Creating your reality and why you have to become a gardener

You cannot imagine something, unless you also have the power to accomplish it.

If you take only one sentence out of this essay, take this into heart: 

You CAN make all of your dreams come true!
In fact you are doing so now, but unconsciously, you are bringing about not just your aspirations but also what you imagine to be “practical” for you.
You are experiencing  many unrefined concepts that you do not really want as well.

How do you do it?

First you need to imagine what it is you want and what qualities it will bring into your life and how it will enrich you.

This will be your own spiritual “treasure map.”

Do not exclude anything physical that you think can add joy to your life.

You do not have to focus on specifics of how to get it, at this point, just lay down the outline of what it is you want.

Say you want a new car- not for vanity, but because the old one brings frustrations, fear of accidents or getting stranded on the highway, the old one serves as a reminder of what you lack….whatever it is.

Say you want a loving partner- because you want to give and receive love, have someone to laugh and share adventures with, help you and be helped by you.

Say you want money- because there are so many places you want to see, things you want to do and it will free some time for you.
Or you wish to eliminate anxiety over paying your bills.
You do not wish to feel pressured, small and lacking, but wish to know much effortless and ease.

Say you want to travel- because you wish to see the beauty of the earth, interact with people from the many beautiful cultures around the globe.
Try different foods and listen to their music, see the art and craft, grow in understaffing.

Say you want to pursue a career that makes you tingle with excitement, because you wish to spend your day doing what you love and offer to the world your talents…

Research your inner desires and wants and ADMIT to them.

Do not say “I do not really want this…” because you are afraid that you cannot get it.

If you claim it, one day it will come to you, by the power of your intentions, decision, speech, beliefs and with the help that is here for you.

Now it is time to examine how you create your reality, the way it is right now.

It starts with the beliefs and ideas that you hold in your inner being.

If you believe it is too much to ask, unnecessary, or it is corrupt,….. If you believe that it is bad for you, you will not bring it into your life.

If you have an inner hidden notion that a love relationship will limit your freedom, will bring you conflicts, heartaches and money problems, you will not make it happen in your life.

You will not trust your potential partner and you will NOT attract the ones who will love you truly, but only those who will prove you right in your bad expectations and will disappoint you.

So it is with money.
Inside you, you may have an inner notion that….. Money is bad or that you are not worthy of having much….. Money is corrupting, or must be acquired by bad means, or that it is not within your own grasp,…..

Whatever you tell yourself, if you associate money with negative energy, you will never bring it into your life.

This unenlightened belief, will also block money from coming to you in doing what you LOVE to do… Say the sales of your books, your art… Your poetry…

If will require examination and a new conviction, as well as a bold declaration and positive statements, to attract the money that you want… It will require a change of mind. 

What you fear, you attract.
You do not only attract by desire and inner convictions, you attract by focus.
The focus can be positive or negative, it does not matter.
What occupies your mind day in and day out, you will experience.

If you focus on lack, you will have more of it.
If you focus on abundance and the joys it brings you, you will have more of it.

Gratitude is the key.
Feel and say how blessed you are to have this meal, this house, this car, these friends, this talent, this clean air and warm pleasant blanket. 

Be only grateful for your blessings in life, do not focus on your lack, and you shall have many more blessings.

This is the same for God and for living a spiritual enlightened and guided  life.

People are taught to fear God.
This is why many do not wish to have anything to do with it.

How is it that you wish to attract the ease of Spirit, if you are afraid or disinterested in what moves the whole of Life…. The Universe?

How is it that you wish to experience who you really are, and to experience enlightenment, if you do not devote time to sit in silence with the questions in your heart…. To learn of your divine nature… And your God given powers…

So we said that what you focus on – expands.
And that focus can be negative OR positive.
And that what you hold as true in the inner most chambers of your heart, what you truly believe in, is what you will see happen in your life.

Now to change your beliefs, you will need to become a gardener.

You will need to be vigilant in examining the garden of your mind and weed out the contradicting beliefs…
And that includes what you take in, AND what you put out, in the form of actions and SPEECH.

Do not speak words that are not in direct alignment with your highest truth, or what you know to be true…and what you WANT to see happen in your life.

You need to live, think, be, speak, feel and act- all in alignment with your highest truth.

If you do not REALLY mean it- do not say it.
Do not do it.
Do not think it.
Do not live it.

Be discriminating of what you take in, what you plant in the garden of your mind.

Violent movies are planting seeds of danger, fear, coincidence, death and injuries as lurking at every corner- all these are indirect ways of filling your mind with crap that settle into your belief system as true.

Shallow fictional novels are not merely “easy pastime,” they are mind numbing and time wasters.
They are keeping you in limbo.

For entertainment, get together with friends and sing or listen to one of you who is a poet recite his poems, play her guitar, or the piano…
Talk about ideas, share your trips or visions.

Watch a documentary about a subject you wish to learn about, listen to music, read good books or articles by people that inspire you.

Meditate, joined groups with good focus, a book club if you find the people there to be kind and wise…. Join classed on subjects that inspire you…Etc.

In your own quiet time, listen to your thoughts and feelings.
Do it without attachment.
Listen to your thoughts as a gardener looking to weed out the weeds, before they will spread over all your beautiful and carefully attended vegetables and flowers.

Your feelings lie to you.

You are often moody, discontent, critical and out of sort.
Pull yourself together with uplifting thoughts, and deal with what is bothering you, assuming there is something there and that it is not just a sate of numbness that comes about from embracing an over all attitude of dissatisfaction with the way things are.

There is an unseen help and guidance, that is with you, yet you are unaware of it yet.
But it is there for you….

We are moving into the age of enlightenment.
It is time to come onboard and experience the help and love that is here for us…

We each have an inner guide who is here to guide us home… If we but let her/ him…..
Home to higher realities in which Love, Oneness and Unity are the guiding principles….where there is no lack of any kind, and ease and joy abides.

Brother, sister, you ARE WORTHY…
And wishing for physical things, is  NOT UNWORTHY OF YOUR TIME AND EFFORT, it will teach you of your creative powers and it will convince you of your Divine connection to God…. Which is All these is…

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  1. Big sigh, I know this to be true, but keep forgetting it.

    Found you by googling info on Kohukohu.
    There is a property I have fallen for there and have to get creative to raise funds.
    Your words are very welcome …thank you.

    • thank you so much Jann for your kind comment and for reading my blog.
      I hope you will make your own dreams come true…
      If you do move to Kohukohu, I hope we will meet.
      Take care,

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