The veil of dreams

I just saw an interesting documentary named “Teenage Paparazzo,” in which a question was posed to a large group of teenagers.
They were asked if they could choose one of these professions in their future, which would they choose to be:

– A CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
– A President of a major university like Yale or Harvard.
– A very successful lawyer or a doctor
– A United States Senator
– An ASSISTANT to a celebrity.

If you feel like me, you’d be floored to hear that 42% of the youth said they would rather be an assistant to a celebrity.

Mind you, that they did not choose to be a celebrity, just an ASSISTANT to a celebrity.
This is how much our culture is fascinated by being famous… Being a somebody…

In this world, “our dreams” are so small, that we end up asking for so little from Life….
After all…what do we ask for?
To work in a field that we like?
To be married to a nice and lovely person that loves and respect us?
To get paid for our services and to live without stress?
Is this too much to ask from life?


There is a lot of talk nowadays, about living your dreams, and making your dreams come true.
But often our dreams are a very dynamic and changing thing, and it is important to try and get to the essence of what we want our dreams to bring us.

It is of course important to spend your time, to work and to do what feels right to you and what delights you.
Engage daily in activities that feed your soul and continuously move toward living a life that makes your heart sing….

But I would like to suggest that dreams, in whatever form they take, are still just dreams.

And what a difference does a dream make in reality?
One is either awaken, or she sleeps and dreams….

When people talk about making their dreams come true, they usually mean that they wish to work in a career that fits their temperament, that expands their hearts….. That fits their talents and natural inclinations…

Or their dreams may be to have the “Perfect Union” with a special loved one…
They may wish for great wealth, or for healing, or for better relationships with people around them…. To forgive and heal the past…. To win awards….to visit places….

This world is full of idols.
We crave for idols, thinking that they will give us all the things we want.

When I speak of idols, I do not refer to sculptures or images of gods.
I am referring to the things we idealize, what we dream for, or believe will bring us happiness and joy.

We believe that more money, or a happy relationship, or fame or success, will bring us joy, and a greater sense of freedom… But it is not so.

Idols hold nothing but imaginary images and concepts that we project on them.
They are as empty as a vessel.

It is your own inner being that you need to uncover and allow to flourish in order to overcome all sadness in this world.

Be not content with little dreams…
They are not worthy of who you really are.

You say you want to be an accomplished artist/poet, do poets not cry at night?
Famous celebrities still cry, and hurt, and get their hearts broken…

Do they not age?
Do they not suffer loss?
Are they beyond upset? Illness and death?

What we TRULY want, is far beyond what any idols can provide.
We want an abiding inner peace.
We want a lasting joy, and a deep sense of inner worth.
We want to remember how truly beautiful and powerful we are….. and not to be subject to the tidal waves of change, tossed about and vulnerable…

The good news, is that what you want to have and to be, is already what you are…
All you truly need is to remove the veil of illusions and forgetfulness, that blocks your view and fogs your memory.

What you yearn for, is already WHO YOU ARE.

Will you not remember it?….

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