Thoughts I had while taking a dump

Yesterday I made the mistake of taking the Wall Street Journal to the bathroom, to read while taking a dump.

On the side of the front page, there is usually a long list of all the articles in today’s newspaper.
Each has only a little synopsis, to give you an idea what will be covered in it.

It was a horrifying list of financial collapse, mayhem, corruption, disasters, killing and world’s hunger statistics…
It mentioned that Somalia and North Korea, are now reaching record high numbers of deaths by starvation…

I knew that no solutions will be mentioned in the newspaper, just a sad and depressing outline of the problems….so I put the paper down and prayed for the Light of greater understanding to come into my aching heart…

This is what I heard:

“Think of the miracle of multiplying the fishes which Jesus performed for the hungry and scared people….

What was it REALLY demonstrated to teach us?

It was done to demonstrate that the world of “forms” is an illusion.

Jesus was using A NATURAL LAW OF LOVE, which promises us that we are children of a loving God…. Children of LOVE, of LIGHT…… Eternal children of LIFE, and that in recognition of who we are, we can never go hungry.

It was done to bring about a greater understanding, that since the world we THINK we live in, the world of separation and of separate forms, is NOT REAL ANYWAY…. Why not take one form, and multiply it to hundreds?…..

In this world we THINK we live in, we believe in hardship.
We believe in separate forms…
And we believe that everything needs a process and has a price.
(wheat has to grow, be harvested, made into loaves, before you have bread… Fish need to lay eggs and hutch, grow to size, etc)

We do not believe in ease and miracles….
In fact, we do not wish it to be true…. Or we would see it happening everywhere.

We do not want it to be true, because the whole world we believe to be true, will be proven wrong, and our egos are unwilling to believe in a greater reality….. Because our small separate egos, which are so in love with our “special self” are unwilling to see the price we pay for these limiting beliefs….

Why are we not be able to solve world hunger by sending boats and loads of trucks filled with food to places which needs it?

The reason for this, is because you cannot really solve a problem, where the problem does not lay…..

Even if we will be willing and able to send money and food supplies all over the world, we will only feed a man for a day this way, and not really remind him of who he is….

People needs to be reminded of their divine inheritance and God given powers…. Not merely be fed for the day…

People, will not be able to solve other people’s problems…. But God can.

If you awaken to realize that God powers are available to work with Love within YOU…. The God within You, can make miracles…..

All minds are joined.
When we share a lofty idea, the collective consciousness rises up to embrace it….

It works like mass hypnosis.
We collectively agree to accept the idea of progress, or of limitation….. Of sickness and death, or of eternal Life….

We “bought into” the belief in limitation, in forms and in scarcity…. And we sing this old and incorrect tune to one another for millions of years…..

Miracles can solve world hunger….. So does remembering who YOU ARE…
Yes! Who YOU ARE……Because by extension, our brothers and sisters around the world will remember it too….

Miracles can bring about the end of wars, and show you a world with clean running water streaming through lovely green meadows…. Far away from the world of illusions you are so invested in………. in which sad, hungry and lonely creatures come to die…..”

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