Our seasonal juice fast, and about finding outrageous joy



Our seasonal juice fast, and about finding outrageous joy

I am a big believer in doing a seasonal detox four times a year.

Recently, I heard a nice saying: “Almost everything will work better if you unplug it and then plug it back again, or after you reboot it, including YOURSELF….”

So it is the time of the year for our NZ autumn seasonal detox.
Whenever I read detox recommendations by fitness gurus or famous nutritionists, I realize that for me, what they suggest eating is not a detox, but just the way I normally eat.

For me, a real detox is a juice fast.

It felt fairly difficult for me this time, to do the ten day seasonal fast.
So instead of doing ten consecutive days of drinking only four or five fresh squeezed juices per day, I decided to break the juice fast into a series of three days of juicing, followed by a day of light eating.

We plan to repeat this until we have fasted a total of 10-15 days.

A good help in our juice fast has been the huge, overgrown cucumbers in our garden.
When we left NZ, the cucumber plants in our veggie patch were so small.
Now they are huge and some of the cucumbers were the size and color of pumpkins.
Still, they tasted good when I juiced them, and I have used them as a base for many of our juices.

I must admit that even though I have felt hungry, I have also noticed that I feel lighter, healthier, happier and most of the time, in a light-hearted, joyous mood.

My mood also feels elevated because the process of selling our house is going very well.
We have a wonderful real estate agent and lots of qualified people who have absolutely LOVED seeing our house.
Some said it is the nicest property they have seen thus far in their whole search.

Yes, some of the people still have to sell their properties in order to buy ours, or are planning to relocate from overseas, but it is so nice to see how positively and eagerly people have responded to our lovely property.

We are now sure that it will only be a matter of time before we pass over the keys and title to this fabulous property to the new owners.

I truly wish that the new owners will experience the same peace, bliss and expansion that we have felt while living here.

I am also sure that our little community will benefit from the new owners, who no doubt will bring the new horizons of their life experiences to blend with those of the community.
After all….It is truly a magical place….

Some local people have already expressed their regrets to us for not being able to see us again, once we move away from the area.
It felt very heartwarming to hear this…

Nowadays, I look at everything in this place with an almost nostalgic appreciation.
I bought some Maori icons to wear around my neck, and many days I reflect on the fact that this visit might be one of my last here…

I remind myself to look on ALL things and all people with love, appreciation and open-mindedness.

I believe that your journey here on earth was never meant to be a struggle.
It is about remembering and realigning with Your Source Energy.

It is about reawakening to the light, beauty, clarity, goodness, and POWER that is really WHO YOU ARE.

You are not an individual ego identity.
You are a powerful Spirit.
You contain multitudes of individual identities, of everyone you’ve ever lived in your many incarnations.

If you could ever remember some of your many incarnations (like some spiritual masters do), you would be able to refer to yourself as did the kings and queens of the past, when they used the royal “We.”

You truly contain multitudes….

Your eternal Spirit has taken on many incarnations and thus you are a collection of all that you’ve ever been, are now and are yet to be.

It is possible to always feel this power, and to value your own personal perspective.

This ‘Non-Physical Source Energy’ that creates worlds upon worlds, actually flows through your very being and informs all of your decisions.

This powerful Source Energy can be channeled through your intentions, gaining more power by your every thought, for the creation of that which you set into motion in your reality.

You ARE an ETERNAL SPIRIT, which is perfect, complete, wholly lovable and good.

You are a Co-Creator, and beside creating your own reality and guiding your own perspective, you are also part of the creative force of the universe.

Your body is an energy field that reflects your inner ideas and beliefs.
It is constantly changing, as you continue to change your mind about this and that, and above all, about who you think you are.

You cannot help but move forward.

But you are not here on a quest to move forward — you are here to experience outrageous joy.
This is why you are here!

Allow me to repeat this:
You are here to experience OUTRAGEOUS JOY!!!!
Your life was NEVER meant to be hard or a struggle against time, hardships, a myriads of illnesses and lacks.
It is about finding unbound joy INSIDE of you….

But first, you need to learn to differentiate between joy and pain.

Because you do not remember who you TRULY are, you do not know what is good for you.
Ultimately, the joy in your soul, will make you outrageously happy.

What feels truly joyous, can feel painful to your ego.

Not feeling like you need to defend yourself or your point of view can be VERY liberating, but the ego does not like it.
It feels misunderstood and vulnerable, both feelings that with the right perspective, can feel very light and liberating.

I have my beliefs.
They make me feel joy.
I see no need to preach them nor to convince anyone.

If other people’s perspectives work for them, that’s truly great.
I am delighted for them.
I did not come to this earth to fix anyone, not even myself….
I came here to be joyous and to learn how I create my own misery.

Leonard Cohen sang in his song “A Singer Must Die:”
….And I thank you, I thank you for doing your duty
You keepers of truth, you guardians of beauty
Your vision is right,
My vision is wrong,
I’m sorry for smudging the air with my song….

So it is in this ego-defying, humble attitude, that liberty is found:

“Your vision is right,
My vision is wrong,
I’m sorry for smudging the air with my song…”

The ego often tells you that you are right.
You may be right in your reality and it is best to listen to your own inner drummer.

Certain things that your ego tells you are fun (like eating a rich cake,) can lead to bad health, bad choices and to having much conflict and worries.

Once you let JOY or bliss be your guide, you find that ego victories are so short lived and do not lead to anything that is lasting.

REAL JOY comes from finally remembering and realizing your true Nature, calling upon your forgotten REAL powers and resting on the shores of the ocean of your inner peace…..

In the “outside” world, you may be a truck driver, a writer or an artist, a shop keeper, an educator or a factory worker.
It does not matter.
Inside, you hear an inner Guide that is eternally wise who leads you towards your greatest joy….

My days here in NZ are very quiet.
We work in the garden or I paint in the studio.
The painting is going very well.

I relish the quiet and the views.
I look at the birds, butterflies and the trees and take in the vibrational peace.

We took a few days and planned our upcoming trip to Japan and made some bookings in hotels and beautiful Ryokans (Traditional Japanese Inns), as well as our apartment rentals in Fukuoka.

I have loved so many places on this earth…
I loved every inch of the countryside, sea, mountains and desert of Israel…
I loved so many places in Europe, India and Asia, America…

Some places I loved and left, knowing that I will return one day, and some places I’ve left taking with me the beauty in spirit, and thus never felt that I went very far away from it…

From the shores of the Hokianga, I send you thoughts of LIGHT…
To bless your journey here on earth….
I urge you to look within and find your own outrageous joy….
It is after all, why you came here to begin with….

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  1. Thank you for ever being there in my consciousness. You are an inspiration. It was a joyful day I stopped by your booth in San Marco so many years ago. ( we will not talk about how many years ago that was LOL ) Love and Blessings to both of you.

    • My Dearest Ray,
      it is so good to hear from you! Thank you for your sweet words.
      I am also glad you stepped into my booth at the San Marco Art Show….
      We stayed soul friends ever since….
      lots of love,

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