The underlying fears that block our growth

Nobody can derail you from your path.

When we walk the spiritual path of remembering who we are and awakening to our true unlimited powers, we walk in small steps.

It is not a process of acquiring NEW knowledge, but of shedding off all the misconceptions that we held about ourselves….
And of remembering from within who we are…. Our true nature……And how sweet the Voice of Love is….

Each time we experience greater understanding, we breathe in deeper, and we expand our hearts a little more, remembering that there is nothing to fear….
That all is well and as it should be….

We shed off wrong limited beliefs and the remembrance of our true spiritual powerful identity, is revealed to us more and more.

We may face roadblocks of understanding, where our egos stubbornly hold on to wrong beliefs, and temporarily have a sufficient hold on our understanding.

As we move through these roadblocks, a new horizon always opens to us.

As we move towards greater understanding, we may look at our partners, husbands, girlfriends, sisters, parents, and we may see that they just do not get it…..

They are simply stuck in self sabotaging old patterns that keep them from moving forwards….

We see how their bad patterns keep them stuck, but we are not yet fully aware of our own limited beliefs.

The tendency is to desire a change to come from outside… And so we secretly wish that our partners and friends would change as fast as we do…or we seek to replace them with a new partner, new friends….

We may feel that our husband’s bad spending habits, lack of acceptance of abundance principles, or negative beliefs, are causing us to experience setbacks also.

I would like to suggest that this too, is a belief of the ego.

The ego does not like to walk alone.
If we are convinced of something, it wants EVERYONE to join us in that belief.
This is because the ego needs constant reinforcement and does not like to rely on its own power, because it is correct in its suspicion, that its own power is not sufficient.

When you listen to the voice of the ego, you are bound to feel small and lost.
You will not remember who you are, if you listen to your ego.

But when you move into living in accordance with Truth Principles, you do NOT need your husband’s, friends’ or anyone else’s support and co- belief…..
You have the Power of Truth behind you…. The Power of God…

If you truly understand abundance principles, and move into manifesting it in your life, your partner’s lack of understanding, will not derail you in any way.

No one in your life, can prevent you from growing in the right direction.

All you need to do is stay centered in the Truth yourself, and you will find the right words to say, the right advice to offer, and how to explain yourself in a manner that will be to everyone’s highest good.

If your husband or boyfriend shrugs at the mention of the word “God”, take him for a quiet conversation over tea and cookies, and explain to him what the concept of God, means to you.

Be open, honest and stay centered and focused while you explain it from your heart…
Even if he will not at first share it, he will sense your sincerity and your vibrations will convey to him more than you know.

So it is with abundance.
Sit together and share goals, ideas and talk over your financial future with honesty.

Share your fears and concerns and find where are you stuck and what can you do to reassure one another and yourself.

Do NOT have these conversations over wine or marijuana if you smoke it.
Have it with a calm and even mind, no matter how strange it may seem at first, it will get easier with time.

For example:

I once had this conversation with my own husband.
We were already somewhat wealthy and both of us had good careers, a home and money saved.

I asked him what was his ABSOLUTE greatest fear related to money.
He said hesitantly, that he feared having no roof over his head…. Losing it all and becoming homeless…

This one basic fear, which is shared among all of humanity, was blocking us from becoming very wealthy….. It was unrealistic, but if symbolized the belief and fear of lack.

I did not laugh about his unrealistic fear, and both of us talked about our spending habits and what we were doing that may be causing us financial anxiety.

We analyzed our lavish spending habits, and decided to cut back in many ways, so we would no longer allow an abstract fear to live under the surface.

We talked about paying off the mortgage, so we do not have to fear down times.

We talked about how to invest our money not just for growth, but also for down times.
We realized that being too focused on growth, came with risky investments which made us anxious.

Within no time, our financial situation improved rapidly.

Yes, all it takes is talking honestly and openly about our fears, blocks and ideas with the people close to us, in order for us, and for them, to grow.

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