The news and how we make ourself sick

When I tell people that I do not watch or read the news, they look at me sideway, as if I am an escapist, running away from the cruelness of “reality,” avoiding looking at the dark side of things.

The common belief is that even though it is not pleasant, still is there, and it is equally important to know about it, because it is “real.”

But I do not see it this way.
What we focus on, we bring into our world, and make it a reality to us, by our fascination with it.

“THE NEWS”, varies from place to place, country to country and it does not even get reported in other parts of the world.

For those Kazakhs living in rural Xinjiang Province in China, the news about a husband that murdered his ex wife in England, holds no interest at all.
But the news that fascinates them may be about a new kind of plastic, that makes yurts more waterproof

What we focus on, and the reaction of aversion or attraction that we have towards it, generates a resonance in us, that can make us upset and even ill.

If you are focused on the murder trials on TV, it generates in you anxiety, maybe even anger, a sense of injustice…. Whatever your feelings and reactions, it will only reenforce in you the belief that murder and injustice, are real.

On top of this, you just spent hours stewing yourself in frustrations, with all the helplessness and negative effects that it will have on your mental, emotional and physical states.

It is the same when you spend your time reading, watching and getting upset over “just” things, like how rapidly the world embrace genetically modified food,…. About abuses of all kinds…. About the the political environment that angers you….

The bottom line is that you are making yourself upset or even angry…. And that these emotions needs an outlet….

You are too nice to let them out on your loved ones or friends, so you internalize it, and it manifests as sickness in your body.

We also use verbal terms like: “Yesterday night I watched this murder trial, and it MAKES ME SICK to think about how can anyone do this….”

Your words carry tremendous power, and by honestly admitting that what you focus on, what fascinate you, makes you SICK, you will subconsciously go about to bring the unwanted sickness.

It could take the form of migraines that makes thinking about ANYTHING just too painful….. and you simply want to “stop from thinking” and to lay down to rest instead….

Anger over issues, no matter how just they are, can manifest as high fever, and many other symptoms.
The bottom line is that what upsets you, TRULY upsets your health, mental, emotional, as well as physical health and balance.

Now before you say that we cannot bring about any change, if we do not fight injustices.

I will tell you that your upset, is NOT making any changes come about anyway.
It is only making you sick.

Change will only come about, when people’s minds change, about what constitutes a healthy and happy life.

Healthy living is NOT about eating pure food, but about having a healthy MIND.

The change will happen by extension from you, out into other minds….. And over to the world.

By making yourself sick, you are depleting your powers.

Traveling the world, really helps you to see that fascination with “NEWS” subjects, is totally relative to where you live, who you are, what are your push buttons.

I just finished reading a great book, about a British woman who became a Tibetan Buddhist nun.
She lived and meditated in a cave in the Indian Himalaya alone for 12 years.

She missed all the “News” about all the wars that happened around the world,…. about all the financial collapse…. About all the changing trends,….. about new sicknesses and about health risks and issues.

She knew of none of them……. AND……… It brought her nothing but MORE peace of mind.

I suggest you look into this…
And consider what it does for you…
And more importantly, what it does TO YOU.

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