We are going to…..

We are back home in Colorado from our trip around Morocco for a bit over a week now.
The high mountains of Colorado are frosty and beginning to accumulate snow.

The heat in my studio does not work, and the technicians that installed our new Furnace, are trying to repair it.
It is so chilly in my studio, that I stay home instead, where it is toasty and warm.

Ski season is approaching fast, but it is not snowing enough to open all the ski resorts.
There is simply not enough snow yet…

The high elevation ski resort of Breckenridge, is already open, but only 5% of the mountain is open for skiing.

I do not like early season skiing, unless the mountains are covered with snow.
The bottom of your skis can get easily scratched from exposed rocks that are just dusted with snow, and the slopes are not yet fully covered with many feet of snow.

But I do not have to worry about the lack of snow this early in the season.
In just two weeks we fly to our home in New Zealand and we will not be back until the end of January, when it is guaranteed that the Rocky Mountains will be fully covered in snow.

But enough about the weather….
It is funny how some dreams lay under the surface for so long, that they finally get forgotten.
Not exactly forgotten, just that other dreams and ideas take priority over others and you just end up forgetting the early ones….

Since I became a photographer early in my life, and way before I became a painter, I always wanted to visit Venice Italy, during the annual Venice Carnival.
I have been to Venice twice before, but always during the summer.

The Venice carnival takes place this coming year in February 11- 21 2012
And……………………. WE ARE GOING!!!!!!!

How cool is that? Aey?

I just scrolled online through the upcoming carnival schedule, and saw that every day during the festival, there are classical concerts, dances, performances, celebration dinners and high tea parties… And I looked at the masks and costumes and admired how fantastic it all looks on the background of beautiful Venice… With the maze of canals, gondolas, bridges and small hotels, fabulous Italian food and great classical music…

I raised my eyes to Jules and asked how he felt about a romantic getaway to…… Venice… DURING the amazing Venice Carnival?….

I saw his eyes glitter… And I knew that we are G O I N G.

So we booked the airline tickets.
Eagle Vail airport to Marco Polo airport Venice.

Now…. I have a new focus……….Some of the events that take place during the carnival, have a strict dress code…
You are either required to show up wearing a…. Costume… OR a costume AND a mask.

Fortunately, I do have a fabulous collection of lavish feather masks, that I bought in New Orleans, way before the flooding, when the carnival was still a major event.

Now the costumes… Believe it or not,… But you can rent them.
There are Venetian websites with amazing costume selection and forms to reserve them online…

I am so excited… That maybe I will model my collection of masks and photograph them and post them online here on my blog.

Wishing you a fabulous day filled with thrill….

2 Comments on “We are going to…..”

  1. Wow Tali that sounds like an exciting event for you, i can already imagine the array of colours masquerading. Those masks are fantastic – i wonder if the people underneath are as colourful as the masks they wear lol.

    I would love to see photos of your masks :))

    • Hi Dear Pam,
      Thank you for reading this and for your kind comment.
      It is a very good point you are making, about the people behind the masks, and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to reflect more deeply on the whole subject while we will be there in February.
      I will photograph the masks that I have from the Carnival in New Orleans and post them sometime this week.
      Thank you again my dear and take care.

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