Sensory overload

We are all multidimensional beings, and we need stimulation, just as much as we need quiet and isolated time.

The problem is that in our modern society, we lock ourselves into busy days of work, parenthood and a variety of activities, and forget to claim the solitude and the quiet that we also need in order to be balanced human beings.

We may know what we are SUPPOSE to do, in order to grow on the path of self discovery, but we may find the challenges too hard at times.

We may feel disappointed in ourselves for losing patience, not being able to manifest what we want, not being as tolerant and loving towards others and ourselves…

I would like to suggest, that the process of self discovery and growth, needs much time for inner reflection.
We need time and space to look within…

But not all of us can take time off from work, leave the kids or our affairs behind and claim the quiet time that we all need….. I would like to suggest another solution, that worked well for me.

If you cannot afford to live surrounded by nature, and take long walks in silence, listening to the voice of your inner being, you can still create inner quiet and space within you, by learning to quiet your mind.

But the mind cannot be cooperative, if we constantly overload our senses.

If we read too many books, converse with too many people, watch TV often, read newspapers daily, magazines and professional publications, we are taking in too much information and overloading our senses.

All these people, TV shows, books and movies, are all other people’s voices that speak to you of a million different subjects daily.
Our mind needs time to filter through all this information, and to make sense of it all.

You can visualize it as if you were walking down a main street, and hundreds of voices calling to you, each speaking about a different subject.
This is how much we feed into our system almost daily.

Your mind is always active.
Even when you are asleep, it process information that you took in during the day.
It may store it in the subconscious or the unconscious, or process it in the form of dreams.

In order to grow, get rid of limiting habits and uncover the Truth that is already INSIDE of us, we need silence.

If it is possible, sit in silent meditation daily.
Do not do a guided meditation, and do not focus on a mantra or a lesson, just sit in silence and let your mind calm down.

If you notice that your mind is still jumpy, busy and active, do not despair, just let it take its course naturally.
It is VERY important to NEVER to become impatient with your own process.

Your mind is connected to the Universal Mind, and it knows how to find its way home, if you will allow it.

Take in LESS information daily.

Allow yourself to be less stimulated, so you can experience more inner quiet.

What difference does it makes, if a Facebook friend got a promotion?
If someone you follow on Twitter said something clever or cute?
If your next door neighbor is bothered by what some politician said?
If someone you know got the flu?

All of this nonsense is temporary, and will pass away soon to be forgotten.
What relevance does it have to anything important, and is it worth taking it in constantly and keeping yourself away from the gifts that a sweet quiet mind can offer you? From Self Realization and from your enlightenment?

By taking in less information, you have time and inner space to contemplate what you VALUE and what you WANT to focus on.

We are so used to overloading our senses, that it seems so easy and natural to us, and we are not even aware of the unsettled nature of our mind…..

Until we take the time to sit in multi days silent meditation retreat, and to listen to our minds without interference, we may not realize how much our minds are occupied with shallow or “practical” information.

Our minds are too busy chewing on things that will never promote our greater good.

Some may argue, that they do not waste time on popular entertainment, but take in professional information which is important for their careers.

This is a misconception of the idea of knowledge and WHERE it is stored.

When your mind is clear and unburdened, you can see things clearly, recognize things intuitively, identify solutions and become inventive and act beneficially.

Nothing eternal is stored in the tissues of our human brains.
Not even our own minds, are stored inside our brain.

Our brains are merely advanced tools to receive and to process information that is stored in the unseen web of universal collective knowledge.

Our minds have the capacity to tap into this universal knowledge, and to draw on what is needed, if we will allow them to become the quiet and powerful tools of communication that they were meant to be.

All you ever need is inside of you.

You contain knowledge and powers greater than you can ever imagine.

But so often we clog our minds with shallow information, and we focus our creative powers on imagining unlikely and undesirable outcomes, on limitations, on imagined fears and worries instead.
By doing so, our minds are kept shallow and do not utilize their higher potential.

As long as we overload our senses, our mind are not free to pursue higher communication.

It is also harder to be truly creative, if we are too submerged with stimulating information.
We can easily become influenced by what other people do, value or create.

This is why often creative people like writers and artists went on a retreat and created or finished their novels in isolated quiet places, away from the noise and demands of modern life.

If we take LESS in…..we allow the uniqueness and beauty of our own being to extend itself out…. We allow ourselves the freedom to BE… And we can shine from within out into the world…

2 Comments on “Sensory overload”

  1. Welcome back from your holiday Tali – it sounded like you had a fabulous adventure :))

    I can totally relate to information overload and have limited my time on the computer. I am going to practice quiet meditation – i know my mind will be busy and chatty cathy will be there in full voice, but i am. Going to learn to tame her.

    I need clarity and ease :))

    In friendship

    • Hi dear Pam,
      Limiting your time on the computer is a wonderful idea also.
      (unless you are a writer, or using it truly for work, or for promoting your career as an artist, etc.)
      I find that if I spend too much time on the computer, I do not have the time to go to the studio and be productive.
      Sitting in silent meditation is a fabulous way to touch your inner peace, just remember not to be discouraged if at first your mind stays jumpy…
      Stay with it!
      As always it is wonderful to hear from you my friend.

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