Crossing snowy mountain passes, Xining to Zhangye – Cycling The Silk Road In China

Yesterday we drove to Zhangye.
The road from Xining took us through two high mountain passes with elevation of 3800 Meters high.

It was all covered in snow and white, on top of the mountains…. It felt so beautiful to be on this huge mountain range, with peaks stretching as far as the eyes can see…. Unspoiled nature…. it made me feel at home…. As if I were back in Colorado….

Except……… that one of the mountain pass had Tibetan prayer flags, and a stupa…. Oh, and another minor difference… There were long haired yaks too….

We ate a lunch at a small Uygure town.
We tasted hand pulled noodles.
They take the dough and pull it between their fingers, pulling their hands as far apart from one another….
This results in extremely long noodles… Which are yummy, but are hard to twirl around a flimsy pair of chopsticks….

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