My beef with Mother Teresa

I loved mother Teresa for most of my life. I still do, but now I see her in a different light.

She was a heroic figure who devoted her life to house, shelter and feed the homeless, sick and poor of Calcutta.

But…. after listening to a speech she made in front of thousands of people about how abortion was a sin and other subjects, I realized that after all was said and done… she was at her heart, a Catholic nun…. and NOT an enlightened master.

Which means, that I do not wish to follow her advice about sex, marriage, how to run a business, my purpose in life….or… if I dare say it… how to understand God and the world we live in.
After all, she adopted a belief system that I share very little in common with.

She was a great model for compassion, showed much care for others and had a great devotion to her beliefs.

We live in cultures that tend to idolize everything…
We make heroic figures and celebrities out of people we admire, and we imagine their qualities and often attribute to them other qualities they may not posses.

To say it more accurately, I would like to mention the concept of the “Imperfect teacher,” or the “unhealed healer” who come to the world to learn and then to teach a certain lesson.
It may be a lesson of non-violence and how to get things done in peaceful means…… to demonstrate compassion and care… etc.

The imperfect teacher does not posses all the understanding necessary for enlightenment, nor do they see beyond the veil of dreams and illusions, into all the aspects of the nature of reality, but they have mustered an aspect of the open heart, or of unity or of doing things with Spirit and Soul, and thus they are able to teach it to others.

Now… this last part I am adding out of necessity… and with trepidation…

The subject of abortion is a very controversial subject

There are no easy answers and it is not for us to judge a person or a couple, but to leave it to them.

So many are ill suited to be parents.
In my own humble opinion MOST people are not suited, nor have the patient and skills to raise wonderful souls.
Even the earth is in danger of running out of basic resources…

In the USA, wars are fought over this subject, radical people bomb abortion clinics, killing everyone inside.

Recently I saw a sad but true film about parents raising children in the projects.
I cried during the whole movie….. The children were mistreated beyond what you can ever imagine…
They were raped, beaten, and insulted… their spirit were crashed beyond what you can repair in one lifetime……..

Yes, life is precious…. but life is NOT bodies and separate forms!

Life is eternal and beyond birth and death.
You are NOT born into a body, NOR do you die when they lay your body in the grave or on the cremation pyre…………

It is time that we stop singing and whistling this old tune about LIFE is eternal and without beginnings and end, to one another, and finally start BELIEVING IT!

Or better yet, open our minds to understand what does it truly mean….

To finish this rant, I would like to mention that: ‘Chance,’ plays NO PART IN GOD’S PLAN.

If a soul is about to be born to a body, it WILL.
If it was meant to offer a lesson to the parents, and then to move on to be ‘born’ or incarnate in another family- it will!
There is no ‘chance…’

Do you really think that an all powerful and loving God would leave the question of life and death in the hands of two oversexed teenagers who are too hurried to put on a condom….. or a pregnant self hating drug addict?…
I suggest you think again.


Shared from A Course in Miracles:

The Son of God can be mistaken; he can deceive himself; he can even turn the power of his mind against himself.
But he cannot sin.

There is nothing he can do that would really change his reality in any way, nor make him really guilty.

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