping to bank on…. Is pointless and ridicules…. But who knows?…..

He finishes his mural and he opts for the stock options as payment.

Now…. Reality check….

I no longer ask you to IMAGINE anything…
The development of this story may sound like a fairy tale…. But I assure you that it is all TRUE….

The artist is indeed named David Choe…. And the company is named…. FACEBOOK.

Facebook is expected to go public early this year, and David Choe’s stock options are estimated to be worth… TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.

Yes… Artists all around the world smile with joy for David, and for his new fortune…

The reason I bring it up here, is because I recently wrote a piece about success, and how many people believe that there is a FORMULA for success….
Work hard, save a lot, spend most of your time at the office to the exclusion of all else…focus on success… Etc….

But there really isn’t a formula for success….
Every person have his or her own path to walk in life, and success can meet you in every corner…

We are unlimited…. And nothing in the world is rigid and stern as we imagine it to be…
Everything is fluid and constantly changing….

So even if you believe that success has passed you by up until now….
Have heart…
Keep on doing what you love…. Live the life that inspire you most…. And keep a light heart that believes possibilities….
They are out there in almost every corner…
A new love…
A new friend to trust and to enjoy…
A new lesson in happiness…
A new acquaintance that turns out to be a publisher, or an art collector…
Or any other great opportunity…

The most important is to live the life that inspires you and makes you happy to be alive…

I remember once seeing an Australian comedy in which a women, was getting a job at a match making agency.
The lady at the agency, briefed her about how to deal with lonely single people, who really do not know what they want… And therefore have no real chance of finding someone they could get along with and love…

She said to her:
“Listen…. Be aware that there are many confused single women out there…
They would tell you that they are looking for a successful man for long romantic walks on the beach…
This is a contradiction in terms…
A successful man does not have TIME for romantic walks on the beach… They work in the office all day and most nights… This is WHY they are successful….
I tell you this… Warren Buffet had not walked on the beach a DAY in his life….”

But fun and jokes aside…
The truth is that there is no single formula for success…
And you SHOULD believe in possibilities….

3 thoughts on “The world is full of possibilities….

  1. Hi Tali,
    I think just like in the case of success, life itself has no formulas. Life isn’t mathematical (although I appreciate mathematics). For individuals who dare to live with so many possibilities all around, all systems, set-of-beliefs and moralities are getting washed away. The grips on their minds are loosening. It’s good!
    Of course there is a lot that simutaneously reminds of the darker side as well.

    We(Me and two friends) have started working on a start-up. There is this site called Y-Combinator where we have recently submitted our application. Meanwhile, we are also focussing on ideas/problems that people have. Here’s a list of some Ideas we are currently working on:

    I loved reading your articles on Venice. The story of magical brush took me back to childhood. We had similar fables in our books.

    And no matter what your sales say, you are a great artist!

    Hope you are having a nice time overall.

    Take care,

    • Hi Dearest Sitanshu,
      It is so good to hear from you…
      Thank you for your wise comment.
      I agree with a full heart, that there is no one formula to life as well…. And also thank you for the link that you sent me. It is AWESOME….
      I am very grateful that you read and came along on our Venice adventure….

      Maybe this year, we will go to the Seven Sisters in North East India along with Sikkim…. We are thinking of it…
      Wishing you a most wonderful week,
      With love and friendship,

  2. Hi Tali,

    That’s really COOL! I have many friends (from Architecture) from the North-East. If you wish to have any information regarding that region, they may help.
    Also, if your schedule allows, I would love to meet you; whenever you plan out your trip, just inform me about dates etc.

    Your replies are always warming. 🙂

    Wishing you the best,

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