What do the things you truly want, look like?

This piece of writing, was inspired by a wonderful NZ movie that I saw.
It is called “BOY” and in it, two Maori brothers who lost their mother, were just reunited with their gangster irresponsible father who came back to look for money that he buried in the back yard.

The older brother, is very excited at the prospect of becoming rich.
The brothers are having a conversation:
(Not transcribed. This is the gist of what they said)

“When we’ll be rich, we’ll get out of this dump.
We’ll live in the BIG city,
Swim in our own pool.”

“But I do not want to live in the city, and I can swim in the ocean…. here now….”

“In the city, we’ll swim in OUR POOL,
We’ll ride dolphins ALL DAY…
We’ll drink ONLY cocktails.
We’ll probably wear Tuxedos ALL the time.”

After having a good laugh, I thought how true to life, this example is…
Most people have no idea how the things they want, look like, and how in practical manner they will enrich their lives.
This is one of the reasons, that they do not attract the things they like…. They simply do not know what they look like.

Does being rich mean having a closet full of Dior?
A drawer filled with gold Rolexes?
Of course not.
But you would be amazed to know how many people think that being rich, translates to how many things they can buy or have…

What I am about to say may piss some people off… But it is true.
Most people have NO IDEA what true happiness feels like.

Sure, they had their moments… Glimpses of happiness that lasted for a long while…
But if they knew what true happiness truly feels like, they would choose to experience nothing else.

Most of us have very little idea how the things we want, look or feel like.

What does Enlightenment look and feel like?
What does success in life, feel and look like?
What does a happy marriage look like?

The definition varies from person to person.
Some would define it in a manner that to others, would be totally untrue…

For example, a needy man, may define a happy marriage as one in which he feels “taken care of”
But a busy career woman, would view his definition as if she’ll be raising another child, and not at all how she wants to see the role of her ideal husband.

We have vague ideas in our minds, of what an ultimately happy reality for us will look like.
But without a clear target, we are like a blind archer, aiming for the void… Hoping to hit the target….

If I would ask you what would a PERFECT WAY to spend your days look like for you, what would you say?

What would be the feelings you’ll experience?

What kind of events would you want to see happen to you?

How would you think… And act… Interact…..And what would you do?…

When I presented this question to myself, the first wave of thoughts that came to me, were things I can do to pamper MY BODY.

I could soak in a hot springs in Switzerland, get a massage overlooking the alps….
Eat a fabulous meal….
Read a book by the fire with a blanket and a warm drink…
I could be diving with the colorful fish in the tropics where the water is warm…

But I know that what pampers my body, only brings shallow joy.
The massage therapist in the Alps, may not be a gifted one, and not have the “touch”…
The great meal is soon forgotten… Etc.

The important things came, when I asked myself what will be the FEELINGS that I want to experience…?

The answer was Love….. Oneness….. a sense of gratitude and awe…. and kindness…. and deep peace…. And joy… An unshaken happiness… Deep Contentment….

Another thought crossed my mind, in which I asked myself why don’t I feel all these feelings right here and now?
What is oppressing my days, or bringing less than total joy to me?
What is complicating my days and mucking up my mind from feeling these feelings here and now?

The answer of course….is… My own monkey mind, which is constantly obsessing on the past, or the future, and is posing imaginary situations that may never happen… Suggesting meaningless goals…
My mind wants MORE…
Or it wants things to be a LITTLE DIFFERENT…

It is my own choice, to listen to my mind, its chatter and the ever changing flow of ideas that runs through it…
Most of the time, our minds are preoccupied with past thoughts…

Instead of listening to the chatter in my mind, I can choose to listen to the calm Voice inside myself… Which tells me to RELAX… Not to listen to the chatter… Not to run with all the feelings…. But to stay centered and to learn to imagine what it is that I TRULY want… And to go from there… Speaking only words that are in alignment with my desires, and making decisions that bring me peace…

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