One missing piece of the puzzle

A woman named Simon, is having a conversation with a smiling master named Altius.
She came with many questions, she is seeking clarity.

Simon: “Master, I have been a spiritual seeker for many years.
I already embraced many of the concepts of our spiritual existence with all my heart,
Yet it feels like I am stuck somewhere…. Just a step short of reaching it….

You see, despite all my willingness and eagerness to understand, things in my life are not really changing …. I am still not able to be fully happy ALL the time, and making a living is not effortless as I know it could be…..

I am still unable to lose weight and I see so much illness……life is still hard…. It seems as if it is all just wishful thinking…. But not really the truth….

On top of it all, my own partner, is unwilling to accept these concepts….of the spiritual path….
All these New ideas, especially any mentioning of the word God, just make people fall to their knees in blind and meaningless religious fervor, or it makes them so opposed and angry…… It baffles me and the world has too much anger in it anyway….”

Master Altius:

“Let me start by telling you that you do not need the belief and cooperation of anyone, to advance in your spiritual journey.

Nobody can stand in your way, and you can move ahead with no fear.
It is a journey into greater UNDERSTANDING…..

Your understanding and fully embracing of what does all of this means…

One day, when the light of understanding will shine in you so bright, your partner and skeptical loved ones, will come to sit by your warm fire.

Perhaps you hold beliefs that your partner is not ripe for understanding?

He will recognize it all the minute YOU will make the right connections in your own understanding, and the miracles will start happening all around you.

People talk about ‘spiritual evolution,’ and many believe that only when the soul is ‘old’ enough, it is ripe for higher understanding and can then achieve enlightenment.

Do you think that a loving God would have put his beloved children in the jail of time?

You, and everyone else, are NOT bound by the cycle of time, of birth and death, or soul ‘age’….
You merely need to UNDERSTAND…. Embrace……and to change your old beliefs.

The idea that you and your greater understanding, or enlightenment, are separated by time, is simply wrong.

It is not necessary to go through many incarnations of births and deaths, and to experience life in many bodies, some beautiful some limited, to be rich, poor, to learn to live your dreams…. In order to learn that they are all the same….. DREAMS.

The truth is that your body’s eyes are NOT showing you the truth.

You see ONLY THE PAST, and your mind is constantly preoccupied with PAST THOUGHTS.

You think you look in the mirror and you see your body.
But your eyes lie to you.
What you see is a collection of ideas and beliefs that you project unto the mirror.

Your body is a spiritual body, constantly renewing itself, yet you see it as if it is held in the trap of time…. You see its shape as it WAS yesterday.

Your mind has another set of thoughts, that are capable of truly seeing, but you have to move beyond the chatter you got so used to identify as your ‘thoughts’, and to move beyond the belief that your physical eyes are telling you the truth.

You want to re-train your eyes to see how truly beautiful you are (and every one else is also), and NOT be stuck on the belief in appearances as being ‘real’.

This goes beyond critiquing your body, which you do not even truly see…..Even the chair in your room, the table and the bed, you do not see as they truly are…

Early on, you learnt to sense energies and to ‘translate’ them into objects, which is what you call ‘seeing’.

It is a SHARED illusion, and many are caught up in the illusions of the world.

Some believe that illusions holds happiness and joy.
They believe that happiness and joy are found in family, or a sunny day in a boat ride on the ocean, when the dolphins are leaping and the beer is cold….

Others believe that happiness is having a good marriage, a career you love, or being happy with One’s choices.

True and lasting happiness comes from the shedding of ignorance, and from a realization, (through EXPERIENCE), of who we truly are…. It cannot be found in fleeting things.

One’s soul cannot find true contentment with changing circumstances.

Yes, a day of joy could be enjoyed and should be cherished… As EVERY moment should be enjoyed……But does it keep you safe from getting cancer?
Does it last to warm the dark and cold days?
Does it bring you ever lasting joy?

Your true self seeks to come home to greater understanding, where the shackles of lack of understanding and pain are gladly laid aside….
It seeks enlightenment, and a greater understanding of who you truly are….

The good news is, that it will not let go, until you will find it….and find it you will.

It is God’s Plan… God’s Will……That you will NOT FAIL in this.

You WILL Get it…. And you are closer than you think….

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