A Prophecy For World Peace

Do not despair
EVERYTHING works together for GOOD.

There will come a time, in which the earth will know much joy again.
States and countries will come to realize how unwise it is to draw a line in the ground and to declare their borders, thus viewing themselves as separated from other countries and with different interest from other countries around the earth.

Countries one day will unite into a new version of the “League of Nations.”
A new brotherhood with a United Vision of sharing and peaceful combining of forces for the good and benefit of all.

Technology and resources will become global, and will be used for the benefit of all.
Wars will be obsolete, and crimes of rage, anger and discrimination will be no more.

We are now witnessing the destruction of the old order of things.
A new and stronger foundations are needed in order to build a new world.

Regardless of the fact that people’s minds are preoccupied with other things, and some are unaware of the changes that are taking place, a new consciousness IS taking over the hearts of people.

This new consciousness is working with Love, to bring about a greater understanding that what is good and beneficial for the individual, is what is good for ALL.
What is good for a country, is what is good for the collective and ultimately for the health and wholeness of the earth as well.

The model for the League Of Nations, was already dreamt by many of the people who will help to establish it.
The seed for this model has started years ago in the unification of the United States, and more recently in the European Union (EU) which is an economic and political union of its member states.

The European Dream goes beyond the merging of separate currencies into the Euro.
In the new vision, individuals find security not through individual accumulation of wealth, but through connectivity, sustainable development, and respect for human rights.

Through further germination of the seed of peace planted by Gandhi, India will eliminate the caste system entirely, and will merge into embracing the concepts of Universal Brotherhood and love.

China, through prior embracing of collective and communal concepts, will become ripe to demonstrate beneficial social concepts of Universal Love and Collective care, as those who currently stand in the way of the new progress, will be removed from positions of power and replaced.

The undercurrent Universal peace movement has accumulated great force, and many individuals are working for it silently and without being aware that they belong to a peace movement.
It is done energetically by their intentions and total commitment to live in peace with others and inside themselves.

Through individual embracing of peace and unity concepts in their lives, a contagious spread of peace and love will take place in the minds and hearts of all people.
Many will not be aware of the process, but through their heart’s desire for world peace, they will silently slipped into this new paradigm.

These strongly embraced and demonstrated inner tendencies for peace within the individual, will take the form of outer conduct and one day wars will be outlawed and no financing for wars will be permitted.

Before peace will become Universal, an individual will have to embody his / her own peaceful nature, and become aware that the Forces that moves all of Nature, the earth, the stars and the planets, are the forces of Love.

The peace movement within the individual, will bring about spiritual enlightenment and a recognition of Universal Connectivity and Oneness.

Those who are ready, will become aware of the help that is here to bring about this transformation both to the individual, and to the Nations.

Peace is inevitable, as it is the very essence of your own nature, and all things work together for Love.

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