Making a difference

I would like to tell you a true story.

I heard it many years before, where and by whom, escape my mind now.
But it a good story and it is worth re-telling it.

It was an early morning day and a man was walking on the wide beach on the sandy white beaches of the west coast of Florida.

He loved walking in the early mornings on the beach, before all the sunbathers came flooding in, filling the beaches with fun and games.
It was his quiet time to walk with his thoughts….

Every morning the beach was different somehow…
He loved observing what the wide ocean washed into the shores…

He noticed that on that specific morning, the shores were littered with tens of thousands of newly born little hermit crabs.

The high tide carried them all the way up the shore, and now, unable to make their way. back into the ocean, they were dying by the heat of the morning sun.

He stood there…thinking how sad this world is… These little creatures will not even get to live a single day…

As he went feelings sad…he saw another man.
The man was picking up these creatures, and throwing them back into the sea…

He stood by the man, wished him a good morning, and said:

“There must be forty- fifty thousands of them dying here, do you really think you can make a difference?….”

The man picked up another one, tossed it back into the ocean and said:
“Made a difference for that one….”

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