Darwin’s theory of evolution, AND God’s creation, could they BOTH be true?

Those of us who follow the spiritual path, believe that God created us all as ONE beloved sonship, and endowed us with similar attributes to those that He/She has.

This Creation is pure love, pure energy and nothing can oppose it in reality.
This means that there is no danger, no death, no sickness, no lack of any kind.
Everything you want- is yours!
You are a Beloved Child of Life!
Entitled to it ALL!

So how do we experience life as merely mortal human beings?… A life so limited…. So filled with broken dreams?….. How do we imagine ourselves to be so limited, reaching for things, yet never quite getting them?….

You could say that a “Great Sleep” has fallen over our holy minds, (which are all united. All our minds are united) and that we started dreaming.

In this dream, we identify ourselves with our bodies, and believe that we are limited to what a body can do…
That we occupy a space and time that a body occupies…
And that we are doomed to circumstances that affect the body.

In this great sleep, we are the dreamers of the dreams.
And because we believe in the dream that we are bodies, we experience illnesses and imaginary deaths.

In this dream, after each lifetime, we get to choose another body, still believing that there is “work” for us to be done…. People to reconnect with, so we can try and undo the wrongs we believe we did….
We imagine we take on a different body which will be healthier, prettier, stronger,….
We imagine we make a different career choice, a different family, a different life… SO THIS TIME, we hope to get it right!

But each lifetime is just a different dream within a dream.
Our true spiritual eternal, all powerful self, is sleeping, and unaware of his/ her true identity, nor of its connection to God, the Creator of all things.

There comes a time in each soul journey, in which the fact that we are sleeping, becomes very apparent.

The great call for AWAKENING, has spread across the globe, and one by one, across the Universe, people are awakening to recognize that they posses powers greater than the body could ever have.

In fact, a NEW definition of what a body is, and what it can do, is taking place.
Now, the body, as well as all physical matter, is no longer seen as such a thick and limiting thing, but as a collection of ideas, habits and beliefs, that could be shifted and changed.

A life long habit of overeating can be replaced, and a younger, healthier body can be enjoyed.

But more than a new definition of the physical, which now is seen as more fluid and filled with possibilities and space, a new understanding that we are capable beyond our previous beliefs, is taking place.
Now there is a small recognition that we are indeed co-creators, creating our realities by conscious choice.

So back to evolution….
God did not create separate bodies that are mortal, subject to decay and death.
He created us as spirits, souls, with a mind and free will to imagine what we wish.

SO…………. if God did not create separate bodies, that can wither and die…..
If he only created the love based permanent, and nothing that is mortal and temporary, like our bodies……
Then God did not create the bodies of the majestic lions also…….
Nor the bodies of the fast and beautiful antelopes,…….
Not the bodies of the charming pandas…
Nor the trees,
Not the sunsets….
Nor the canyons…
Not the mountains….
Nor the oceans……..

Yes, they are magnificent…
But they are NOT a creation of God. 

So who created them?

The real answer, is NOBODY.

This is because they do not exist.
We only dream them, and we only ‘see’ them in the shapes and colors that we do, because our minds are conditioned to ‘see’ things according to what we believe and collectively share.

Nature, is a proof of how beautiful and magical our ability to create imaginary worlds is….
It is a proof of our ability to hold beliefs and to project images and to ‘see’ them outside of ourselves…. 

In reality, what God did not create, simply does NOT EXIST.

SO…… these images of this beautiful earth, no matter how magnificent they seem to be, are part of a dream that is not real…..
And does not really exist. 

We want it to exist so desperately…
Because we are afraid of letting go of something so fabulous….
Especially since we cannot begin to imagine something more magnificent than this…

We dream and hope to just ‘perfect’ a little the imperfect dream we created…. We can do it better… We feel we are in competition with God…. We have to prove that we can do it better…

The world we see has nothing to do with reality.
It is of our own making, and it does NOT EXIST.
It is a dream…

But in the dream, what created everything, the mountains, the rivers, and the majestic canyons, is indeed the process of evolution.
Evolution that run through this place for millions of years.

Being children of Light, of LOVE of God, we are like God.
We are powerful spiritual beings.
Powerful creators.

We created a dream earth, in which we imagine ourselves living.
And in it, we govern it with ‘rules’.
Evolution is one of them…. So is gravity….. And the need to ‘survive’ by using only the elements that were ‘provided’ on this earth.

With the dream world that we dream we live in, comes all the horrors that a relative world can have.

Some of us imagine wars, and disasters…. And abuse, corruption and sickness, of the body and of the mind….
No matter how many horrors we imagine- NONE OF THIS IS REAL.

Think of all the horrors in the world that cross your mind.
Name each one as it occurs to you, and then recognize it is not real…..
God did not create it, and so it is not real.

For example:
God did not create war, and so it is not real.

God did not create that airplane crash, and so it is not real.

God did not create diabetes or cancer, and so it is not real.

God did not create that disaster, and so it is not real.

And along with it….
Comes the sobering yet hard to believe reality….
That God did NOT create the earth as we perceive it….
No matter now magical it appears to be…

So yes, Darwin was right, evolution created the world as we see it.
It is NOT God’s creation.
After all, an all Powerful Loving God, would never create something so imperfect and subject to so much ruin and disaster.

But the higher truth is that it was never created in the first place…
It is a dream, and it WILL CHANGE, as you shift and change your mind.

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