If you teach a man to fish, it may not work

Today I wish to share just a small reminder, which I myself, learnt the HARD way.

When family members and friends came asking for money, because they never seem to have enough, I again and again gave them money.

I did not give them ALL the money they wanted, but I did offer gifts, loans which turned into gifts and help.

It NEVER  improved their situations, since their situations were NOT caused by lack of money to begin with, but by lack of abundance consciousness.

They took the money, some were grateful, some disappointed that I did not give them MORE…. 

Some disappeared from my life…. which reminds me of the saying: “If you gave a friend a loan and never heard from him again- it is TOTALLY worth it!”

So I wish you a great day and leave you with a joke: 

If you give a hungry man a fish-  all you do is feed him for a day…
While you teach a man how to fish…..all he will do is sit on the beach all day, get sunburned and drink beer…

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