Ask for advice, It is nice

My studio has a window that has been repaired for the last two days.
Juan, the carpenter, is doing a very good job at it.
He removed the whole window, lined the opening with rubber and now he is making a new frame and re- patching the stucco that has been damaged by the repair.

I am SO happy to finally see this window repaired, and I do not mind the inconvenience of not being able to paint for a few days.

We got Juan’s telephone number from the company that replaced our furnace….Yes, it has been a summer of VERY expensive house repairs…
But they were all necessary and we were told that our new high efficiency furnace will save us on our annual gas bill.

The company we hired to replaced the furnace, sent an energetic friendly man to collect the payment.
After he and my husband examined the job that was done, Jules handed him the check, and both men stood by the front door and said their goodbyes.

I was in my studio painting, with my front door open, and I could see and hear them talk.

Right when the man was ready to go, he turned back to my husband and said:
“Sir, looking around, I can see you obviously did very good for yourself in this life….what kind of advice can you offer a young man like me, who is only starting out on his way towards abundance?”

I felt my heart leap with joy.
This is EXACTLY the right attitude to have in life.

This young man was demonstrating EXACTLY the right attitude towards improving his financial situation.

He assumed that he is on his way up…
That his lack of money is only temporary…
He understood that as he improves his understanding of what makes people more abundant, he will become more abundant himself…

He understood that it is OK to ask for advice from those who demonstrate abundance…
That they are probably happy to share and to see others do well also…

I admired the young man’s mentality, and in my belief, I have no doubt that one day he will make himself abundant.

As my husband advised him about what to do to become more abundant, I reflected on the fact that we have renovated three houses and worked with many many tradesmen… Both in the USA and in New Zealand, yet this is the FIRST time a trade man was wise enough to ask….”How did you do it?”

While we traveled in China, in one of our luxury hotels, a young staff lady came to us and said: “I am sorry to bother you while you are eating your breakfast, but you are obviously an adventurous couple…
You said you came to China to cycle the Silk Road.
I also want to travel one day, and have adventures in my life like you do…
And I also noticed you are so calm and happy….
Can you please recommend to me any books that I can read that will help improve my understanding and expand my world views?”

Again, I was so touched and knew that she will definitely be rising in consciousness…
We gave her some book recommendations and wished her much growth and fun.

When I reflected on all these tradesmen that I hired in NZ, and why none of them ever asked for advice, I can honestly say that I believe it stemmed from a belief in “Your lot in life…”
Which make people believe that their situation is fixed, and not fluid…that some people are born “better off” or rich, while others just have to labor hard for the rest of their lives…

It is NOT true of course, and many children of immigrants in the USA, know first hand that you can step from the boat with empty pockets, and create empires….
Or start with nothing and build communities, families, careers, dreams, accumulate and enjoy wealth….

It is all INNER work…that just takes on an outer form.

Your inner work requires learning the principles, learning to motivate yourself, noticing your sabotaging patterns and working with Abundance and Truth Principles to move ahead and grow.

Yes, I must admit with a sad heart, that some people accumulate wealth by shady means and by bending truth principles, but do not allow these bad examples to taint the idea and possibilities of abundance for yourself.

These people are working out their own life’s karma.

When I think about Bernie Madoff, and his Ponzi scheme, talking people’s life savings, after he had already reached more financial abundance than any man needs in life, and how it led to his son killing himself from the burden of the blame, shame and heartache…
I KNOW that none of this was about money.

These were life’s lessons about priorities in life…
About VALUING virtue, honesty and morality… Over numbers in the bank…

That it was about learning that being clever, and “putting one over on others” is a wrong idea, and that looking to be “special” in this way, is misguided and pathetic….

It is about loving others and NEVER wanting to harm another in any way…financially included…

It is about learning contentment…. And about how much is enough….
And that greed and fear of lack, can lead to disaster, and blind people to logic, dignity, kindness, and alienation from the human soul….

Well… Do NOT let ANY of these bad examples deter you from claiming abundance for yourself.

If you walk with soul, and love the world….
If you are hungry to Learn and to grow… you will find what you are looking for….

Those who lack, do not know yet of the immensity of power that is dormant in them….
The good news is that one day it will awaken….. And will flood their lives with joy.

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  1. What a neat story. I am always ready to ask for advice – you should see my library. Books are great, but there is nothing more motivating than talking face to face or first hand to a person – it is electrifying.

    Blessed Be

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