Are you ready yet, to help me save the world?

In absolute truth, nobody needs saving, because no one is lost or in danger.

You can help change the world, by opening your own mind to greater understanding.

We are beings of pure light and love, and we are here to experiment, to exercise our powers, to remember who we are, to awaken to our divine heritage, to remember that we are holy children of God, that we are co-creators and to find true happiness.

On this earth, we do have free will, which we use to imagine a myriad of personal realities and to forget who we truly are….

By imagining that we are encased within our bodies, we do not change who we really are, nor affect our ultimate reality in any way.

Saving the world is not about preserving the world of appearances, but about removing the veil of illusions and awakening ourselves to hear the whisper, so full of love and grace, calling us home to greater power, love and possibilities…

On this earth, people forgot who they truly are, and instead they identify themselves with their bodies.

The world has but one underlying code: “Protect and provide for the body”.

What is considered good in this relative world, is what will keep the body safe, warm, whole and healthy.

We believe that what is considered bad, is what can harm the body.
We also believe that achieving success and making the body more comfortable, will bring us happiness.

But in fact, all of our misery and fears, stem from the belief in bodily identification.
The good news, is that we are NOT encased within our bodies, but we are FREE….. children of God… Of Life.

The concept of God, has been one of the MOST misunderstood concepts on the planet.
People look and point to the sky, or talk about the “man upstairs”…

God is the supreme all powerful, all loving, all compassionate force of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT, that created us, and that indeed IS us, as we move into realization of our highest self.

God has never split Himself.
He is not operating separately in Pam, and separately in Jane, He is ONE, and bodies do not exist.

This means that WE are ONE.
All of us are ONE…
We share one Mind and one Spirit.

What is all encompassing, can have NO opposites.

This is why the concept of Hell can only exist in our imagination.
God is all encompassing – where could Hell be?…..except in man’s belief and limited fear based understanding?



People say that the opposite of Love, is hate.
But this is not exactly true.
The opposite of Love, is FEAR.

But….. I will say it agin…. What is ALL encompassing, can have NO opposites.

Nothing else is real.

In the relative world, fear takes all the forms of negative beliefs and behaviors.
If you trace all of these negative concepts, to their core, you will find the fear that generated them all.

They all stem from a mistaken belief in lack, limitation, disempowerment, and from bodily identification.

The relative world, does not exist in Truth, it exists only in your own beliefs and ideas, which we all share, since all minds are joined.

The relative world is nothing but a shared dream…..It is an illusion.

“You may ask, what does it mean, when I say that the world we see, is nothing but a dream?…. An illusion?”

The world you see, is composed of energy.
Pure energy which is in a state of movement, fluidity, and constant change.
Some of this energy is unseen, and exists in the form of waves.
Short and long sound waves, heat waves, and light waves.

When we look upon this energy through our eyes, our eyes take in the visual environment and transmit information about individual components, such as color, position, shape, motion and brightness to the brain.

Individual neurons in the retina get excited by certain features and respond with an electrical signal, or spike, that is passed on to visual centers in the brain, where information sent by neurons with different preferences is assembled and processed.

In other words, light enters your retina which gets stimulated and sends impulses to your brain.
Your brain forms images that you can identify and understand, and translates them into terms that you can use, based on what you have learnt/ programmed there.

Since you were a child, your mother pointed at a red round pulsating energy and repeated in your ears: “Apple, this is an apple…. Can you say apple?…”

You’ve learnt to identify energy as forms.
You believe that forms are solid.
They are NOT.
They are pure energy.

Your body is NOT solid.
It is mostly fluids.
In fact, fluids are also pulsating energy.

Your body is in a state of constant change, and IS composed of FLUIDS, of WATER, both literally and conceptually.

You believe that solid objects have a beginning starting point,
a life time duration,
and then they are subject to decay and finally death.
This is also not true.

Fluids and pure energy, which are what all matter is composed of, are in a state of constant change, but they are NOT subject to birth, decay, aging and death.

This means that your body, which is mostly fluids, is NOT subject to decay, aging and death.

How can water age?
How can fluids age?

Water simply cannot age.
It may not be good for drinking, grow stale or polluted….. Water can boil, freeze, can evaporate, but it cannot age….. You body, CANNOT age….

It is our own belief in the process of decay and death, that causes us to experience it.

We run our bodies to the ground, until they worn, rigid with bad ideas, and sick from a weak and unbelieving mind, and then we imagine that we die.

After “death,” you “reincarnate” by believing that you reside in yet ANOTHER body, with a new set of old and new life’s dramas and ties, until you run that body again into death, by rigid, unyielding concepts and beliefs in aging, separation, limitation, fear and death.

The cycle goes on for thousands of lifetimes – all imaginary… All just dreams…

Until you awaken to the realization that you do not have to do it any longer…..

That you had enough of this….

That it is time to remember who you are….

You start remembering that you are spirit.
That you are holy… and so is everything and everyone else.

You see your connection to everyone and everything, and you remember how you love them all….

Time seems to go by…and you realize that you are a magician…
You remember that more than this…… That you are A Creator.

That you already endow everything you see with all the power that it has for you.

You take energy that you sense and see, but do not understand, and you “translate” it into forms and images.

So in effect, the chair you sit on, is an image you’ve created.
That table, is an image you have made,
This cloud in the sky, is an image you have made…
And yes, even this beautiful sunset, and sunrise, are images that you have made.
The lion roaming in the grassy African Savanna, is an image you have made…..

Your own thoughts, are also images that you have made…every one of them.

Your thoughts and ideas, are keeping you from perceiving the REAL world of Love and of gentleness,……. of abundance and endless possibilities that IS the ONLY true reality there is.

Your own thoughts and ideas are showing you a meaningless world.
A world that is cruel, that is finite, that is full of limitations.
A world of vulnerable bodies….a meaningless world…

Inside of you, you are upset because you see a meaningless world.
How could you not be upset, when what you perceive around you is so empty?

But God, did not create a meaningless world.
God IS the source of all meaning….

What you see, is only the past, which you project on every new day, every new moment, every new person you come in contact with.

When you make a DECISION to stop believing in your own insane thoughts…..
To stop holding thoughts of separation, fear, limitation and illusions, you awaken…….
You forgive the past, and you move into the present moment.
Miracles can start happening here….

You are no longer putting your faith in your own strength, but are willing to trust and to let the REAL world unfold before you…..

Instead of striding on with fake confidence, you simply ask for guidance…

You already know that after being guided by your ego for so many lifetimes, you do not perceive your own best interest….. And so…… you ASK for guidance…

During the great depression in America, many poor and struggling people sang a gospel song:

“Precious Lord, take my hand.
I am tired, I am weak, I am worn.
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light.
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home.”

This song is a charming way to ask for guidance….

But we must not ask for guidance ONLY when we want to get things done….

We must ask for guidance in correcting our daily thinking, our misperceptions, our mistaken identity, our beliefs…..

You are NOT alone…
And you cannot fail in this…

It is TRULY God’s Will for you to remember who you are…
To awaken and to live in Abundance, Joy and Peace…

Change the world, by changing your own beliefs….
Are you ready yet?….

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