Taroko National Park, Taiwan, And Our Hearts Rejoiced When Puppy Pei Was Adopted

(The lovely woman who adopted Pei, and Tung who is still waiting to be adopted.)

Taroko National Park, Taiwan, And Our Hearts Rejoiced When Puppy Pei Was Adopted

The Taroko gorge has towering, precipitous cliffs on both sides of the Liwu river.
Many of the mountains around the deep gorge seem to be shrouded in perpetual clouds, not just on rainy days, but also in the misty mornings.

The massive and magnificent rock of the Taroko gorge, which runs through the park, was formed by the uprising of the earth’s crust and by the Liwu river, which carved its way through the landscape.

More than 200 million years ago, this area was under the ocean.
A large amount of coral reef and marine creatures were fossilized and cemented into the limestone.

The tall mountains were formed by the high temperatures and the high pressure of the South China Sea, a process called “Orogeny.”

The limestone in the area underwent a metamorphosis and became marble.
The rock face of many of the cliffs and mountains here is pure grey and white marble.

About 6 million years ago, the Philippine plate and the Eurasian plate collided, and the earth’s crust was uplifted, gradually forming the island of Taiwan.

Over time, the Liwu River flowed across this slick marble layer, cutting an ever enlarging path through the earth’s crust.

Water is gentle and soothing, but the powerful flow of the river has continually cut through the hardness of the marble, making its way around and above fallen boulders, persistently deepening the sides of the gorge. This process, ongoing for millions of years, continues to this day.

Now that I have told you how this breathtaking gorge was formed, allow me to also tell you that Jules and I almost cried from joy, when our friend Wendy emailed us the news that another one of the puppies we found by the side of the road was adopted today.

Puppy Pei has found a home with a charming lady.
Now there is only one puppy, Tung, who is yet to be adopted.

Again, I meditated and visualized a loving white light around puppy Tung, hoping that she will also soon be adopted, as she is probably feeling lonely and missing her three siblings, who were adopted just a few days ago.

I sent my spirit to be with her for awhile, soothing her and hoping she will find a home soon…

Before falling asleep, I thought about our friends Wendy and Joseph, who invited us to walk with them in Taiwan, and whose company I already miss.
On our last day of walking together, I told Wendy that I had really enjoyed walking with her group.

Wendy said to me, “People are the most important thing.
Many years from now, you will forget the landscapes you’ve walked through, you’ll also forget the scenery, but you will always remember the people you’ve walked with.”

I agreeed with her wholeheartedly.
I will never forget the people.
But here in Taroko, I was so touched by the majesty of these tall mountains and heavenly cliffside trails, that I know I will never forget this scenery….

Love and blessings to you,
(The photos in this post are mostly from Jules’ camera)

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