It dawned on me, we are going to Morocco

What a beautiful morning….
I opened the curtains and the window and allowed some cool morning air to flood my bedroom.
The birds by the creek are loud this morning.
They fish, collect nectar from the wildflowers and play between the trees.

It is a good morning for me.
Yesterday I completed the last painting in my Shibuya portraits series that I have been working on for more than a year.

In the next few days, my only work will be to prepare some CD’s with large images of these paintings in high resolution for printing, to write a bit about each portrait, to name the characters, and to explain a little about each one and about the series.

When it is all done, I have to burn a few CD copies and mail them along with the last few paintings, to the collector.
In his generosity, he already paid me last week, the last payment for the whole project.

Yesterday after finishing in the studio, I relaxed on my sofa and read a book.
It felt so leisurely.

When my days are too full with activities and a long list of things “to do” is on my desk or on my mind, I find that I always feel behind.

Now that I am not spending any time on Facebook socializing, I have so much more time, and I do not feel behind all the time.

We leave to New York in two weeks.
After a few days in New York City, we take the overnight “red eye” direct flight from JFK airport to Casablanca.

We are staying in Casablanca for only one night, because everyone says that it is the least interesting place in all of Morocco.

We do have six weeks to see Morocco, but when we planned the schedule and placed it on the map of the country, it seems like we have so little time to see the whole country.

Just the enchanting cities like Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, Rabat, and Tangier, require a few days each…. And then there is the countryside, with the world heritage adobe houses clustered together….

There is hiking in the high Atlas mountains and famous beach towns with wonderful small beach resorts…. I get excited just writing about it now.

Yes, six weeks may seem like a lot of time to be away from the comforts of home, but it really is not a lot of time to see a whole country…
We rented a small car with air-conditioning from a reputable company, and we are going with two back packs, a few maps and basic guide books.

We have no plans….beside the plan to have fun and the willingness to get lost….
We plan to leave it all in God’s hands… (Or as they say in Morocco- it is up to Allah from now on….)

We will let our intuition guide us, and we plan to move slow….
I love taking time to observe people….. to take in and breathe the energy of the places we visit, and allow them to expand me…..

I love to sit in cafes to let my mind roam aimlessly, or to reflect…
To be open to experiences as they come to meet us…

Yes, there is no rushing an adventure…

This morning in my comfortable bed with the sun on my blanket, I feel like I am standing on the verge of a new beginning….
And I feel both excited and very blessed…

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